Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting back on 2013

Hello there!
I thought I would take the time to look back on what I’ve learned, experienced and achieved over the past 12 months of 2013, so here it goes!

Honestly I think this is one of the best years I’ve had. I’ll definitely say I’m not the most positive person, based on a past me I was a hardcore slut-in, anti-social and at least VERY negative. I can really look back and feel really silly just by the thought of all the things I was throwing away, my health for them being one of the important ones, I was really just a silly confused girl when I was younger. A bit too bad that I was so negative to enjoy all the good and positive things my life, that were still offered me even though I had the worst of the worst times of my life until now.

I managed to overcome something that literally had been eating me for years, ruining myself and most chances of having a regular social life with my friends; without being paranoid to spill the secret. And that’s sorely to my boyfriend, he made me realize that I can overcome it if I truly wanted it, for someone or for yourself – I choose him over the thing eating me as hard as it was to let go he helped me and I am forever grateful for him saving me from it.

2013 have meant Love, love have come into my life. Never been this happy before finding someone that loves me regardless of my past or what I’ve done, I’ve never met someone like him in my life and I never want him to leave.. So I want to thank you 2013, for putting the most amazing guy into my life.

Guess I could say since I’ve tried to look more positively on my life, I’ve become more bold and I suppose that’s a good thing in my case, finally stop being a push-over and “too-nice” towards people taking advantage of me. In the terms of like, “I deserve to be happy too” kinda feel, I do want it and I am trying to earn it, working for it every day so I can be happy and make everyone else I care about happy if I can. It’s not that bad to want something that’s good for you, no?

Other than that, I’ve taken a lot of chances, accepted change and sacrificed tons of things to be where I am now, even if it isn’t ideal for most, I am to gladly repeat 2013 with all it’s bad and horrible sides along with the happiness I’ve been obtained as well as the love I’ve been given. So being spontaneous can be added to life qualities now I guess, haha.  

I think I’ll put body image in another post instead because that’s going to be looong one, I’ll spill all my secrets in that one, so I guess look forward to it? Hahaha.

I would say that pretty much sums it up, 2013 started out freakishly bad, who the hell have their storage room set on fire by kids on the 2nd day of the new year. Sigh. Not just that but a lot of things uptil my 19th birthday (the first 3 months of 2013) was terrible. Utter horror, I start cringing just thinking about it -_- ..

I’ll leave it at this, not as long as it could have been!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Warm Christmas Greetings from Bangkok ♥彡

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it’s been a nice relaxing time with holidays. Not much to say, I’m a little light headed whilst I write this, I've managed to catch my 3rd cold this month, wow. But over all I missed out on my “wish list” post this year, yet again lol. Though I couldn't have asked for anything more than to spend it with the person I love CLICHE I KNOWWWW (starts playing All I want for Christmas is You, trololo)

I’ll leave to you the pictures I’ve collected of Merriness and yumminess of this season in Bangkok, some apologizes as well as in belated posts (2 reviews : B) but---- I’ll post it in a couple of days from now also I made a little video if you’re not much of a still picture person, here’s some moving pictures for you! And lots of bokeh effect goodness, cause bokeh makes a video mysterious or cute. I choose cute this time, or tried to lol.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Etude House Dear Darling Tint - Review

So hubby bought me my first Etude House
makeup product, this lovely lip tint from their Dear Darling line!

I use this religiously every single day, mainly because the color of it "Orange Red" is so refreshing! I use it as blush just to look like I have some sort color on my skin..thus I look very pale and tired all the time. It's a huge help and long lasting too! Really wanted to give the 'orange' color trend a go, I felt rather drawn by it great thing hubby went ahead and just bought it for me after just looking at it. 

Guess puppy eyes really do work, muahahhahaha

It looks different when applied than what you would expect from looking at the product itself without having the change to try it out. Still a gorgeous color, you wouldn't be disappointed; it's adorable and sassy. 

Sorry for using MS Paint but, I don't have anything better atm.. u.u
It's a very subtle color, depending on your makeup and your own preferred makeup routine, I would say it would have more of a pop if I had done a gradient (applying some BB cream/foundation to the lip line and worked the gradient fade style, the orange would appear stronger) of course the more you apply the stronger the color becomes. I like just using a single swatch, just pinch of color is good enough for my casual look~

(The pics are taken in natural lighting)

I love the way the color looks on my lips, would be one of the first times I actually liked putting something color full on my mouth instead of in it (eating you know, lol) this is only one single swatch of the tint, I prefer this light tinted appearance than adding too much of it (cause I easily wear mine off by rubbing my lips unconsciously) that would be a waste of this awesome lip tint! I've already used it quite a lot  as it comes as my every day handy dandy lip tint (meaning basically my only one. LOL)

 Rating: ★★★★★

I might just be too much of a newbie when it comes to rating cosmetics hence I've never really owned that many, I'm not experienced when it comes to makeup either but, I absolutely adore this product and love it!

side note special: doesn't wear off with kisses † ▽ †@)

Thank you for reading ♥

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Day Alone

This probably sounds weird with a ”First day alone” kinda vibe, making me sound pretty clingy huh..

Hubby had to renew his visa so he went to Cambodia at 6:30AM, so we stayed up all night for that and left at 5, made more sense at the time. I couldn’t go with him and since it was a 1D trip we decided to just leave him to the staff people, I’ve traveled with the agency before so I trusted them (SLIGHTLY) to take care of him :C He ended up not getting any sleep, the roads by Cambodia/in Cambodia are super bumpy, not only that but he sucks at traveling by himself (this was his first time lol) on the way back he got really sick, he didn’t anything else but a green apple, ice cream and candy. So he ended up nose bleeding in the van, lol poor baby. Anyhow, the clingy part.. 

That’s not the case! LOL

And it wasn’t actually a day more like 12 hours, in total (didn’t put it together until now, I’m not a stalker girlfriend LOL). But, I ended up doing things I’ve been talking about I wanted to do but, never got to do cause I felt bad for my hubby if I decided to actually do it. Such as:

  •  Waxing  – I hate shaving more than anything, not the “I’m-too-lazy-to-shave” but, I just prefer waxing, to me it brings out a much smoother and longer result + I won’t cut myself up and get allergic reactions to the razor blade out of skin irritation.
  •  Makeup  – Actually, this one was just because I tend to literally scan every label (I take a picture of the price of the things I want) to therefore walk around thousands of other makeup store, being street stalls or actual stores/ central malls. Just comparing prices to see what is cheapest, cause I hate spending extra money on something I could’ve gotten cheaper..but same quality..right? I’m not crazy lol (•)
  •   Massage  – I’ve had the sickest back pains for months now so I thought that since hubby wasn’t around to oppose it, I went to my old massage shop where they take 200 B for 1 hour, that’s a good price btw. Also they do a hella good job at loosening up all of your joints, dayum! If 200 is too expensive for you or you’re just that cheap (200 is a good price on a basic price of 300 up for just 1 hour) I know a place that only takes 150.
Bored at home at 7AM..
I didn’t do that much other than explore, I forgot to eat so didn’t get to eat until like 10PM cause I was stubborn and just didn’t want to spend any more money on myself after paying for waxing  ╥)

Playing around with the Winter selection in Zara

Just felt really lost just going around all silent and alone. I only listened to music, for 12 hours, barely talked to anyone. Wouldn't say I'm clingy but, more like really bored and I just have a lot more fun when hubby is around (´∀`*)

I'll come up with a review of Etude & Revlon, the 2 only makeup things I've bought / hubby
ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ 
 + Also come up with more updates soon (the waxing boutique

Sneak Peak of Honey Pot Wax Boutique! Making a video review on it, my first!

Was so fucking nice..

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Uncalled Hiatus

Hii, I’m really sorry my blog have been collecting dust for the past few months, it wasn’t my intention. And it’s not that I’ve been (doing absolutely nothing u.u) nothing at all..I’ve been some things while waiting for paperworks, visas and such to work out and I will tell ya; freaken boring af.

Actually I don't wanna call it 'hiatus' more in the likes of "I lost my SD card so I can't make videos or take good pictures.. and I lost it over a month ago" of a blogpost. So there you have it, I just happened to lose my SD card for my Canon while I was in Vietnam Airport (Hanoi) for a 1day1night trip. I don't know exactly how I lost it, but it's gone that's for sure. So nothing bad happened to me during my boyfriend's and I little adventure, all good and all is well :DD

Hence no good quality camera I've been documenting life on Instagram basically just using my phone (like normal people .____. didn't realize this until now).

While waiting and all, my boyfriend and I really are just being silly, hugging and kissing saying stupid stuff and being all lovely-dovely and such, we tend to end up like so;
  • 1 Angry Boyfriend
  • 1 Sad Haku sitting outside on the balcony feeling like a bad person for making boyfriend angry.

.. yeah I might be pretty pathetic lol, but it’s not like we actually fight, sometimes I just get really sad and cry for ruining his life by taking him with me etc, you know? It’s a lot of guilt knowing I’ve taken everything he had away from him and not having anything to offer in return after all of this.. So I tend to cry, making him upset cause he feels like it’s his fault. Think all in one we keep feeling like we both aren’t good enough..sigh, I do indeed not feel like I deserve such a sweet and loving guy like him and I don’t have anything to offer him ._. Talk about no self-esteem lol

But after all, it’s all those things that made us open up so badly I feel like I literally know everything about him now, and I’ve spilled every little secret I’ve ever kept about myself and my upbringing (“childhood”) it was pretty bad, all he does is feel sorry for me lol t( – 7 – ) bitch

I can fairly say I've never felt so connected to another human being before in my life, letting a person know absolutely everything about me; bad more than good. It makes me so happy, even after telling him the darkest things about me he still loves me; “I can see you’ve changed, I would still have loved you even back then” HE IS SUCH A CHEESE.

Though.. I honestly feel like he’s the one, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with >~< I know it sounds super unrealistic and “heck you’re both too young to know sh*t” not mention like a movie that just couldn’t happen irl, but. I DON’T CARE ()ノ彡 ┻ truelovebitches

..I just want to spend the rest of my life with him okay  ╥﹏╥)

I'll just end this mindless ramble with a time line of the only group pictures we have (cause he doesn't like to get his picture taken U.U stupid) From the 1st to most recent C:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Went Abroad Pt. II

 Daytime view from our hotel back from the beginning of our adventure to Thailand, found an interesting setting on my camera づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ  imo, the lighting in the bedroom during the lovely killer of a sun was badass, never before been feeling so flawless  (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Went Abroad Pt. I ★彡

Let me hit ya'll up with an update shall we? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ After arriving at the airport we got our "hotel" (the dreadful one from the previous post, read the rant review of Nest Boutique Resort) fetch us in a shuttle bus for free.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prince Palace Hotel - Review(s)

First of all, Nest Boutique Resort was the biggest scam shit I've ever tried to experience at a "hotel/resort" ever. Definitely not a place I would ever recommend to anyone if it's by the pictures on Agoda, the pictures are pure photoshop, angles and some aren't even taken at the 'resort' at all! As much as I seem to bend with Thailand this was just surprising, probably not to most, but I've never been scammed so bad at a hotel facility before, regardless of country. (ಠ_____ಠ)

The Departure

At Kastrup Airport, in Copenhagen. Hanging around Joe & the Juice to be able to charge up on phone battery and count the long hours before our flight to Thailand. With a transit flight in Norway we had to spend 16+ hours at the Airport in Denmark before we could get our ass moving, we did nothing but watch movies and chill on Tinychat got a bit grumpy at the end lol. ('◉◞⊖◟◉` )

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cooking Curry - Katsu Curry Edition [Video-Update]

Uploaded a new video folks! It's mainly for those foodlovers out there, and those who can't say no to delicious yummy looking (and pretty tasty too imo) Japanese curry (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 
E and I made this before we left for Thailand so to follow up a bit I'm posting "later" videos before I plan on editing on my "Off We Go" O.W.G (omg much, lol) tihi.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This is going to be hard for me to type this out, mainly because I know some of my good friends (in real life) also reads my blog and this is something I haven't been able to talk about: before now.

As some might have realized I'm in a LDR, this long distance relationship really made a change to my life, not just emotionally and "aww, you're in love" but, literally changed my life. E and I did some pretty stupid stuff, not considering how things would work out in the end and how it turned out was our last solution for his safety but also for us to be together we went so far as to move in together

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Video's - Vlogs - Youtube

Lately I've been uploading a lot of video's, mainly about life (no vlogs tho) with my Boy and my friends around the country. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lovely Dovely?

Hell yeah.

Things have been going so well, never been this happy like seriously true blessed with such pure joys of being with a man I truly love. Being together like this for (soon) 3 months, really made me realize that it doesn't matter how you meet a person, how far away from you they are, "nor does age even matter", race or gender - a long distance relationship can work with freaking Love & Effort gaiz.

This goes for friendships as well ya'll. Fosho.

We have gotten to learn everything about each other, opened to someone this much is something I never thought was possible, E is really the one person I can talk about Everything with. Even my darkest secrets, pains and burdens I carry that I don't feel I could ever share with someone else. This made me understand how much love and affection we have for each other, been crying together over nothing, laughing and smiling every day and just being in his arms sets my tear channels off, cause well, I'm just so happy with this one person I start crying happy tears (not literally, lol it freaks him out when I cry). 

And all to say even though we get jealous by each other's past, it's silly, we're that much into each other that people in the past is on our hit list. By hitlist, think Hitman please, LOL. 

E motivated me in ways I didn't think possible and by that a lot of opportunities opened up!

I got my own apartment , closer to my school in the city (right across from 3 of my closest college buddies actually, ballin' ~) even though it got hit by bad luck. It was actually ready to move into ASAP till they found a busted water pipe from an earlier visit of people looking at the apartment (DARM U) and the entire kitchen and bathroom got ruined, everything had to be replaced and renovated again. Water damages all over the entrance, outer part and yeah it was pretty much bad shit all over. But, that means new stuff! So good in bad, so to say, I can't complain since I won' get charged extra nor do they raise the price, so all good for me (sad I couldn't move in straight away but, from the 01/09 I'm independent again! W00P)

Made crucial decisions about my life, that sums it up pretty much no? I'm still debating what to do with my future, future studies and possibilities after graduating this program and so it was the plan to move in with a friend&her boyfriend (awks) in Copenhagen then transfer my Final year there. Then head straight for University (if I get accepted ofc) but, all in one the pressure got over my head, lack of communication and I backed out, it wasn't something for me and I didn't want that stress upon me. Found my own place, staying 1 more year then we'll see if I go straight for Uni or work for a year, time will tell.  

So hopefully I can get a job too, soon (soon my precious, soon) - I'll look for jobs in Horsens, Vejle even Aarhus despite the far distance better to look for actual workplace that would hire 18+ adults and just young worker 17 and down. Fucking bullshit, it's just shitty of them, some rejected mine and hired a freaking 16 y.o kid in Bilka so you can see what their priorities are (I talked to him, he got hired on spot whilst I had applied 2 months earlier, smh)

♥ Finally been getting out a bit more with E and had good food, cozy cafe time and got permission to take his picture (even though he derp'd most of them♥) So shall we end this little update with foodporn and corny coupleshirt pictures? 

After the house warming party, that hairband LOL

Scrubby lovin' ♥

btw this burger sucked so bad.

Till next time, bye!