Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Im just a mess

an update on my life... Bangkok flood is really bad.

Let me show you pictures of the flooding in my area, which is where the biggest hospital is located, Siriraj is located. It's important and loads of people gets treated daily, and some of the worst traffic cases are located and 'that' area other than Siam of course.

Yesterday, when we decided to fled Bangkok.
Just low water, "just" up to our knees..
On the lower level of the street.
People getting evacuated in our area
People panic parking on the express way. fakking idiots 
Our awesome ride to the bus station so we could GET THE FUCK OUT

We have more pictures, the ride to here - Khon Kaen, took more than 10 hours due to flooding in areas all around us, so we had a long ride.. not to mention worrying about the rest of the people at Amarin, since the water level is rising, getting more serious and not to mention really dangerous.

It's going to go up to 2.6 meters by today .. In just my area, and it's expanding at rapid speed since the barriers around Ayuthattaya have broken and water is heading fast towards Bangkok, central plain..
My uni have postponed classes, any school resuming will first happen on the 15th. Our finals are on the 28th. Our BAS (British, American Studies) have been canceled till the 28th, since their American teacher just left Thailand 2 weeks ago and wont be back until then. Thammasat is really bad at giving us proper information about the dangerous situation, as much as I've loved it here, I would defiantly not recommend going during rain season at least, and maybe not pick Thammasat as your exchange program.

Thank you for reading this, I'll update with more info, about my life on everything and try and find better pictures.

lol, for once I'm on them for like, real.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Leaving Pattaya soon after a family visit, to see my new baby niece! She is SO adorable. And it's rare for me to say that, since I get the big case of creeps when I see kids, and most of the time.. - they annoy me.

- Yes. I'll be a brilliant mother someday! I can't imagine me even getting married, since who the hell would marry me 555. 

I've been here since Friday (the 8th Oct), arrived around 8PM, I was really toasted, but they prepared me yummy food - a lot of food, but it was all spicy so NOMNOM for me! 

Been trying to get back into a workout cycle, it's going fine, it's a bit lose not so effective and mainly just sets of 10's on different areas a few times a day: 3-4 times, since it's such small sets. I'm going to start and only eat healthy food, try not to drink a little as possible, as little as possible. and exercise at least 1 hour day: or a minimum of 30 mins - minimum. But, all is well and I feel much better when I do it, so I'll totally not refrain from doing so! Hahaha! Going to miss the relaxing atmosphere, 100s of channels, also all the spicy food, and coconut yogurt - My new love<3.

btw, been a real nerd, and no lifer by learning a coin trick/move, the one you always see pro poker gamers do with their chips.. HELL YEAH I CAN DO THAT NOW. I can star in James Bond now with my new amazing'ly awesome move. MHAHAHA.

But, I am VERY EXCITED & nervous - My photoshoot is tomorrow evening, my throat closes up on me in all due tension in my muscles and body, so nervous, but also I have giant butterflies in my stomach! I cannot wait, just looking in the mirror thinking about the shoot makes me smile so big, I find myself even more stupid looking than usual. AHAHAHA, but also, I'm just hoping it'll turn out good, I'll enjoy myself and have a great time. Yes, for sure.

Wish me lucky babies! I'll update with pictures soon. I HOPE GOD DAMMIT.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photobucket is a !"#¤&/11

As there have gone some time, being pretty busy with mid terms and trying to conclude on a proper diet plan along with a daily workout so I could get ready for various things getting freaking foxy would be 1 one of them for sure. But, preparing I've been trying out a 7day package from LUSH MORE - facial masks, and they are fab! Still need to try out the last one, which is a 3D (wth) mask, that works on your neck as well. I'm quiet excited to try it out~ Hope it works!

Trying to work out a solution for my pictures, sometimes often I find blogs with text only sad sometimes, since it can feel like something sterile and hospital clean kinda.. just doesn't make me motivated to comment or read too much, of  course it can waver - I know I sometimes do it, but some post just doesn't have it in them for pictures, but come on, it's not your complete blog! And I like to spam you with pictures. DUH

Just on the first day lol

Just moving in, it's a lot more messy now, haha

Encouraging myself for midterms lol "tough face"

Can I be pissed at blogger? It wont upload my pictures, no matter what size I put them in, no matter what. I will go berserk soon!.. Ok these are the pictures you guys are gonna get -___-;;

Outfits through the week - right hand side used for going to OverStay
Broke my kickass cool nails, normally I don't care but, it hurt just a bit since it was ON the finger and I had to rip it OFF in the end, bleeding a lot and not to mention it was a bit disgusting. HAHA

Just before the midterms started we went to a night club called "OverStay" it's nothing great and kinda reminds me of a drug room of some sort, due to having a upper floor for that exact purpose. It was their 3rd anniversary so Ayaha, the only one who had been there before, suggested it would be a good idea to go and not think about midterms - so yeah me and Haruka went along of course, since I didn't really have been doing anything but, study for 3 days. Oh good grief. Turned out be a shitty event and we left after 30 minutes, since the DJ just to put it nicely - bad as shit.

A lot of other things happened, I got an infection in my eye, had to go to an eye clinic to get it checked got medicine and WOAH - 2 days later it was gone~ Like magic I tell ya! But, also had food poison a bit, and Haruka and Kizuku left town for a trip with their Thai friends - or technically it was an open invitation but, I just didn't feel that great as you might be able to tell .. ANYHOW:

Since I really have issues about being sick and weak I felt like I wanted T closer, and since I have a hard time just talking to Shin and Minami, and I really don't know Misato at all and I didn't think Ayaha was there and I just really wanted to see T since I had been afraid of him and just running away whenever I spotted him from afar for almost 10 days.. But, I really have this feeling he doesn't like me at all or anymore.. I dunno he probably thinks I'm just a stupid kid and if he did 'anything' to me he would be a lolicon, 2944joirjfts - I got him down into my room, not that anything happened at all, but just having him sleep next to me was more than I could ask for<3 And of course I couldn't resist a kiss or 2. 

The day after that night I had a appointment to met with Minami to go to the JJ market: The biggest weekend market in ASIA. Hell yeah. At 9:30AM .. I woke up at 9:15AM holy fuck I actually managed to get down there before her, yes yes, I'm that awesome. And I looked like a jetlagged piece of sh*T. It was really fun, I hope she got to know me better and 'like' me more, I really appreciate that Minami wants to know me better as a friend, but I still sometimes feel awkward about being alone with her, since so many of the foreign students just ignore me, whenever I talk and it bugs me rather hurts. Monday was the day for fitness! I took Haruka and Minami, upon request ~ of course, and hell it was awesome! 2 hours, dude I worked so hard on my inner thighs I can't stretch probably in that area. holy shit I tell ya! But me and Haruka sweated out a few calories in the steam bath and sauna afterwards and Minami took a few more rounds on her butt ;3 ~ But overall it was really fun!

Later that day - Monday the 3rd Oct - I was invited for Nathan's BD dinner, yet another buffet. God my stomach. Did I mention I went to celebrate end of midterm with a giant Shabu Shabu and sushi buffet with Kizuku, Ken& Haruka. OH LORD WE ATE - THEY ATE SO MUCH. OMG. After dinner there was the Birthday Cake eating at Rassamee's place, chocolate cake, I threw up so much after eating that, tasted so bad of plastic I ugh ugh ugh, but that was so much fun..

And that wraps up most of my lost time of blog'ing. But of course there's more let's just not get into it too much now! Bye lads, and ladies <3