Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Uncalled Hiatus

Hii, I’m really sorry my blog have been collecting dust for the past few months, it wasn’t my intention. And it’s not that I’ve been (doing absolutely nothing u.u) nothing at all..I’ve been some things while waiting for paperworks, visas and such to work out and I will tell ya; freaken boring af.

Actually I don't wanna call it 'hiatus' more in the likes of "I lost my SD card so I can't make videos or take good pictures.. and I lost it over a month ago" of a blogpost. So there you have it, I just happened to lose my SD card for my Canon while I was in Vietnam Airport (Hanoi) for a 1day1night trip. I don't know exactly how I lost it, but it's gone that's for sure. So nothing bad happened to me during my boyfriend's and I little adventure, all good and all is well :DD

Hence no good quality camera I've been documenting life on Instagram basically just using my phone (like normal people .____. didn't realize this until now).

While waiting and all, my boyfriend and I really are just being silly, hugging and kissing saying stupid stuff and being all lovely-dovely and such, we tend to end up like so;
  • 1 Angry Boyfriend
  • 1 Sad Haku sitting outside on the balcony feeling like a bad person for making boyfriend angry.

.. yeah I might be pretty pathetic lol, but it’s not like we actually fight, sometimes I just get really sad and cry for ruining his life by taking him with me etc, you know? It’s a lot of guilt knowing I’ve taken everything he had away from him and not having anything to offer in return after all of this.. So I tend to cry, making him upset cause he feels like it’s his fault. Think all in one we keep feeling like we both aren’t good enough..sigh, I do indeed not feel like I deserve such a sweet and loving guy like him and I don’t have anything to offer him ._. Talk about no self-esteem lol

But after all, it’s all those things that made us open up so badly I feel like I literally know everything about him now, and I’ve spilled every little secret I’ve ever kept about myself and my upbringing (“childhood”) it was pretty bad, all he does is feel sorry for me lol t( – 7 – ) bitch

I can fairly say I've never felt so connected to another human being before in my life, letting a person know absolutely everything about me; bad more than good. It makes me so happy, even after telling him the darkest things about me he still loves me; “I can see you’ve changed, I would still have loved you even back then” HE IS SUCH A CHEESE.

Though.. I honestly feel like he’s the one, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with >~< I know it sounds super unrealistic and “heck you’re both too young to know sh*t” not mention like a movie that just couldn’t happen irl, but. I DON’T CARE ()ノ彡 ┻ truelovebitches

..I just want to spend the rest of my life with him okay  ╥﹏╥)

I'll just end this mindless ramble with a time line of the only group pictures we have (cause he doesn't like to get his picture taken U.U stupid) From the 1st to most recent C:

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