Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hey guys. I'm sorry for not blogging about what I should - meaning I have 3 blogs I'm fairly done with but, just need to fill it out completely. But, lately I've been feeling really down. I thought school would have been good for me; which it is, don't get it all wrong (which you probably won't). I do enjoy the school but, I find it somewhat difficult to focus, the Danish is hard, so many words I feel like I'm already falling back even though I' ve only attended 1 session of each. Today my History EXOOOOO class was canceled and tomorrow I have a long day till 7PM (from 8AM-7PM) and yesterday I had classes from 8AM-8:50PM I ended up home at around 10:30PM.

I'm starting to show signs of depression, it's weird for me. I've had depression before but, I never thought I would get again and defiantly not over something as pity as this. But, my doctor is warning me about it, but it's sort of a winter depression though in a totally different manner. I talked to her about it and what might be the causes but, in the end it's all rooted in, here. As in where I am. Denmark. I just can't adjust to the idea of being here, not anymore. For me it's just not home. I might have had hard times in Thailand, whenever which ever I go there, of course there would be its problems but, that's what it is. But, Denmark just isn't a part of me, as I thought, yes I may be 50% Danish, but, I can't embrace that anymore it's like it got killed. 

Not literally, of course it can't be killed, since it's a part of my being, my flesh and DNA but, as much as it is apart of me; just as much I hate it. I've had identity crisis for some years now so I guess being in the country of my home being, Thailand, it caused a riot within me seeing how it wouldn't last, not for as long as I wanted. My doctor says it is a uncommon thing for her to hear about and she can't relate to it.

I don't expect any to do so. It's just how I am feeling being a mixed race of 2 vividly different cultures and people living in them.

I was going to blog about my August Beauty haul (<- link to the YT video), but, as I feel and am right now it just seems like it won't be that possible to do. I did make a video (vlog-ish) of it, where I'm more of a blinded deer and not really sure what I'm saying, derping and even doing with the beauty products.

I'll update soon, as soon as I can. Wait for me okay?

Thanks for reading<3

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Genkicon! [Moe Moe fucking KYUN]

So this weekend I spent my pleasant time in Rokilde, at Genki actually. 
Genki is a Danish convention with the frames that focus on the Japanese popculture as well as Manga, Anime and Gaming. 

It's held once a year, normally set in August, so I was lucky I was able to attend it this year! I was apart of the 150 volunteer staffers that made this convention roll, more or less worked it out, but read about a lot of complaints about it so it hurts a little but, then again people don't really know how to run a con and how to make it all work so of course it's nothing I should take to heart and also I was only just apart of the Maid Café which didn't have much to do with helping out with the whole convention but, then again I was there for the pre-preparations all the way back to Närcon so I saw how it was put together. And I must tell you, Allan this really awesome man that have built and shaped Genki to what it is and what it has become, I honor him with my deepest respect cause that takes some fucking balls to lay out all of your life and money to make other people happy so if people just can't realize that this one person is working himself half to death to set this freaking convention up for them, go do it yourself and cry in agony when it falls apart /kicks the insensitive idiots. 

So many complaints about toilet issues. Partly over 70% of that goes to the people that uses them more than the ones running around doing whatever in their power to make sure things are going as they should, try and clean up your leftover lashes, makeup tools and whichever you just randomly just let float around, it's a public space, not your bedroom. You can go bomb that, while others need to use the restroom as well.

The maid café was really hard but, I enjoyed mostly all of it! Even though it was hard for me to get used to in the start, many of the customers were really kind to me even though I messed up a lot, I used to work at a café before less busy but, still this was a very different setting for me, not only that but also some customers were kinda rude. As I'm still not very good at using my Danish in a speaking manner I mainly spoke English the entire weekend oh nothing new LOL some of the male customers commented in Danish "I liked the butlers better, better service" - it did kinda hurt, it wasn't my table but, all the maids/butlers were busy so I with my 2 table orders rushed over to aid them first: getting that treatment in the face really made me want to bust his face down onto the table very hard, good thing for a smile and fucking self-control man.

Just put on my maid uniform, blue~ singing my blues man.

Our table decoration team being hard working workers! I suck at Origami but, wanna learn how to fold stars C:

Ready for you grumpy customers! jk 

We tried to have a Polaroid session, like in real maid cafés but, the camera was a little broken so the pictures turned out really creepy, like as if we were ghosts or like from 50-years back in the days, sort of pictures instead. But, the picture is with (left to right) Kitty, Tea and me~ Tea quickly did the heartshape, haha!

I met Tea for the first time, we had been chatting online eversince the Maid cafe got their secret Fb page/group so I was really excited to meet her, she is just as cute IRL as in URL so adorable, I wanted to pinch her cheeks so hard! Of course not in a painful way, haha~ OTL. I made some friends but, most of all I had a great time with the people there! They were all super hard working and really kind and sweet to me, even though I am the socially awkward turtle. /le slow turtle moves of sexiness.

I didn't get to take anymore pictures myself, like I had taken 6 in total myself and the rest is a friend that took pictures with my camera, which I'm really happy she did, cause then I had some photos to show! Finally some photos to show you guys!!

(left to right) Adam, Nurandi, me, Andreas and Nicklas. You guys are the best!
Randi and Andres are bf's so cute♡♡

Eva the manager and SNSD poster! All them sexy legssss♡

Our special midnight theme maid outfits for the Maid Café! It was soooo much fun, everything was in the dark with glowsticks and candles, so mystical and sensual ohohohoho I loved it! The outfits were so great! I'm super happy to have been given the honor to take them home, 200 kr. per dress is pretty cheap (around 28$ I think) in Denmark! Cosplay-view as well. But, I could be wrong of course haha. I lost some weight after this convention so even though I look like a bloated cake face, I didn't get much sleep either, like 7 hours in total over 3 days; is freaking killer to me, lived of redbull most of the weekend aigooo. Not good for you man! Not at all! :C Felt gross and to me I can't feel the energy in energy drinks so I would get more sleepy when drinking them. But, somehow managed to stay awake. Wow

Credit for this pictures goes to Tatiana, Facebook.
I got requested a few times to DANCE. Omg, not just dance but, Gangnam style, seriously, so embarrassed cause I messed up so many times it's unbearable.. You might think "How'd you mess up Gangnam style?!" Simple; do the performance version as hard as you can, forget mainly all of the steps look like a retard. UGH

But, it gave some tips to the side so I actually earned some money from it! YAY MAN.

So all of you peace, and come to Genki13 I'll see you there! Itterasai~

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

오빠 Närcon 스타일

So last month I went to Nårcon, right now it feels like ages ago, I should probably have done this looong time ago but, I have no idea why I didn't get my ass onto it at all.. But anyway-heys. I made a vlog about this late night and since my camera kept dying and I kept forgetting to switch the hybrid autofocus on my sexy camera on I re-took SO MANY TIMES; I just simple said screw it, scribbled it down shortly and if anything is out off the vid it's defiantly in this blog post.

I left for Sweden with Allan & Ari to Sweden Wednesday, I was pretty good at getting lost on the halfway there when I had to meet up with Allan at his work I ended up on the wrong bus, rode across freaking Copenhagen and got my precious iPod stolen while I was nervous-ing the shit outta myself trying to look for the stop I was supposed to get off at. So I was pretty heartbroken when I realized that someone had just taken it out of my pocket, just unplugged my Beats and took off, shisus I never expected that to happen in Denmark but, I guess that proves that my mother was wrong, it's not just Thailand where people steal your stuff. open them eyes mom, those people are everywhere in the world /sigh.

After 1½ hour of rolling around and not knowing if I would ever find Allan, he called me and he was on the way to the Central Station (In Copenhagen) by good luck I got off the bus and ran across the street and got to the other bus where he was sitting, so darm good I felt so relieved for sure. /le sigh.

Wednesday I felt so tired when we finally arrived at the station we got picked up by Ullis the PR guy that was in charge of the NCC (NordicCosplayCompetion) and had invited Allan as judge. I was just like, what am I? Just a VIP from Genki, lol so weird. But, it was a nice way to be treated as a VIP even though I've not been in anything for 3 years or so involved it was like a whole new world~ lol.

Thursday was like - ...
So this is the part of me that is like; Omg I'm such a bad blogger!!
I have totally forgotten what the fuck I did Wednesday.
(.______.''' )

I remember that the rest of the NCC cosplayers from Norway and Sweden arrived and so did the 2 latter of the Danish ones, Miku & Lina<3 Tho' Miku choose to be at a hotel atleast I got Lina for myself hehe<3 Allan and I on the other hand got moved to the 'regular' sleeping halls since Ullis thought it got too crowded for the rest of the judges and NCC peepz to be in the room, I was fine but; come on Allan is a / was a judge too, Ullis get those feathers outta yo bieber hair and clean your ears! - lol, he's an owl. Crullis. 

I met up with Heavy, he's sort of an old friend from some of my first conventions in Denmark, we first really talked at the first Genki convention, I'm glad we became friends tho' he's a nice guy C: - btw, he's the Asian dude getting raped by the kigu-zombie. The best group of all I think in my opinion was that I got to meet the Macchiato-girls! They're a J-pop/Kpop dance group from Stockholm that are very sweet and lovely, go check out their YT channel for their cute dance covers, some are sexy too ~ 

Cutie Evelina, she's halfie like me! C: I talked to her the most of the members but, she's so lovely it's okay, ne? <3
 ACE - A Japanese J-Rock band had been booked as guest performers for Närcon as well! Not that I knew them before hand, but they still had fans here in Sweden, it surprised me that they had been waiting outside from 6PM but, their concert was supposed (to have) set at 10PM but, since they got lost after driving from the airport they first arrived at 10 and had to do SOUND CHECK till midnight but, we (Ari, Lina and I) snuck in with our VIP badges and got to see them rehears~ So daebak I kid you not, they had a violin player!! He was really pretty, so we had to get a picture of him!! He could only say "Hi" in a super cute accent in English and then I was like, "OMG WE haVE TO SPEAK JAPANESE NO NO NO" and Lina stepped in and spoke Japanese to him, thank god I always do the awkward turtle when I have to speak Japanese because I'm a nervous turd... ha.

Saturday I was at the Host club and the Maid Café, actually ACE played Friday night, so I didn't do much around the con Friday morning/rest of the day, I did manage to get ONE song at the KPOP KARAOKE OF LOVEEEEE - Sang Replay by SHINee. Lovely right, hahahahahaha I so suck at singing I felt horrible not being able to keep up with the song, even though it's so slow, so sad.. 

Allan, the Genki-man! To the rescue for the Spanish guest judges! He was like their translator haha.

Lina, as Chrome from KTReborn. Badass gurl! She did Gangnam style to her act for the NCC I told her to. HE

Kim, the man of Närcon that saved us many times, he was so cool! 

Lol, Swedish

Even though we got these thingies called food tickets, I didn't use mine, I wanted toasts at some point but, then they were sold out so I gave up lol. But, so sad I only went to the Maid café ONCE caue they had REAL FOOD QAQ LIKE CURRY, CHEEEZU CURRY DESU METCHA OISHI DESUUUYOOO

To sum it up, it was great. Cause they played Gangnam style all the time and I couldn't stop dancing along.

- Copyrights to their rightful pictures, mostly of me, from the FB and the ones from Lina's fb I took those!

I look so swag on every pic right.
Närcon 딱 내 스타일!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome August!

And a warm applaud round for le Canon EOS 650D
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Crappy photo taken with my old digital 'battery-eater' camera

It has flip-screen yo!

Some of you might have seen this picture on FB but, for you that doesn't have my boring FB page, here you go love♥

100% not edited picture of me -in Portrait mode
it really does smooths out my skin!
Tho' bad eyebags are bad.. SORRY YA'LL 

One of my 2 new notebooks, it's so pretty, she's so pweetyful~

My B.A.P mug I bought in Sweden, at Närcon! Totally overpriced compared to Thailand
- fun fact, it was a Thai family that ran it, ohohoho I see all the merch there I know!

My fingers... Hey /

My EXTREMELY messy desk + you can see the closet have vomited on the livingroom as well.. fuuuu-

This is taken in -filming mode, and I have to say all the sex it gives! My feels are soooooooooo gone, this is one sexy beast (SOOM SOOM) of a camera!

Finally I got it.
So this was from Friday, when I went to auction, my mom told me not to put makeup on.. But, the camera is so smooth!! OMG

kjdhfliafijadjpadjoas B.A.P SO HAPPY<3333
 So the first weekend of August I was invited to my friend (F'er) in Vejle for a drink hangout with my other friend Gii, I haven't seen either for years, so was (even tho' I was super beat after my trip to Sweden.. will add in next blog post!) very excited about it, even so I moved it to Saturday instead of Friday, really too tired at the time.. My bad. 

Saturday noon I woke up veryyyyy late.. By mistake and had a skype conversation with my best buddy Ken-chan and then while making lunch/brunch causes that's how I roll man. THE MAIL MAN CAME♥♥
 ∑ (=•ㅅ•= Was so surprised when I opened it and totally didn't fangirl like an idiot on cam infront of Ken chan nope nope nope.


Even though I had thought I would be able to be in Vejle by noon, and it started pouring down "i fede stænger" (Danish ya'll~) it got changed to 5PM instead, so we started to get a drink pretty much earlier then I had excepted. But, yeah yeah~ It's alright! 

F'er was le bartender and made us a lot of drinks, like "Blue Ice bear" tho' she said it was a little fail since we didn't use plain vodka but, I think it was pretty and blue. It made my tongue soooooooooo blue it was weird at the same time it was awesome. Did remember to bring my camera for this! + Vejle can actually be a pretty nice town to take pictures at, too bad it rains so much lately in Denmark ≡A≡ ) /

It tasted quite good, and I ain't no fan of champagne! 

F'er being drunk and abusing my new DSLR but, it's okay. she showing off her iPad bleh

The theme was "Kigurumi drinking party" so Gii, bought her Stitch with her for me to borrow, F'er had her own Angel (also from Lilo&Stitch) so much AngelxStitch lol (actually F'er is my fb wifey so it fit perfectly!)¨
Gii wore her fave, a raccoon kigu tho' it didn't have any pockets, might have been a reason me and my bad humor strikes again! We later that night when down to the train station, tipsy and shii- to pick up F'er's bike cycle and all of the drunk people in town totally went crazy when they could recognize Stitch and even wanted my autograph, WHY DIDNT I SIGN ANY OMG LOL. jk ≡w≡ ) ~ 

"Oh, paint me like your french ladies" - F'er, hahaha.
I'm going to Genkicon, next week, I'll be in the Maid Café so I'll do some blogging about that, but hopefully I'll get on about Närcon in Sweden first before I get onto to Genki! OTL SO MUCH EDITING

Peace out people!! ♡♡♡