Sunday, December 11, 2011


So the last of the 2011 Birthdays have been celebrated! My good friend Kenta (Ken-chan) Had his 21st Birthday on the 1st of December, it was a pretty interesting event. 

I was with him on the day when it was midnight and yeah I gave him my present - I had tried all day to find a t-shirt saying "I'm not drunk - .. but, I'm working on it!" Because he had shown me a picture of one he found in MBK and he regret not buying it and I thought, it might be easy to find! Printed text on t-shirts are so common here! 

.. I was VERY wrong. But, nevermind I found a pretty cool t-shirt with a beer on it. He was happylooking when he opened it so I hope he really did like it, hah .. Or else he can give it to me, I have other people to gift! 

But, discovered an interesting fact that turning 21 for Japanese is as meaningless as adding more sushi to a plate of sushi if you're already full. been eating sushi/salad for the past week  So nothing seemed to happen! AT ALL! And even though I don't celebrate my own birthday it seemed kinda.. sad. Like he had just been sleeping most of the day, eaten in his room, no one had gone and wished him Happy Birthday, even the staff had forgotten his Birthday .__. What is life.

So at like 7PM or so me and my friend Cannus (American! And Chinese) went to Central and I looked through alot of Swensens, I'm surprised they have more than 3 in 1 building e_e but, nevertheless I finally found the perfect cake! - Cookie's n Cream w/oreo's and cherries! Some EVERYONE would like right? They just only had the big ones to 750B - which is more than 150kr. In my opinion that's a fucking lot for a cake. But, it was in Ice cream cake, which made it all the more awesome? But, I DID BUY IT.

I burned my fingers doing this haha. And I had to light the candles because Tomoki is a panda.
He looks really happy right? .. Ahh, it makes me smile. But, not just the cake! Me and Cannus talked her roommate, Minami(!<3) into getting all the Japanese together to wish him congratulation and of course we needed people to eat the bloody cake. Also one of my other American friends (He's Cambodian tho') Peter joined in on the cake eating! It was a nice night, and I'm glad he had a good Birthday :'3 /le sobs.


"Men in Black" - Minami's words. God we laughed at them so hard.
Everyone gave this guy Soy Milk as present!
I feel like he liked them more than my gift ; w ;
- But, hey i also gave him a Soy Milk.

Kenta has a unhealthy relationship to Soy Milk. It's like his fetish - his words not mine! I SWEAR.

But, moving on. Today - or wait, I would like to say, I've been like shopping for presents and such it feels weird not buying anything for myself, not that I'm super needy and shit but, being here I mainly spend for myself or spend loads of money on cake for other people wtf since well.. things are cheap and awesome here. But, YES yesterday I went to Centralworld in Siam, had sushi in Kobeko, since I can't eat hot meals we thought this or salad. So that. We went to Uniqlo - Brand new! Just opened last November in Bangkok, I've only heard about it, but now I'm like sucked into the winter collection! I have an unhealthy urge for knit when I'm Thailand. But, I only bought one thing.. because the whole fucking center have sale!!

Went to Forever21 and they ALSO had a pretty large sale! But, since it was my first time ever to be in a Forever21 store I was like wandering around for hours (not hours but, felt like it) and another great thing! I get 10% discount on shit in there because I'm a Thai student! Hell yeah! Life is good.

Actually we also stopped by Top Shop - never heard about it before myself, but it's some American brand? Cannus was like - we should check it out! I liked their shoes and stockings and like socks. I was sooooo close to buy over knee socks for like 234B they were amazing! So cute and soft. Fucking regret not to buy, grrrr! Even wanted them in beige and I like never buy colors. But, nothing got purchased in that shop!

found a shop called FOX and holy- their Winter collection is so /drool - I love it, but, also it's expensive of course, even with being on sale, since Winter clothes are funnily enough in this case, motherf'ing expensive. But, bought some socks - I like socks - knee high in light grey for 130B so I can manage, so soft.

BUT TODAY. YES TODAY - Or later at 5PM I'm going to meetup with a group of friends - Cannus and Minami set it up, so "all" of the Japanese are going as well, and so am I. We're going to Centara to get drinks and enjoy a freak BEAUTIFUL view on Red Sky. It's bar, but, it's really nice! I went there yesterday with Cannus just to check it out and like take a picture to prove we're fucking awesome and so high class we always go to places like that. MHAHAH. But, it's expensive ;^; I wanted the cheapest thing but, that was all soft drinks! And still 130B for a coke + 10% service charge .__. erm, I'll rather get the juice but to 150B >> .. But, it was on Cannus cause I told her I didn't have anymore cash on me so yay minor gets treated! ~ And anyway I'm not allowed to drink till the 25th due to the dyspepsia but, today is the last day of cold food~ TOMORROW I CAN EAT!

Just to show you how it looks like here's the link to their website.
Outside 1st level. - Part of the restaurant
Inside - Restaurant. They have amazing decoration!
They have giant feathers and gems hanging from the ceiling *-*
They have a live band&Singer on the top! Normally it's a Thai lady (foxy one!). 2nd level - Thé Bar.
But, need to get going and find out what to wear.. I don't have any clothes for going out and like half of my clothes are dirty and needs laundry e_e perfect timing ugh. shopping again with Cannus later oh god, hahah!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time is becoming in relevant

I feel so bad about the earlier post about the dance video, putting life into my Youtube account and all that happy stuff! Been difficult lately, 2 weeks of school, or not so much school but, struggling with weird things ever since I came back to Bangkok after the flood. A lot of things happened, not just being glad getting back into school, but really crappy things which always happens .. tend to happen. 

I'll break it into short pieces since I really wont be motivated to keep my blog alive at the moment since I have my final tomorrow (Still have final papers, but it's like my only actual - test examination)

  • My closest friend Rassamee had to leave the Thai studies program at my Uni and go back to the US the Sunday (I arrived in BKK Friday) 5AM in the morning, was with her all weekend, escorted her to the Airport at crap at night - Fucking saddest moment to start off my return to normal life. I miss her so much, she was such an important person to me, not that other people aren't important. but really it was just different. What can I say, we just really had a good connection and understanding of each others life.
  •  School/Makeup classes: had ridiculously long hours per class, the first week, I have no idea what happened but, after makeup classes during the weekend and like not mention 9AM-4PM hours long classes, the weekend all of sudden turned to school days and 5 days of what would have been my typical normal week of class and school I had the entire week off, and had my last classes Saturday and Sunday, really fucked me up. 
  • Eating: for the last 2 weeks I have barely eaten ANYTHING. After having a food poisoning at my families in Pattaya, my appetite just disappeared like, almost instantly, hardly had more than some jelly to eat cause it almost would feel uncomfortable, almost sicking .. more on that in the other part.
  • Throwing up - kinda talks for itself, it's not like I didn't try to eat, trust me. OH GOD MY SOM TAM GAWD Y U NO STAY IN ME
  •   Black outs, fainting, dizziness the list of this is endless, but I ended up with severe pains in my upper part of my abdominal upper body blah blah, and well got admitted to the hospital after hours of painful screaming, and feeling like my ribcage was going to tear me apart and that I was going to throw up a bucket of stomach acid. I got blood sample taken, an xray, request on a urine sample and more touching/pressing on my stomach which was like fucking excruciating worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life as if skin and whatnot was going to rip and burst from my body. After that shit, tears, and all of that finally I got a giant dose of morphine (some painkiller or whatever can't remember how to spell it) and everything was soft, panda's everywhere and flimmery stars, not to mention I felt numb and no pain, such a heavenly state. 
  • Last thing.. My last final is tomorrow (Friday 9th, 13:00 - 16:00) then semester is over and I have holidays, like really officially, and then on the 15th is the deadline for mostly all final paper/take home exams and I'm wrapping it all up in the weekend, cause I'm going to Malaysia on the 18th! To meet my "sister" online support there and stay with her and her family for almost a week, it is truly a high light of my dim lighted mind as I write this. 
Thanks guys, for whoever took time to read it, I had a Give away planned in favor of the holidays Christmas and New Years I'm not sure if it's going to be set to life but, it's still just a small one since I'm just a poor student who had to pour out 5000B for medical bill and medicine. Hahhh.. 

Stay safe and be careful na!