Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting back on 2013

Hello there!
I thought I would take the time to look back on what I’ve learned, experienced and achieved over the past 12 months of 2013, so here it goes!

Honestly I think this is one of the best years I’ve had. I’ll definitely say I’m not the most positive person, based on a past me I was a hardcore slut-in, anti-social and at least VERY negative. I can really look back and feel really silly just by the thought of all the things I was throwing away, my health for them being one of the important ones, I was really just a silly confused girl when I was younger. A bit too bad that I was so negative to enjoy all the good and positive things my life, that were still offered me even though I had the worst of the worst times of my life until now.

I managed to overcome something that literally had been eating me for years, ruining myself and most chances of having a regular social life with my friends; without being paranoid to spill the secret. And that’s sorely to my boyfriend, he made me realize that I can overcome it if I truly wanted it, for someone or for yourself – I choose him over the thing eating me as hard as it was to let go he helped me and I am forever grateful for him saving me from it.

2013 have meant Love, love have come into my life. Never been this happy before finding someone that loves me regardless of my past or what I’ve done, I’ve never met someone like him in my life and I never want him to leave.. So I want to thank you 2013, for putting the most amazing guy into my life.

Guess I could say since I’ve tried to look more positively on my life, I’ve become more bold and I suppose that’s a good thing in my case, finally stop being a push-over and “too-nice” towards people taking advantage of me. In the terms of like, “I deserve to be happy too” kinda feel, I do want it and I am trying to earn it, working for it every day so I can be happy and make everyone else I care about happy if I can. It’s not that bad to want something that’s good for you, no?

Other than that, I’ve taken a lot of chances, accepted change and sacrificed tons of things to be where I am now, even if it isn’t ideal for most, I am to gladly repeat 2013 with all it’s bad and horrible sides along with the happiness I’ve been obtained as well as the love I’ve been given. So being spontaneous can be added to life qualities now I guess, haha.  

I think I’ll put body image in another post instead because that’s going to be looong one, I’ll spill all my secrets in that one, so I guess look forward to it? Hahaha.

I would say that pretty much sums it up, 2013 started out freakishly bad, who the hell have their storage room set on fire by kids on the 2nd day of the new year. Sigh. Not just that but a lot of things uptil my 19th birthday (the first 3 months of 2013) was terrible. Utter horror, I start cringing just thinking about it -_- ..

I’ll leave it at this, not as long as it could have been!

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