Thursday, December 19, 2013

Etude House Dear Darling Tint - Review

So hubby bought me my first Etude House
makeup product, this lovely lip tint from their Dear Darling line!

I use this religiously every single day, mainly because the color of it "Orange Red" is so refreshing! I use it as blush just to look like I have some sort color on my skin..thus I look very pale and tired all the time. It's a huge help and long lasting too! Really wanted to give the 'orange' color trend a go, I felt rather drawn by it great thing hubby went ahead and just bought it for me after just looking at it. 

Guess puppy eyes really do work, muahahhahaha

It looks different when applied than what you would expect from looking at the product itself without having the change to try it out. Still a gorgeous color, you wouldn't be disappointed; it's adorable and sassy. 

Sorry for using MS Paint but, I don't have anything better atm.. u.u
It's a very subtle color, depending on your makeup and your own preferred makeup routine, I would say it would have more of a pop if I had done a gradient (applying some BB cream/foundation to the lip line and worked the gradient fade style, the orange would appear stronger) of course the more you apply the stronger the color becomes. I like just using a single swatch, just pinch of color is good enough for my casual look~

(The pics are taken in natural lighting)

I love the way the color looks on my lips, would be one of the first times I actually liked putting something color full on my mouth instead of in it (eating you know, lol) this is only one single swatch of the tint, I prefer this light tinted appearance than adding too much of it (cause I easily wear mine off by rubbing my lips unconsciously) that would be a waste of this awesome lip tint! I've already used it quite a lot  as it comes as my every day handy dandy lip tint (meaning basically my only one. LOL)

 Rating: ★★★★★

I might just be too much of a newbie when it comes to rating cosmetics hence I've never really owned that many, I'm not experienced when it comes to makeup either but, I absolutely adore this product and love it!

side note special: doesn't wear off with kisses † ▽ †@)

Thank you for reading ♥

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