Thursday, April 26, 2012

A bit of a haul-ing

 So I bought some things since I got a Watsons membership card!!
super awesome when I go to Denmark on the 27th of May, brilliant.
They're (Watsons) are having a sale this last week of April till the 19th of May
- and oh boy so many great deals I wanna get my hands on, mhahahaha

On my way "home" from Central I went by the Boomerang (CD-DVD-etc) just to see if they had
EXOK OFC's debut single thingy.. I've like listened to History&MAMA hyping repeatedly so addicting gsdjkfhskjdf /cough

... rest is HISTORY - hahaha.. just hit me /le frown.


(90kr, 16USD, 12Euros)

Hada Labo mask (99B/2Euro/3USD) some wet tissues "Buy 1 Get 1" ygh..
Biore UV sunblock (212B/8USD/5Euro) Silver ring wings 1Euro/1USD/9kr

And EXO! I'm actually not a fan but, darm I dig their groove. Tho' the album/cover design
kinda disappointed me a lot, so afraid to rip it holy shi-
Moisture and hydration mask!
Looks awesome, cheap and I love HDLB!
I will try it soon, my skin needs the care.
I have a small request, since oh well, I am awfully humble haha

 Do you think I should write reviews over the products I purchase - mainly beauty/cosmetics

Did my nails randomly. 

3 for 200B - each of them are 120 so that's an offer a Watsons member can't say no to<3

410B (74USD - holy shiiii) for Lash King from MM I've heard  GREAT stuff about it so
wanted to check it out, not my favourite though still hard to control and clumps easily
within the container I mean so annoying with giant "balls" caught on the comb
I will end this meaningless post with some edits I made on my iPod Touch, liked them a bit so thought I would share since I probably have no where to put themonline.
Edited in a Chinese app liked the outcome though I wasn't prepared for the contrast..
Me and my roommate together at Khao Yai!

Yes I wrote the Japanese, and if you can read it
- Dackie is my Thai name, Haruka's name is very unique and
different from the "normal" Japanese name for 'Haruka'.


Oh yes, I'm having apartment issues now that money is being fucked up and what not, I cannot describe how horrible this is and I am so mad I honestly doubt I'll be able to control my anger/temper/call-it-what-so-ever at all even towards my friends here, they're also pretty good at acting as insensitive morons making me wanting to slap them so hard their face move several inches onto the back of their own incompetent heads and go bald.  My roommate is returning to Japan on the 5th of May, which also is the last day to submit your payment for the apartment at my apartment dormitory building, she originally paid a deposit of 19,000B (3459KR - 613USD!) and we talked about how to make my last 27 days with a roof over my head and a shower work and such. IT WONT WORK, I'll end up paying her a sub total of 26,540B (4831KR /857USD kill me) because of the rent for March+April+rent for May+the deposit. 

My mom came up with the utterly ridiculous not to mention freaking retarded thing ever: "Can't you just ask her to wait till you go back to Denmark and pay her back the cash then?" -I'm sorry, as ice cold and childish my roommate can be have been kind enough to let me pass the March rent since my Mastercard "problems" started at that exact time now I'll have to pay March and April at the same time (7540B) because I just am the person that HATES HATE HATE HATE HATES to pay people back - aka, I do not like to borrow money either, ever. I will starve myself, I do not borrow money, okay - if I did I would obviosuly not be able to pay you back because d'uh I don't have the money, therefore if I had money I wouldn't think OMG I NEED TO PAY YOU BACK ASAP! - I'm sorry did I forget all of the things I need to pay for already and now I need to pay another person back. Great now no money and need to borrow again. HAHAHAHAHA - NO. Ofcourse I would borrow from you (if offered only) if it's because I forgot my wallet in my room then I can return the money because I HAVE THEM so mom, idiot, no in this world I don't intend to end up as people that owes almost half a million to her friends. I will cut my wrists slowly with a spoon instead.

Then I get a shitload of comments from her of why I did not think about a plan B for this or another place to stay after she leaves. I will no more say,
"I'm sorry, please fucking listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth instead of spitting yours in it, gross"


1) Talked to other friends thai ones if I could "move in" for the last few weeks I had in Thailand 

2) I can just "live" at my cousins place in Pattaya though I would not be able to see my friends
3) I could just move back into my old apartment which is 80% cheaper than the one I share with Haruka

stfu and don't die too soon of this magical logic. scumbag behind me needs to fucking stop being an idiot and kick the wall or I will rip his chest open, rip by rip and stab his heart with me pen.

Have a good day. Mine is defiantly ruined.

Love you all see you later!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Songkran is just dawning!

Songkran* is the "Thai" New Year!
- Like Korean and Chinese Lunar New Year
Thailand have their own that's placed in April!
Which is very convenient since it's the hottest month of the year.
Lowest tempreture is 29-30% I shall kid you not.

And I need to prepare, even though I might not seem like the type to play around with water like this

- in the sun + wet-skin tight water dripping sticky clothes + wet lion beach hair etc ..
I'm a pretty sadistic evil player when it comes to such "battle"-ish sort of games.

(And who doesn't like to see hot guys in wet t-shirts, come on, the eye candy /le drools)

I should probably post in order, like KoreanMW FIRST and then Songkran .. but, .. Songkran is here now, for another 3-4 days, so like, it's going to be on time for once with a blog entry! ♡

Not much to say about it now but, I'll keep up with the updates/get on with the last few posts I need to throw out till my bag is empty for the "PAST" events and focus on more -in the present- also future ones.
(Like I have a photoshoot 'pro one' in just a week -------------------- omgggggg need to diet and workout like monster nows!)

Have a nice week, Happy Easter! (&Songkran!)
Bring out those hotbad boys and their water-or-whatever!

Monday, April 9, 2012

★Short hair update★

Quick hair update!! ★

So eversince I posted about my hair; thoughts and whatnot, A LOT of things happened!
- like the Korean Wave Music omg omg omg, haha.
&&for all of the you that doesn't have me as friend on Facebook (for several reasons, ohoho) /cough
Have not seen the result of what happened, I got it dyed! - and cut.. not just my frindge stupid b*tches, excuse my language. But, still have some ranting about those people.. I won't post here.

So this was how my hair looked like before:

I do derp'ing the best 555

Look at how I change expression.. seriously, so disappointed
 And the result!!
- Or not entirely that color, nor style, but I was quiet skeptical about the whole coloring process cause the girl had no idea what she was doing, not just that but kept complaining about me. wtf, her boss kept saying I could speak Thai and understand it, but the girl was like whatever:


 *Farang is a Thai term mainly used as "White Man" like Western tourists, not Asian, if you put me next to a tourist group of Koreans I would be the one called "Farang" not them, they're KOREAN - but, 120% more tourist than I am, life
/le punch of discrimination in their faces. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ Y U SO STUPID HUH

Just a small quick post about my hair and the next one will be about the

Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2012!!

My tits never calmed down ohohohoho, jk jk ofcourse.
I'm not a pervert, I was just a big fan screaming my lungs out
- it was so . . how to express un-countable numbers of feelings
(OVARIES) of happiness and bliss? I feel like I was numb!
So happy.. ♡♡♡ OH btw, this is how my haircolor turned out!
See you in the next post, have a good day!♡

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wanna know something?


I went to the Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2012

And it was AWESOME

(。△。 )

still have to overcome this massive awesomeness