Saturday, June 14, 2014

KPOP GIVEAWAY || Ends 15th August

The IG promo picture :3

Giveaway time guys! It's been too long, probably not. 

So it's another time for a giveaway, surprisingly it's a KPOP Giveaway who would've thought that now. everyone It's open worldwide (unless there's problems with the country and their postal, that could turn into an issue) and everything is ON ME. No shipping cost, entry cost nothing. 

The prices are 1 Kpop album and a (Fan merchandise) kpopgroup hooded shirt!
It's basically just B.A.P, but they're awesome so you should love it.

B.A.P 1st Mini Album Repacked
B.A.P Alien Alias' hooded shirt (Tatamato style)

The entry rules are simple:

1) Subscribe to my channel (not just to unsubscribe or you will be blocked/black listed for any future giveaways/contests)

2) Follow my Instagram account;, also not just to unfollow you will be blocked from future giveaways/contests/freebies

3) Follow me on Tumblr; (same thing as prior stated)

4) Like my Facebook Page; (same thing goes as prior stated)

5) Leave a comment on why you like Kpop and BAP along with your Instragram ID, tumblr and Facebook account, if you want to keep your facebook private that is alright too, winner will be have to tell me their Facebook name to verify their "Like" on my Page.

There seem to be a little bit of confusion going on about the comment section part, so here's and example:

I think that's pretty simple? No? I think so shhhh

Do check out the giveaway video for more info, I'll link it below! 
(in the description box extra points are waiting for you~)


For all the blog readers, coming across my blog follow me on Bloglovin' for an extra entry point 

Thank you and please enter!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moving, again | Moving to Lund, Sweden

Hey again! Yet again, I'm moving 
Currently I'm in Sweden, I'm here to stay though 
(for approx. 5 years)

I'm moving to Lund tomorrow! I've been moving around a lot this year and I realized it made my blog suffer, a lot. I didn't mean to neglect it though, I enjoy writing posts, reviews and life updates (so I can look back on it and remember everything~) so here's a little update.

I've been cleaning and packing, working out as well as trying to attend to my Youtube channel. I've been trying to upload a bit more regularly to atleast 1 video a week or 3 video a month. Just a bit sad I don't have much going on to record so I'm thinking about vlogging a bit more with my whole moving and experiencing a new country with my boyfriend.

But hey good news! I know I lost A LOT of followers after I had a friend pick about my layout on my blog and deleted my followers by mistake (it's okay ; w ; ..) but I finally reached a 100 subscribers on Youtube! I was waiting to do a giveaway when I reached 600 followers on IG but, whatever ~ haha

I'll post a video about the giveaway this week (hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday) and it's open to all my readers and followers both on Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and Youtube!

Hope some will join <3

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

[Review] Pro Trend Color

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since my last post, I'm so sorry

 But, now I'm back! I got a lens review to share with you guys hope you like it! 
Before I left Thailand for Denmark/Sweden, I had to pick up some lenses along the way of course they're cheaper and yearly (but perfectly safe, but be warned check them thoroughly and ask the seller) and I stumbled upon Pro Trend Color contact lenses, made in Korea! These are by far the most INSANELY COMFORTABLE circle/colored lenses I've ever gotten.

Hands down.

On the back side it says: 
"PRIME Color Vision Co.,Ltd 164. Uihang-ri, Changpyrong-myeon, Damtang-gun, jeollanam-do, Korea (something in Thai that's too small for me to read) Prefect Woman (Thailand) CO., LTD 1/36 SOI Rajburana 44 Rajburana Bangkok 10140."

I'll just say now that the website doesn't exist, but most Thai distributors don't have websites but Line's and etc since it's private people buying it from Korea (stock) and sells it around in Thailand. 

They costed me 230Baht (39DKK/$7/5€) I'll just say it again, if you go to Thailand, find some lenses that looks identical to your favorite ones or discover new ones and bring them home! Great for cosplayers and CL enthusiasts alike~ + some sell great lenses for just 150Baht (25DKK/$4.59/3€)

The store can be found in Digital Gateway across Siam Center (diagonally across from Siam Paragon Mall), take the BTS to Siam and exit 2 to the left 3rd floor by Celeb Hair Salon. Owned by 2 adorable University Graduates and Korea lovers (girls) 

 I got them in a brown/hazel similar to my own outer ring of my eyes (hazel, mixed green), I forgot what model it was though it was in their 2nd photo album, page 8 

Free lens case, also the glass containers were air tight! Like usual ~

This was taken in a very gloomy window light, also right before I cleaned my lenscase, sorry about the mess*
Let's see them in action! My Canon was being a bit tricky with the focus + it's hard to take pictures up close of my eyes without lenses since I need prescribed power (-2.75)

(New all-time favorite lenses)
Here's one from a photo shoot I did, full face feel of the lens

Thanks for reading!