Saturday, March 17, 2012

✪・HAIR ✪

 Hey thur ー ヽ( ●∀●)ノ~

So lately I've had major bangs/hair issues and been trying really hard on finding ANY-EFFING-THING style that would suit me ..  

IN VAIN( -.-) Then I remembered I had a Ensogo coupon package for exactly my troubles! A 3 in 1 hair package with 1 of Bangkok's (supposedly seems very self proclaimed to me..)WITH SHISEIDO PRODUCTS ; The package contains the following ..

  • Haircut with additional hair design + advice (blah blah, goodness~)
  • Hair coloring - hair longer than waist length will be charge 500B extra (Lucky for me!)
  • Treatment + hair wash (commonly should be after coloring..) + blow-dry
  • Then finish with setting and styling of free choice!  
I am very excited! If you can tell |ョω)  ㅋㅋㅋ

Just a few of the samples I have (as app) on my iPod, it's difficult.. also with coloring, it's all of my hair and going black would be.. too close to what I have now and I've done that before.. /le slaps 14 y.o emo self. Since my hair is naturally REALLY curly to an a very annoying point mostly I thought looking my curly/perms would be a "good idea" though we all know I want that smexy B.A.P WHITE AZZ SEX HAIR ÜBER ALLES !! Though my hair is only this length (as the pwetty gurls on the pictures for the Japanese catalog ( ´△`)) when it's straight/soaked in water when showering in the raiiiiiiin jk.
I dunno!! Also with the hair color.. I dunno really, should I pre-dye it like "lighter brown" and then decide on a color for I was looking at the red section when I was walking by the salon last week.. since I refuse to get the fugly orange one that the Thai girls get, wake up girls it's EWWWWWWW ヾ(・ェ・ヾ)

I kinda want a MOFO HAWT blonde-ish ash color..
- though my hair would get roots in less than a week!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ღ How's March? ღ

◍ Hmmmmmmm, honestly? 

It's very hard to explain and still I'm not sure about how personal I should take my blog. I used to think that I could make it a personal blog but, as time went by, it just seemed like an uncertain thing about that "personal space" after a few (2-3) classmates followed me on my blog. 

I've had some issues about sharing my web life to the people "around me" : By around we all know those people in your class that just "think" that you're like

'' WEIRDO → → →  (。△。 ) . . . ''

Or so it was for me .. ha..ha 


The past week have been "slow" - ish. Went with my Media class on a small really effing short! to Channel 3:

The biggest Entertainment Company in Thailand

Awesome awesome  ┐(´△`)┌  ~

Us waiting to enter the studio building! HOT VERY HOT THAT DAY!

(●´□`) Ahhhhhh ~♥

Ayaha-chan♥ (&me/cough)

Tivoli spejl billed! lol, jk (Danish)

And no one can tell we were talking about KPOPヽ(〇・u・)人(・u ・〇)ノ
Yen & Tom (yes, the old guy is a student as well) looking very producer-ish!
Very blurry picture of me - Taken by Kenta - I LOOK THE BEST DURING BLURR 555

The 5PM news clip with us! //taken at Amarin Mansion Lobby ゝ∀・)

I have no idea ... I was checking the pose and he was adjusting the lens ...

Then me and Kenta went Cheese Cake House hunting but, after 2 hours of searching we gave up, had dinner and went to Terminal21 and I had a nice "photoshoot" (of derp'ness) with Nichkhun from 2PM!

 v゚  ロ゚)☆

Cool pose ftw.
I would so be perfect for a 2PM MV, charming am I not  (σ `∀´)σ
Feel like my following posts are going to be rather informative and just getting the whole catching up rushing feeling to them .__. I don't like that D:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

☆お誕生日だよ-!생일축하해♪ HBD☆

Happy Birthday to me lalalala☆彡 

- dance my little readers, celebrate me! lol, jkjk.

My 18th birthday was on the 04/03
- So more exact it was not that long time ago (about a week/8days-ish) and I finally turned 18!!

Wohoooo! ((*@>▽<@)ノ彡☆*:・゚◃:
Been some dreadful 6 months (。△。 )* being teased by all
of the Uni kids with; jail bait, minor, kid, 銃七歳 or こども ... etc

Panda towel from Dolly♡

Chaho (MATCHA♡) from Kenta
(white box) scented rose shaped soap
-from my roomie♡

Rilakkuma PhoneStrap from Jo (send from Korea!♡)
& Misato gave me the BLUE one♡.. w/ a panda on.



New glasses! I love them already!♡

BB goods from Ayaha♡ Lol her BD was the 12th
Gave her a 2PM calender + a Chansung phonestrap

It just screamed at me♡ Super comfortable!
 Onto "THE PARTY" = a very casual (I being the one that made it awkward because I felt awkward, stupid and me blaaaaah) lovely dinner with my friends + Dolly (She's not thaaaaat much in my life but, guess she felt like it was okay for her to join without an invite.. but, I forgive her for the Panda♡)

+ I was very happy my crush said yes to coming as well.. ♡/le blushing dead.

Kenta and Tomoki talking about sports..  (ノ*´ I`)ノ

 (ノ*´I`)ノ  (ノ*´I`)ノ  (ノ*´I`)ノ  (ノ*´I`)ノ

DERP DERP DERP (つ∀-) Glad it's not me ohohoho


...  ( ゚∇゚) Such a mature 18 year old


Something with eel-Don

Laughed when he got his "REGULAR"-sized set
= He eats barely anything( =∇=)''

Kizuku arrived on THE DAY at night a few hours before the day was over

... Tho' this is pictures from the day after my BD (●´□`)/

It says "HBD DACKI" OK.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Untold fairytales.。×°*☆

So yeah many things are making me feel slightly more distance from life so blogging ACTIVELY and lots of things .. Having troubles hahaha is probably an understatement but, yeah.

• I feel like I'm just slobbing around and well it fits pretty well but, a lot of things are getting onto me and I'm just so "emotionally" hurt I can't seem to be able to open up but mentally I'm tearing it all down.

• lots of things but have no courage to wear it. No matter what I actually attract A MOFO FUCKING LOT OF STARES it's not "just" Thais (pervs, creepers, bimbo bitches etc ... T n T) and now in my state, confidence level is dead and my temper is so ******* short as f*ck now so I have tons of cordinations and styles sets of clothing - etc I wanna try but too frightened to do it at all...

But I'll post about it later in the weekend.. Since my birthday is coming up on Sunday. Interesting right I'm going to turn 18 - HAHAHAHA wrong. I haven't really celebrated it since I was 10. Sad maybe, I don't really care - it's hard to miss something youvenever heard about it's not like how I had my birthday celebrated isn't the typical thing (would turn into story time lol) so yeah but, I promised to do at least a dinner and dunno anything about planning something that has ME as a more important person ..... I still don't know where to go eat !?(・_・;?!

Anyhow ••••• ☆

Just to make February short;

Lots tons of stuff - my phone //super sad face!!! My entire txt memory is gone I had texts from like ... Beginning of being here in Thailand and ... Tomoki's messages back when things were a delicate blooming relationship.. I wanna cry guys ; n ; • lost my mp3, broke my red ICE watch, broke the NEW mp3 I had bought... It was a really unlucky week .. Lol.

Got myself some; MONSTER BEATS, iPod touch (3rd generation second hand chill), new cute wedges etc .... And went to 2 kpop concerts:


2PM was the first one .. Ever and seriously: I could not have been happier they know how to put on a sexy performance ladies! Omg. Seriously go check BACK2U it's like sex. It was all fun cute awesome /sex

Lol CNBLUE WS SUPER DIFFEENT and I kinda couldnt feel that vibe I had with 2PM but when they showed Minhyuk on the big screen being all hot and hitting it off hard // lol I'm just sex'ing this up but, I still have to go get it into my head that they were ALL within lie just 5m ... Omg!!!!!!!!! I could touch ;Yonghwa, the bass player, Nichkhun, Wooyong, insert just almost all if 2PM and i made eye contact with so many and got winks and perky lips and ABS//COUGHCOUGH*die* in my face!! Not to mention other more 'dangerous' stuff .... Like in my eyes e_e and not the sext kind.