Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prince Palace Hotel - Review(s)

First of all, Nest Boutique Resort was the biggest scam shit I've ever tried to experience at a "hotel/resort" ever. Definitely not a place I would ever recommend to anyone if it's by the pictures on Agoda, the pictures are pure photoshop, angles and some aren't even taken at the 'resort' at all! As much as I seem to bend with Thailand this was just surprising, probably not to most, but I've never been scammed so bad at a hotel facility before, regardless of country. (ಠ_____ಠ)

No pictures from there, no video, no nothing. I was so discouraged to take pictures of it or even make a review over it, cause it was just really bad.. The room itself is lesser comfortable than a single studio apartment in Thai, even less furniture like, dafuq? The water power in the bathroom was bad; toilet, sink and shower = no pressure. We could barely wash our hair, that weak. The toilet wouldn't flush out and the sink was stronger than the shower and toilet together, sad little life on that one.

Mainly just felt bad for Eric cause he was taking the jetlag really bad, every little thing going wrong for us to heart and he seemed so miserable (◞‸◟ ... I just wanted to take him back ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

But, Prince Palace Hotel was awesome. The service was great, we even  got upgraded to a better suite cause they were out of the room we booked, no charge! The room was sooooo spacious and nice, with a little kitchenette, living room, bed room with a kickin' view over the area and a nice bathroom with a bathtub amagawd.

Not to mention they speak rather good English  - of course I mean those that actually can, they'll be sent straight up to you if a Thai worker can't understand what you're saying. But, they greet you with a smile, open doors for you tells you where everything is, it's over all great Service.

The hotel itself is placed on top of a mall, not lying it's on the same building, surrounded by a big out-door market that is connected to the mall. Across from there a block down is the Fresh Fruit Market by the Saphan Khaw (Sa-pha-an, meaning bridge) filled to the brim with fruits, food, vegetables, meat, chicken, seafood at cheap prices, nothing unsafe about it! It's where even locals and restaurants get their ingredients. It's called a Fresh fruit market for a reason, all times of the day (most lively point might be really early in the morning). Prince Palace offers a great outdoor floor in between their 2 buildings (we were in the 2nd Tower) with a 2 pools (linked together) kids side and a deeper one for elder guests. Tanning chairs, greens and flowers a outdoor bar and restaurant, international breakfast buffet above the pool (see the stair case on the pool picture? Yeah that one)

huehuehue Hubby sleeping - u - )~ 
The view from our hotel room, nightlife.
 With the water boiler in the kitchen, there's free Tea and coffee (with coffee creamer) bath ropes, soaps (good amount for both hands and hair) slippers and free water. AC works like a charm, the water pressure in the shower is good but, the toilet could be better still had some minor difficulties actually flushing out stuff. Didn't help that I had gotten food poisoning at Nest Boutique the day before we changed hotels
 ಠ益ಠ)ノ彡 ┻━┻

I shall end this review with some yummy Korean BBQ from Korea Town (was pricey though, 960 Baht in total for 2 people, ouch!)

Till next time ´∪`●)

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