Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey there, you sexy..you. /AwkwardTurtleStrikesAgain

I got great news I finally got a job! I work as a waiter, part time at a sushi restaurant; so I get free sushi at work for dinner and wow darm it's so good. And I've had A LOT of good quality sushi nothing like Giro though this restaurant surprised me. The fish is so fresh and amazingly tasty, the sushi chef is SO fast.

Also I got some paid model jobs, 1 tomorrow then another one next week. I'm so excited! 500SEK per hour, guys I can pay half my rent with the gig tomorrow ; w ; ) I'm so happy, money has been an issue lately so I'm glad I can now cover the rent. 

Here you get some foodporn pictures from the past few days for you :)

Well hello bunny hubby :'D
Eric's family sent us 2 GIANT packages from the States, first 1 had some of his clothes that got soaked in kimchi water since they sent us his mother's homemade kimchi and radish kimchi. IT IS DELICIOUS btw, just saying. The other one was all instant rameyon and clothes, Eric's mother and sister got me yoga shorts and lots of OPI nail polishes I feel so lucky<3 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Healthy Cooking - FFF | My Breakfast Oatmeal!

Good morning there! Hi! Right now I should be working out, but for some reason I've been procrastinating it for 2 hours now, just looking up raw foods and superfood supplements and sports corsets. I got a bend rib cage, on my left side my doctor recommended it but dude they're so expensive dawg. I really need that/a job ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ 

To follow along with my procrastination atm, I was going to write this last night but then it was 3AM and I had only re-sized the pictures and uploaded them and my boyfriend wanted to sleep, didn't get that post done then (´∀`*) /stomachrumble.


I always start off my day with a morning workout followed by a bomb ass breakfast. My "Anyday-Oatmeal-Breakfast" basically it's extremely simple oatmeal. But, very healthy oatmeal! 

Let's start off with our ingredients;
  • 1 Banana 
  • Cinnamon (powder, please)
  • Water (If you don't like water you can sub with almond/soya/rice/etc milk, keep it healthy)
  • Açaí powder (this step is optional, but it's really good for you! #SuperFood)
  • Oats 

You take out your pot (this can also be done in the microwave with a big bowl but, do save yourself the risk of having to clean up your microwave if it goes wrong and drowns it) and a bowl, take you banana and mash it up to a nice smooth texture, or some chunks if you preferred this recipe is easily altered to your own preference, think of my recipe as mere guidelines ~ You should have a consistency like so;

Now take your oats, measured in tablespoons you will use 5 / 6 tablespoons of oats into your pot. I usually make it for both me and my boyfriend, so it goes to about 9-10 spoonfuls depending on how much you eat. But, 5 should be the golden number for you in this recipe, if not alter it yourself to 4 or 6.

You will want to add your "powders" first before adding the water, it's just because it's easier to handle and you won't freak out about it; it's too hot and you gotta stir it constantly so it doesn't burn etc, just a dash/ a teaspoon should be plenty.

Add about half a tablespoon of the Açaí powder (again this is optional).

Proceed to add your water, just enough water to cover your oats, should give it a nice porridge like consistency but of course if that's not your alley go ahead and use less or more! Quickly after adding water you would want to add the mashed banana mixture into the pot as well, and mix it well with the oats. It should give off a slightly purple color, due to the Açaí powder used which is pretty cool, if not it'll turn out like so shown on the picture below;

As you can tell, that barely took any time, I'll say over all 10 minutes to get that baby. The recipe is simple and oats are so amazingly versatile, it's like a healthy food fashion item that goes with everything, but no seriously you can use oats for almost everything. Now you can play with your toppings, all sorts of fruits and nuts! Don't worry about going overboard, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and getting a lot o fibers/minerals/vitamins etc into your body right off the bat is NOT a bad idea~ 

Here's some of my latest oatmeal creations;

Looks great, right?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My First Flower Crown

Hey there, sexy thang. Thanks for dropping by!

Yet finally seems like I can pull through with my last post's promise and here I am; again! Magical isn't it. Well magical is sort of the subject today, for me :'D Yesterday I received a notice from the post office I had received "a letter too big to be a letter, you have to pick it up - please" something like that and I thought to myself it had to be the tongue brushes my Boyfriend had ordered (with my credit card that little cute weasel) turned out to be a package from Denmark so, not his tongue brushes wohoo!

It was a bit weird unwrapping the newspaper clips the "box" was covered in, and the box was, weird as well. I seriously had no idea to expect but I did hope it was something I had ordered from Kami Renee



Guys, come on, you can't tell me that this gorgeous, CUSTOM MADE /handmade flowercrown isn't just worth the money to be a bit more of a lunatic with flowers in your hair, pretty flowers in your hair. I suck at promoting don't I? Gotta say that this flower crown looks amazing in real, as well and the subtle colors are great for a flower crown newbie as I am. And I'm not bold enough yet to wear bigger-and-bolder ones.

She also added a cute note to the crown (which I cut off in cold blood, mwahaha), cosplay card and a little bag of treats WHICH I ALSO LOVED OMG WHAT WAS THAT EVEN CAT CANDY-

Sexy legggggggg
Too sugoii for you b*tch, jk
 As now the post is done I leave you with a bareface-"messy"-room-but-with-flower-crown picture, I will make a "review" (more the excitement of getting my first flowercrown, material etc and PROMOTE THE GORG KAMI OKAY YOU ALL SHOULD CHECK HER OUT.) on my Youtube soon I'm currently editing a summary of my summer so far, boring as hell but at least my pretty Boyfriend is in it HA-HA and writing a script for my contest entry I think I'll try to only keep it to 1:30-2:00 minutes for a better impact.

Trying to hide the darkcircles with my shadow. #pandaeyes

Ey, thanks for reading