Thursday, July 5, 2012

 As my drunk neighbor came to tell me earlier "I'm hard to see at home cause you just run all over Denmark, before you were all over the world, now you're in Denmark you're even here" - Til alle jer dejlige Danskere så sagde hun "farer sku hele landet rundt", mange gange! OTL HAHA.

So ya'll~ How have your July been? Mine was average C: I went to my father's grave for the first time I came back, it was nice so I bought the prettiest white roses I could find for him. Even though he preferred them red, I prefer white! or blue lol  Actually my father is sadly buried in "The Grave of the Unknown" since we could not afford to give him his own grave.. I feel bad cause he really wanted to be buried next to his parents but, it was in a different region and for some reason it was not allowed .. stupid government for that

It actually started raining at the point where we left and placed the flowers till we drove away and then it got all nice and pretty weather, wtf! Mother nature knows how to put the mood on, then just let it go ~ wind.
Later same day at crap in the night I went to my friend's place (Miku) and we had a flat and chillin' 
(hada, lol) weekend with gaming Batman Arkham's Island (Miku did I was watching, with excited pants!)
while I was playing the awesome game Star Project !! GYAAAAA LOVE IT ≡♥ ω♥≡) Touya is the best. 

Photo of me the day I left .. all dirty and bad hair ugh ugh
I had some nice things in the mail, though I was slightly disappointed by the fact my PinkyParadise lenses haven't arrived and I bought them in May .. erm, yeah. Not rant just wondering why the EF it's gone _ _ ) ~ 

As soon as I saw this pendant I just had this gut feeling as an extreme caring person for B.A.P I am (and Baby lol) I had to get this! To my surprise even though on the photo of the pendant how it was "supposed" to look like, this was in a wood shade not black at all, I'm very upset about this purchase and slightly happy I didn't buy the other one with EXO on because if it turned out like the Matoki mascot pendant I got, I would have sent both back and demanded a refund. But, as it is now, I'll fix it myself and my crafty creative hands~

Fresh outta the mail!

Wearing the pendant it's a bit off on the jawline on the right..
 So I also got ANOTHER one, small but, big enough to be my lenses so I thought - but, it wasn't. It was a super fast shipped' out package with my new tights! The are so sensual it's bad for you, but darm, yet again a little disappointed in the "quality" but, this time I ordered it from Ebay so I NEVER get my hopes UP, even if I experience great similarity to the promised product to what I get in through my door, this .. was so hand made it was laughable ahahahaha. (sorry, lol is more appropriate) if anyone is interested in the sellers;
-  I will gladly let you know just ask me.

Minor details of the tights.

Tried to copy the pose from the original picture, fail

I've decided to take a small breather from going around the country since I soon have to attend a birthday party + go to Närcon in Sweden in the end of this month, ohhhhh ~ I just came home from visiting my friend Sile, a Chinese girl that is soooooo nice<3 Funny mini story, she was a good 7 months in China before I was finished with boarding school to be away for a year, just 2 weeks before I leave she returns to DK, we meetup a week later, and then I take off the week after that, and god we missed each other, so totally know how the other feels about family relations and all, sadly for her she's not a Danish citizen so she almost lost her visa to stay here in DK cause she stayed in China longer than 6 months..

She used to be really into 'looking' "Ulzzang" (meaning 'best face' in Korean or so) jjang jjang! She's still pretty much of a camwhore but, I love every little bit of her and + she's not shameless at all when it comes to taking the pictures, re-taking + editing in her little insane chinese 'photoshop'. Haha!

Yesterdays OTD

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lolololololo in the moment gaiz

 Bye lovelies!