Friday, October 29, 2010

First Meal!


Lee Hong Ki?

Oh yes, I've being caught of the Korean trap! I love those Korean people, after watching You're Beautiful I've like checked Korea (South) out more, listing to Big Bang more as well as picking up on DBSK again. And beginning to listen to this awesome band F.T Island! I found out about them after falling for Lee Hongki's acting as Jeremy, that he actually did have a band and was the lead singer, I really like his voice when he sang in Still and Promise (2 songs from the OST) so I checked them out. And now I have all their albums + singles on my computer, I really like their music! There are so many genres and it all sounds good! I love Always be Mine and Bad woman && many many more! Like Cool VS Pretty "Mucho mucho" lol, it's cute, I always do weird moves my roomie find cute for some reason xD; ..

Lee Hongki have so pretty and skinny legs! It's unbelievable! Check it out! - He's really pretty, really random I like his personality - He's the "naughty one" in the band, lol. Is always doing weird stuff it looks so hilarious, really he always makes me laugh. He's 21 goes to uni and majors in Theater and Music, POWER OF WIKIPEDIA DUDES. Omg, lol.

But, I've taking a great liking to him .. I've order so many posters of him, his band and the drama, remember Master Card? Hello my friend. But, not only that I'm on the looking for Big bang (Mostly GD) posters and DBSK posters as well lol. I'm like weirdo xD But, I can't wait to get them I've already ordered! I'm not going to hang them up before after new years since I'm and my roomies are going to move into the new dorm after Christmas so it would kinda be a waste, as well with my manga/ anime posters I've haven't put them up yet, many of them (at least the big ones and such) are still at home, same is my wall scrolls - WE MUST NOT DAMAGE THE WALLS, so they said I couldn't put them up lol, sadness xD

I've started on this fanfiction site for asian singers/ Asians in general with a nice of to my brand new Lee Hongki fanfic, which I am going to finish before moving to back to some of my other ones, I need to get it done! I've lost about 2-3 pages last night because my computer didn't save it! So I have to start from the start of chapter 3 again .. DARM YOU. But, it's was such a good chap so it just makes me sad to write a new one, 'cause it will probably just suck D: - BEAR WITH ME IF YOU READ IT. I'm also thinking of making a banner for the story but, I don't wanna use just any girl, but I don't wanna use myself, because that just looks too groose DB I dunno if I'm a fan .. But, I like their music.. Or I don't know, it's not like if I could I would bang the whole band or just Hongki, I want to know them. Arhg, it's difficult 'cause I'm probably already considered a crazy fan .. lol, great, now I just turned sad writing this omg.

Try to listen to some of their music! It's warmly recommended by me!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diet; Day 14! (Now, I'm just going to the flow)

Yes hello hello! It's day 14 and life is great! I've thought about when I started and counted the days and it seems that it's actually over 14 days and around over 2 weeks, lol. So That just mean that my diet is going along super smooth! This is just going to be a really small update, since I'm starting to write to much on the blog .. When I should be doing some school stuff instead lol.

I still throw up .. So I've kinda just giving up on eating normal food, I can apparently only eat bread crust and cake + chocolate AND I DON'T WANT TO EAT THAT D:< I hate light bread, I'm not very fond of cake nor do I like eating chocolate very much. It's hard on my stomach and I get sick of it D:< So I'm going to live on as little bread crust as I can, then just going to drink a lot of water so when I puke it doesn't hurt my throat. And it water it out, the stomach acid, I mean :3 I forgot to do my stomach exercises yesterday but, I really felt bad so I'm just looking it over this once and do something else today, SQUATS! :D

Over and out for now~~  

Ebay, MasterCard - Oh the horror

Ebay is a wonderful site, it have almost everything you need which is pretty nice. But, of course you need a paypal or credit card .. I first got one for 3 months and of course I get it closed! EVIL WORLD! It was a plain and useful Visa card, instead I get a new card - a MasterCard. A evil evil MasterCard! It's like the ring from Lord of the Rings dude! Really, .. I found like a couple of posters to 130 kr. (REALLY CHEAP) to be exact; 2 big posters and 12 postcards. Really cheap if you think about, one posters in Denmark might cost around 100 kr or 80 kr. FOR JUST ONE so it's pretty cheap && it's included with porto! So CHEEEEAP.

Then I found this giant poster .. to 30 kr. with porto and bought it .. with my MasterCard 'cause I could, I just thought "It's just 160 kr. in all, it's cheap .. THAT'S GREAT!" And so, but then! I found this DVD box with "You're Beautiful" with English subtitles and 3 hours of extra film! God .. I couldn't stand against it, so I wrote it down on my wishlist for Christmas hoping strongly to get it, but I kinda knew I wouldn't since here in Denmark your only way to get it is probably Ebay and my mother nor her boyfriend have credit cards so it's not like they could get it for me! So .. I had class (No, thanks to physics) with one of my roomies and we were like chilling on the web and I was looking Ebay, because I suddenly had a god darm urge to do so! (DARM YOU EBAY) And I had like bookmarked so I wanted to show it to her and then I got all weird and creepy so I really wanted to buy it .. and then my finger kinda like slipped onto the "bye now" button .. and pressed! My roomie, Stine was like; "JUST BYE IT DARM IT" And then I started to panic because, then there were that other button .. PAY NOW. I pressed it .. and entered my paypal AND BOUGHT IT! GYYYYAAAA! - Now, I've decided not to buy anymore from Ebay for the time being but, .. now I've founded a lot of brilliant cheap posters! Really many and so freaking cheap!! So cheap D: And I really want them .. It's again only 130 kr. .. BUT, now it's only 12 posters .. ONLY POSTERS .. I WANT IT SO BAD .. So I'm kinda thining about telling a friend to buy them to me as a Christmas present because she didn't give me one last year! And I feel demanding about it. Kinda like I have a small right to say it but, what if she doesn't buy it too me?! O n O - I really want them ..

And as well, I'm thinking about buying a lot of other things or just 3 more things but, then the amount of money will be .. higher xD And I kinda need to save up money .. But, I'm thinking of not using any of my money on "big cosplays" and only on easy ones instead .. It will be cheap and actually so easy that I actually can make them! Yes, I suck at sewing, I'm such a n00b! I've only sew one cosplay all by myself without anyone help making it, but I sew together with another one and she's good at sewing D: Makes so sad inside .. GETTING OF TRACK SORRY D8

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Totally a must watch in the Drama genre.

Well, in my week of vacation I got the fine service of web, finally web at my moms place! Luckily it's actually a lot faster at home than here at my school, but that's life! - So in my time of being alone, I fell upon a old hobby of mine; Drama! Or maybe Dorama, I fell in love all over again! My first drama ever was Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e aka Hana Kimi the Japanese version of the series. I fell in love with the plot and characters, great acting and typical drama - GREAT. And then I fell over some Korean ones, "You're Beautiful" or You are Beautiful. 

"Gemma (real name; Mi Nyu) is a sister-in-training. Her twin brother Go Mi Nam successfully auditions for the idol band A.N.JELL but is forced to leave for the United States to correct a botched plastic surgery. 
Mi Nyu is approached by Mi Nam's manager to pose as Mi Nam while he recovers. She is against it at first but agrees in order to fulfill her dream of finding their mother. 
Now, posing as Mi Nam, Mi Nyu enters the group A.N.JELL and meets its members: Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy. Tae Kyung and Mi Nam have a rough start as band members. 

In the very first episode, Kang Shin Woo discovers that Mi Nam is a girl, but he keeps quiet because he is curious about what might happen. He discreetly helps her keep the secret and nobody realizes that he knows her true gender. Soon after that, due to an incident, Tae Kyung also discovers that Mi Nam is a girl, and confronts her about it. He actively takes on the responsibility of protecting her real identity from others (partly due to Mi Nam's manager begging him), which brings him and Mi Nam closer together. Slowly all the band members - Shin Woo, Tae Kyung and Jeremy - fall in love with Mi Nam(although Jeremy tries hard to deny it because he thinks Mi Nam is a guy). Eventually, Mi Nam admits her gender to the entire band, and they all help keep her identity secret until her brother arrives from the USA. The series ends when Mi Nam, as her real girl self, finally gets together with Tae Kyung."

When though it might sound cheesy or over used or something along bad! When you first see it, you can't stop liking it. Only if you actually hate drama or something fucked up as that, no drama in the world could be good, only if I told you it wasn't a drama but, fuck it :D

Park Shinhye (Shin Hye) as Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu (Vocal/ Panist)
Jung Yonghwa (Yong Hwa) as Kang Shin Woo (Guitar/ Backup Vocal)
Lee Hongki (Hong Ki) as Jeremy (Drums/ Backup Vocal)
Jang Geunsuk (Geun Suk) as Hwang Tae Kyung (Lead Vocal)
Uee (Kim Ju-Yin) as Yoo He Yi (National 'fake' Fairy)

Park Shinhye is really cute acting as Go Mi Nam! I really like her character, she seems in real life a bit more mature and not at all that shy and scaredy cat like as Go Mi Nam (Go Mi Nyu) I really like how she acts and her emotions for Hwang Tae Kyung, they really make a cute couple.

Jung Yonghwa plays this really charming and kind character Kang Shin Woo, is a very mature and gentle person who looks out for Go Mi Nam, knowing that she is a girl and falls in love with her. He is such a pitiful character! I felt so bad for him, when she started to fall in love with Hwang Tae Kyung! And Shin Woo just helped her instead, I really felt bad 'cause he really just is this caring prince charming! A great character, one you quickly take a liking too after the first episodes.

Uee, which actually is her stage name, so Ju-Yin plays the double faced girl idol Yoo He Yi who out to the public is this sweet angel, that helps everyone but, her real personality is selfish, arrogant and rude. Which Hwang Tae Kyung finds out rather quickly, she is a bitch in my opinion. END

Jang Geunsuk have the role of Hwang Tae Kyung, the lead singer in A.N.JELL, his character is really sleek in the beginning but, as the series goes on you start to like him more and more! He has all these epic things about him, first his hygiene obsession! It's so hilarious, lol. He has Night blindness, he can't see in the dark, not at all if there's not a small candle light he can't see anything! Which leads to many funny moments.

Lee Hongki plays the british korean boy from England, Jeremy! He is a very childish character, super cute and funny. He cares very much for his Hyungs, Shin woo-Hyung and Hwang Tae Kyung-Hyung and likes Go Mi Nam, even before he finds out that he is a she which just makes him even more happy, knowing that he is not "in love" with a boy! He has a dog called Jolie, Angelina Jolie - Super epic! The way he calls on Jolie is sooooo cute! I love his character acting very much! I wish he had to play a "naughty" role instead or atleast a little more naughty as Jeremy but, otherwise he's perfected played!

I'll say this is defiantly my favorite drama ever! I've even bought the DVD box and a few posters, thinking about buying some posters of the persons playing in the drama and even a calender for 2011-2012! I really love it! 
So see it! It's warmly recommended by me ;D 
10/10 It's almost better than Hana Kimi's epic'ness!
Over and out// - Haku, Weiiss

Diet; Day 13! (I think lol)

Okay! Well, I've actually kept my plan for the diet pretty tight and good! But, I've gotten sick and puke all day, every time I eat something, it comes right back up! Hello, food I can't remember eating.

The lovely coffee of mine, is now gone. There's no more left! xD SADLY! I lie in great sorrow over the missing coffee~ It actually tasted quiet good! I loved it~~ So, my mother promised to get some more shipped from Thailand in the near future so no worries for me~ I still have a chance of getting slim, pretty and hot! Like a Coca Cola bottle 8D

But, maybe the sickness is a sign from somewhere? Since I can't really eat, maybe it's a weak sign of successful dieting? xD I don't know, but I miss not having to throw all the lovely food (I actually eat) up, I'm the biggest fan of punking + I love food too much, it's just food discrimination to throw food up after you've eaten it. Just how I feel about food but, of course it's something different if you're allergic OR gotten food poison from it. Then it's something totally different, then the food just doesn't love you :D ~

I actually doesn't really have any pictures right now, my camera is at home and such I didn't feel like bringing it when I had to go to school this week. But, I miss it >: LUV YOU MY CAMERA~ <3

But, I'm still doing my exercises in the evening! And I'm thinking of doing some in the morning but, only when my stomach feels better instead of I have to run to the toilet every morning, soo not worth it. Still not fangirling over puking, darm you.

I guess this wrapped up on this entry? Bye, sleep tight~  

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weeks Vacation

So, yeah. I have this lovely weeks vacation here in Denmark known as "EfterĂ„rs Ferie" Autumn vacation, it's a week off school - Which is nice :D But, I don't really have money to visit anybody and nor seems it to my friends do either or they just have plans ... To me that is sad, it is just making me think a lot of things so and not good things about them, not that they are bitches - More, like they don't wan't to be friends with me anymore and stuff like that .. The're excuse would be like "we don't have money" and then you see on facebook that they are going to cph to visit their friends - Can't that make you think just a little? They say they miss and want to hang out as soon as possible? .. Stuff like that just happens to me so often I don't know anything about that anymore, I just don't want to trust humans anymore.

- I don't trust huamns, as many happy times they have given me - I could name a 100 things that made me wanna die because of them. It sounds weird maybe? That's just how I feel, when I had my boyfriend, I started to trust others, I opened up to people 

- I was nice and helpful to humans and where did it lead? A 9 months long relationship crushed because the one I trusted "I don't really have any feelings anymore, I'm sorry" Just that made me go down, I might only have cried in total for about 5 minutes but, the pain. I neglect from others that came after wards all those how just let me slip through the ice, the thin ice holding humans in a sane balance. My steps were never careful, every foot step with them followed big cracks and water. 

- I'm a little mentally unstable, I have problems with emotions, so I don't think that this hate I have towards humans are that good.

It's not all of my friends that are like that! I can really heard the sincere'ness in their words when we speak together, they have a live of course and I have mine .. They just don't know what a big part of my world they are. Sadly, I can probably never tell them either .. And I know that there aren't really anybody reading my blog so I'm save on that term. Lucky me.

I care about them, if they ever actually needed me, I would go to them, I would take the only money I have and go to them no matter what - I would find a way, even if I had to run several miles to get near a stop. Snug onto a truck, ask a truckdriver to drive me, something - I would do something!

Back to human hating - Yes.

Now, I know I can never trust humans about money, I will never borrow someone money anymore, even if they are my "friends". I just can't. I know humans. They won't pay you back, there might even go a year before you see just half of them. I hate it, I hate humans, I hate their dreadful nature! You .. Just abandon people as soon as it gets a little too much trouble to yourself, you don't have time, you need time for yourself. Yeah, you-time with your-friends I'm sorry I'm not one of them but, I still care about you even though I left outside looking through the window - At you and "your" happy friends, cause it can't be that I'm friends with them too right? I can't be friends with "your" friends, right?! - Something like that happened to me, she was all "It's all good, we're friends right?" Yeah, sorry you took my first and best female friend away from me, pretended to care for me and just became tighter with her. And pushing me away, she said, she had problems and she wished I had been there for her. I got mad, I got so mad, I was there I listed she just didn't tell me anything. Since she never told, I kept quiet. I noticed, I could feel it, stupid bitch.

We had a fight, I told her my feelings and then I was the villain. The evil one, the mean girl - the one who didn't understand anything in life. I know more about life, I've lost so many lifes, so many have died in my life. I have problems like any other "normal" teenager but, I also have abnormal problems .. problems she never would understand no matter how many times she would say; "I understand how you feel" I wanted to slap her, I was angry. But, in her mind I was the wrong one.
I said if that the case, I can't be friends with you anymore .. I can't fight for something that is already gone. I'm sorry. And then, I've not talked to her since and I don't intend too - She have deleted me as a contact, she never calls nor text. I'm thinking about deleting her, I'm not that human and could just do it, but people tend to get angry if they are deleted?

- I don't care. Done, delete.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diet; Day seven! (7)

Hello hello! It's day 7, it's been a week and my eating habits have changed completely! I don't think it's completely for the better since I'm almost only eating one time a day .. and that's not good? xD lol, I know it's not so I'm about to make some food even though here at my place (Denmark) it's pretty late and I don't really wanna stay up too late even when I have tons of stuff to do - I just need to get it done tomorrow! :D

After day day 5 I started to drink sliming tea in the evening right before going to bed or before going to bed, it will make you food go quicker through your system so fat won't have a change to stick. not eating much nor fat is sticking AND working out will defiantly make my diet successful! And maybe, just maybe I'll manage to become pretty, thin and hot :D - That is pretty much what I'm trying to do .. the last 2 years D:

- But, I'm not giving up!

I'm also starting to drink them 2 times a day, somehow my stomach just won't hold on for long not as long as my mothers when it comes to how long lasting the coffee have effect so one in the morning and a little while after lunch (If I have eaten or not doesn't matter ;D)

But, yeah it's another kind of coffee but, still same result :D

This is the tea I was talking about! It smells really bad so ... I tend to hold my nose and drink it quickly as possible and drink something else afterwards like juice, soda or anything xD


Ze new hair - Noaw with pictures~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hair Cut!

Yes! Just got my hair cut today! – I kinda like and then again I don’t .. Mostly because it was cut a bit off .. 
Like the first 3 centimeters in the bangs are like COMPLENTLY straight then it goes down like I wanted it to. 

But, that straight line is really annoying! But, I’ve tried to fix it but, it seems like it can’t be fixed so I’ll just wait a month and try again – My hair grows darm fast lol.

Short random thing #1 ! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Diet; Day one! (4)

Hey! I know it’s weird starting a blog up with this but, .. I’m starting on a diet! And I kinda wanna make a “diary” or log over it, so I can keep track on what I’m doing and what I should not do – Some of the things I do might seem; weird, anorectic, extreme or anything along those lines. I know when to stop, don’t worry! I have been anorectic and had bulimia before only a year ago actually, so I know when I fall back onto that track .. I will defiantly stop it I don’t want to fall back .. Anyhow! Let’s get started!

This is my DAILY morning routing, even though I’m just updating now, I started 3 days ago.
First off – Nutrition coffee! 

This is a diet helping coffee from Asia, Thailand, it have the effect that it kinda makes you feel full all day but, of course you still feel hunger and want to eat OF COURSE but, when you start eating the coffee just makes the stomach feel more full and you can’t eat as much as you did before and if you’re like me then it’s a big + since I eat a full plate with a the biggest topping ever.

It’s a simple a coffee, like instant coffee just put the powder into a cup, pour boiled hot water into it and remember to stir~ Coffee done.

Always drink this as the first “meal” in the morning, I don’t usually eat any breakfast so, either I drink a normal cup of coffee or a glass of milk or juice (PREFER APPLE BD)

I also have this thing wrapped around my stomach all day, because it tightens around my stomach, when eating most of the fat just gets stuck around the stomach and hips and that can of course be a pain, so I just have it there so the fat doesn’t get stuck and makes me feel a little slimmer while I might do my exercises or dance it makes me sweat even more, lol. Which is good. :D

I also drink a lot of water to every meal! Only after so the water won’t overwhelm the stomach acid, so the food will go fast through your system. :D But, also just drink a lot of water in general, it smoothen your skin gives you less  pimples, a very clean face :D That's all for now! I'll update tomorrow, but I don't have web until monday (at home, right now I'm at my school, I live at boarding school, second year) I'll update shortly about the week and monday :3 I'll try to hold the posts short and straight forward. Thanks for reading my random blog! :D 

- I'll also post about other than this .. lol 8D