Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This is going to be hard for me to type this out, mainly because I know some of my good friends (in real life) also reads my blog and this is something I haven't been able to talk about: before now.

As some might have realized I'm in a LDR, this long distance relationship really made a change to my life, not just emotionally and "aww, you're in love" but, literally changed my life. E and I did some pretty stupid stuff, not considering how things would work out in the end and how it turned out was our last solution for his safety but also for us to be together we went so far as to move in together

In a different country. 

I've moved back to Thailand for approx. 9-10 months with my boyfriend, living in Bangkok at the moment. Going to study together till we return to Denmark sometime in the summer vacation in 2014.

I really have to say I'm so sorry for not saying anything before, and by posting it as a blog spot not telling anyone in person. I wanted to get it out now before anything right now could get worse, worrying if taking longer time would piss people off more... We still have a lot of things to sort out since we only have been here for 5 days and barely only just moved into the apartment we have now less than a day 'n ½.

But, we've never been this happy before. Truly happy that something like this is possible. Many might think it's too extreme and maybe even wrong, but this is our life and I still wish for my friends to be able to understand .. at some plan I hope they won't be mad at me for not telling them anything. Got nothing to do with if they think I didn't consider them as close friends or not, I didn't even tell some of my closest friends because it all happened so fast. It really did. So fast I think when we found out we had no other option left we bought the plane tickets and just began packing right after, left 1½ days after and camped at the Airport for 17 hours till our flight (where we had a 4 hour transfer to Thailand) It happened all together so fast and I barely had any wifi connection or anyway to even in the lonely part of having to go without a goodbye I couldn't tell anyone.

Hung out with Lucas before we headed past security in CPH Airport.
Breakfast; Greek yogurt with jam and berries
Barefaced monkey shot TT TT *hides* My eye bags TTATT~

Bangkok, waiting in Norway for our transit flight
Bangkok, view from our Hotel at Bobae Market, Prince Palace

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