Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hello everyone, who have previously entered my giveaway back in December. 

I had a winner drawn (Clara Cheng) which I mentioned in the last blog spot. 

She still haven't responded to my email, which of course I don't know for what reason she haven't done that, we all got our reasons.

But, as I said in the blog post earlier, if she didn't respond within a certain time limit I would pick a second winner of the prize.

Not to be a meanie or anything of course.

So Clara, you got till February 4th to come back to me, comment here or respond to my email, just some way to get in contact with me or else I'll give the prize to someone else

Sorry, again, I love all of my followers tho'
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Best of luck, take care!



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1st post of 2013!

Hey gurls and gaizzz

Sorry that it have taken me so long about putting together (a rather pointless and short post :C) a blog post even though I should have made one atleast right before the New Year's to announce the winner of my Giveaway (; ̄O ̄) I'm writing this post in the middle of my English class, with a head ache due to pains in my neck caused by my back pains ヾ(。`ε´。)ノ" Go awayyyy, I'm not even getting back into school work properly and we're already going on and on about exams and I'm so not readyyyyyy all these rules and terms

- say wat.

But, nevertheless before I go on briefly about my Giveaway winner. I got some goodies in the mail, as to my Christmas gift (part 1 of 2) to myself, since I didn't really get any, other than..bowls.

Received this 'small packet' this morning when doing the dishes in a half-asleep-painful-state waiting for my pain meds to kick in over thrilled and a little confused getting mail - I ordered this no latter than Thursday last week, I thought since it was from Japan it could have been some of my friends sending me something though I didn't have a friend named 'Miyu' (I won't give out full name of course).

I had ordered 2 orders of Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix by Koji, it's a eyelash glue I tried while being in London for the BIGBANG concert last year in December, when one of my friends had purchased it and I fell in love with it (つ゚⊿゚)つ

Never had I tried such a good eyelash glue! So I wanted one badly myself, I went to ebay and tried to find the cheapest one, wuhuu I'm now a low-budget student! ヾ(・ェ・ヾ) Christmas and New Year's was like a freaking bull-expensive, didn't help I almost had sushi everyday.. /facepalm ( ´,_ゝ`)
  also on 1st day of 2013 I had sushi /kicks myself viciously.  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡 ┻/StupidHaku/┻


Backside, instructions in Japanese, real deal ♪(´∪`●) 
 I'll be doing a review over it when I get my Dolly Wink - Sweet Cat falshies later this month~

Onto the minor announcement!

Congratulations to: 
Clara Cheng 
who won the Bodyshop/Elizabeth Arden Giveaway!

The winner have been contacted by email and I'm awaiting reply, so hopefully she'll get back to me soon or else I'll have to pick a new winner (゚д゚lll)- So Clara hit me up as soon as possible!! 

Take care everyone