Friday, June 24, 2011

Ello my lovelies - Greeting from Thailand

It's hot. It's awesome.

- I'm so jet lagged I keep feeling dizzy and too sick to write because I haven't been resting yet. HA

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Or I had to go shopping. 
My mom just thought that I had to get an travel/flight outfit for when I leave Denmark here on Wednesday, so yes we left early and bought some things on sale in H&M, I really normally hate mostly everything in Danish stores - it's just not me.
It all came down to 430 kr for 2 outfits and a pair of "normal" shoes. Pretty fine, still too much in my head xD by normal I mean high heel less, it's so weird e_e

Sun screen ON SPRAY<3 & those "no heel" shoes C: 

1 set of "baggy" pants, extreme thin fabric perfect to hide my thighs&the hot weather there!&a long top it's actually really green.. and it's difficult to wear, my bra shows e_e

My favorite pants! And they're from the kids department, I can actually fit it.. lets forget about the stretching fabric shall we? OTL and they are just as comfy as the pair before, just smaller and have my "bag" to it between the thighs!<3

A random weird cut top my mom wanted me to have.. I DA NA.
But yeah! Kinda sums up what I have been doing .. and is done with, now I need to do drawing commissions and the Harry Potter workout challenge! 
But, first - a nap. Bye lovelies~

I am feeling lazy, yes~~ I should pack my stuff ;~~;

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodbye my Lover

SO LITTLE TIME LEFT. Yes, I’m spazzing, I’m nervous, I’m scared, of course I’m scared. I’m going aboard, for a year, or 5 I might not return to Denmark, I might, but I don’t want to lol.
But, yeah. Since I’m kinda moving out – did I tell you I’m paying everything out of my own pocket?

No sweet mommy helping me here guys, I’m on my own. 
So I’ve decided not to have wi fi, it’s too expensive for me to actually have my own, and there’s no such thing as ‘free wi fi at starbucks’ here love. 

Sad reality, as much as I’m an clearly found addict to the internet TUMBLR I have to say goodbye for 24/7 online me. I’ll like be on once in a while, web cafe’s are loved, VERY MUCH, so I’ll walk around with my usb cable A LOT with updates and whatnot, just to swing by a web cafe. But due to the time difference I doubt I’ll be on at the same time as my friends.. it’s really sad, I’ll miss A LOT of people. Many good friends will like forget me, and have no real way to contact me, unless lol they’re in Thailand and have my number..
Yes. I have to get.. a life.
Sounds really scary really omg hahahhaahahhaa.
I won’t get to use my laptop a lot as I used too, or I will, but not to as much .. online things. 
not even for school either, Thailand goes by the pen and paper, ass in the seat and eyes on the blackboard, so much different from the Danish schooling lol, or at my school that is. 

Computers on 24/7 GA.
I shall hug my laptop James a lot soon. Imma miss you guys a lot..

Monday, June 13, 2011

.. What.

Well, yeah. That's like the thing I'm asking myself WHAT
Someone stole my yogurt
At school.

I have no idea why someone would do such a thing. 
  1. It's yogurt.
  2. It's mine
  3. Not anyone else's 
  4. Over half of it was left and someone ate almost all of it, threw it out right next to the zink.
What the fuck is "your" problem?

Here at our school we have had loads of problems regarding, stealing. And like yeah, things as speakers have been taken too, but food FOOD have been the top 3 thing to snatch and that's like - fucking annoying.

I shouldn't think highly about my yogurt, it was "just" yogurt, but it's an expensive brand, 0,1% fat, and well MY FAVORITE VANILLA MF VANILLA I TELL YOU. I'm pissed, oh yes I am. 
Ugh, when I find you.. just you wait..

Now I'm just pissed, and I'll snap at my censor during the exam due to this. Thanks bitch (I know it has to be a girl)

I'll hunt you down.

 - I have to let it go, gotta practice my part (where I read for censor) e - e

Resume of my life the last few months! HELLO~

Long time no see. Yes, it’s been a couple of months since the last blog entry sadly, and these might be the last for .. long time probably.
But, one news at the time!

A lot have happened in these I think .. 3 months? (Since last blog post) Firstly..
I actually also made it into the 2 other schools/colleges in Denmark I applied, but now I can awesome'ly enough to call them and decline due to me going aboard, seriously I cried when I got the mail where they told me I got in, and I read it during English class, I was so happy, I couldn’t sit still at all! Or focus on class for that matter, I even hugged people I didn’t even like, I was THAT happy. Lol OTL.
So I’ve been really busy with like preparing stuff for when I go down there, I’ve gotten an apartment not far from my College/University (It’s both lol so cool) it’s just next to the market, and food market~ Oh , the yummy fruit I’m going to eat~ it’s on the 4th floor, though no elevator, but heck, my legs will get exercise every-fucking-day hell yeah for me that’s just great and if I need workout I can just run up and down the stairs instead of running outside ke. Which probably will happen, muhahaha.
My collegeuniversity is called/named; Thammasat CollegeUniversity and is like the 2nd biggest school in all Thailand. We wear uniforms, yes. I HAVE TO WEAR A UNIFORM. A skirt and a shirt, great. NOT OTL IMMA DIE. But, at least I have the option to choose it myself, like it’s basically just a black or marine blue skirt and white shirt, so I’ll wear a long skirt and shorts underneath along with lace thin leggings, I don’t want sun on my legs, or me for that matter haha. I hate tan skin, I look weird, generally due to my skin color being pale YELLOW, lol.

  • I have my final exams this week, or kinda just my only oral exams, I didn’t have physics this year, even though I kinda regret not having it ugh.. nvm nvm. And I didn’t have Deutch either OH LUCKY ME, I also didn’t go up in Math, which is like the wises decision this year, pfff I would have died.

Danish tomorrow and English on Friday, just thinking like really about it now, my stomach twist and my head hurts, I’m like having angst about going up, since I haven’t really prepared anything, studied at all, just barely analyzed it here last Thursday, till my roommate had to get the formula back so I kinda couldn’t finish the analyze either.. ugh, I’m going to get such a low grade .. /le sob and despair. 

But, seriously I’m scared. I’ve always been scared of oral exams because well, before I started at boarding school I had never-ever-in-my-whole-fucking-non-existing-life been prepared for exams, never had one, or just had a test one. Na-da. Zero. 

I was shitting bricks like 2 months before the written ones, they went fine, good dark  lord I was relieved when it was over, but like just a month after when I heard about the orals I like had a meltdown lol. And I cried and almost fainted out of fear during my English oral, and I got such a bad grade.. I was ready to cry, which I did after as well lol, my mother was so disappointed and hell, SO WAS I! 

But, my teacher was kinda mean to me during the thing.. ugh, nevermind that though, past is past, I’m just scared still. Mostly for English think it’s going to be so much worse, because people are expecting me to get like straight in that, I’ve never gotten an A in oral .. I hate myself for that, all my friends that are just as good or better/lower than my level gets A and I get like D. Fuck me.

  • I’m leaving Denmark on the 23th of June, jep, not that much time left, it’s amazing, I still can’t believe it. 
My friend, sister Wendy, she’s my sister ok my sister from another mother! She’s attending uni in London, just flew there like a week ago and is all .. woah, awesome. She’s so cool with it, and she’s going to be there for 4 years! I’m planning on applying for Uni too, but I doubt I’ll get in lol. I’m that stupid, and they have a high pressure on Math and I can barely pass Math, I MADE IT WITH ONE FUCKING POINT. 

Yeah my short update. OTL ITS NOT THAT SHORT

I’ll have more updates later!