Sunday, July 31, 2011


.. And I'm still here. lol. It's still just barely 5 pass 12(PM) but, the, plan have been changed, or just pushed ahead with 1 day, and we leave early in the morning instead, which is fine with me, then I can still get things done tomorrow, so plan wont be toooooo pushed since time is beginning to run out e_e

- Still trying to figure out how I'll put the design up and font and everything, it's so bothersome, I should be working on different stuff like my body lol.

We have to get our photo taken on Thursday for the ID card.. and of course I just happen to have a mutant on my chin for the first time the last 3 months I have a pimple - what is this evil?! Not that I'm the most feminine and such but, it hurts and it's so red ;~~~~; Painful shit, I didn't knew TT^TT

As we now have entered August, I have set a goal already! If I manage to lose 2+ kg by Sep I'll go to a spa resort :3 I really want to try, but I want to earn it! ㅋㅋㅋ Limiting my food budget to grocery shopping organic and greens will add to my savings ~ So I'll have money to buy stuff I want, like Dr Dre headphones!! I want those pretty badass' <3

Ain't they breathtaking? - lol, I should have used more pro pictures to charm you ~ but, Ji Yong should do the trick am I right? Don't go home baby<3

I might be a tad greedy but, I want the plug-ins AND the big heavy Beats Q3Q They are too dreamy for me  not wanting to smooch them all over~ And I'm a really cheapy person, who hates using money and not really the brand suckr typer but, these. these - I can't help getting an eargasm when people tell me to try them out! I NEED THEM Lol, they need me HAHAHAHA

Oh, a sad thing - My mp3 have reached it's limit, and not only that but, it's broken .__. Do bad luck like to lick my butt all the time? D: I'll turn it all around by this month, you hear me August!! ILL MAKE YOU MAH BIATCH OK.

Have everyone heard about the "tvN Kpop Star Hunt" ? Are you ready for K-Pop Star Hunt?

"Cube Entertainment to find their next trainee through “K-Pop Star Hunt” audition program"

"Cube Ent to find their next trainee .."

Cube Entertainment is a company started out under JYP, it started up in 2008 and is a minor company, but with strong artists! Such as;

4Minute, B2ST & G.NA  - And should also have the other girl group "A Pink" But, I'm not a big info site on Cube Ent :3

Sadly I have no idea who the other guy is...

And they are coming to Thailand as well, and well I'm thinking about joining, I'm no angel when it comes to singing, I have a low voice and rapping might appeal more to me, and I like it :3
But, they require a "Dance-and-song" cover so technically a live like on M!countdown, Music Core & (My fave) Inkigayo~ But, I can't do a girl dance since my voice just doesn't fit, and I can't .. just blah blah >u< So I'm doing/trying to do Cry by MBLAQ - They are under JTuneCamp CEO is Rain if you may know him (As a bad boy~ Imma be a bad boy~) I like that song a lot! And the rap is nice :3 And I like the moves muhahahahaha.

It might seem stupid, since I'm not 100%, or 100% Asian for that matter.. and well, I'm no super talented kick ass kid from the mountains nor am I a stunning face like Nichkhun -__-' But, no harm in trying right? even though just trying will give me hate since I'm half lol

But, I wont give up! And this might be a chance, who knows, but even if I fail I'll hold my head held high and move forward - 1 set back wont stop me! QwQ OK.

I think that's it for now, I might blog again later tomorrow if I can find the time, or else I'll give one last pip tonight, before I disappear for a while.

Cya cya~

30 July K-pop Flashmob!!

Oh, and just quickly.

Last Saturday, the 30st July there was the Global kpop flashmob - AND I DIDNT KNOW.


In Bangkok QnQ at the MBK Mall, arghhh I wanted to see it TT__TT

But, if you want to check it out, here's the Thailand teams entry :3

Last night in Pattaya!

Like my new bg? 
I try to keep it blue, and such.. but I'm go for a darker theme with my favorite artist, but.. I'm bad a this XD; So it will happen.. someday.. - somehow.

Sadly this really is my final day/night 
here at my sisters (cousin) beach house, in Pattaya. /le sigh

Going back to BKK tomorrow, returning to my apartment near my Uni, just a mere 4 days till the registration day.. Can you say "nervous" ya'll? QwQ I'm super nervous! LIKE REALLY.NERVOUS.

So this will also be the last blog post in a while - since I don't wanna use my web café hour(s) to go spazzing on the keyboard to try and get a blog containing EVER-SINGLE-THING of what have happened, talk about .. random. 
Me and my brother-in-law are leaving here tomorrow at 3PM, so around 1-2 hours (5PM) we'll arrive in Bangkok, and probably I'll reach home at 6PM or so, call my uncle and we'll make an appointment for everything; money withdraw, exchange, grocery shopping and all that since .. THURSDAY IS COMING SOOOOOOOON - O.M.F.GGGGGGGGGGGG. /chills

We went for an Isaan restaurant, to eat dinner, and since he thought I liked Isaan food.. yeah, I don't mind Isaan food (Since my family is originally from there) that was really tasteless e_e'' So I barely ate any, and I felt horrible too, I was dressed in a BRIGHT PINK polo shirt; He had given me.. and made me change into, and I didn't get a change to switch back to my other outfit >.< And I will say one thing, it was slightly (cross that it was totally a slap to my face) insulting that he had bought a size L, and he said; "I almost bought you an XL cause I didn't think you could fit it" 


- And as soon as I lose the freaking arm fat I can get into a xs a´thank you. /tsk

I felt so fat and ugly, it was horrible. truly degrading me.

NO pictures this time though, but, yeah. :C

I kinda wanna go home, I maintain myself better when I have my own stuff, and my own space, or at least not people making it hard for me to do so, I haven't really cleaned my face in 2 weeks! I feel like a grease bun >n< Like really disgusting because I can't remove black spots and all, can't even add body lotion to my skin, and I've a bad case of DRY SUPER DRY - as in it's hard and peeling, makes me tear up Q3Q I always take care of my skin! .. /SOBBB

And starting on fitness and taking care of myself requires me to be at my place.

Will miss my family here though <3

I'll go to bed early this time, so tired after going to bed at 3:30AM and getting up at 10AM for no reason, uff uff uff.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday - Home all night~

So, it's one of my last nights here in the flashy town of Pattaya, of course as vacation atm 
- I'll be Back fosho! since my cousin lives here ㅋㅋㅋ

But I actually have a few more pictures from Silverlake, and I really wanna show one from the park nearby, since there was this GIANT Buddah drawn onto a mountain side! It was so pretty, you could see it from REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY far away - I stared at it all the way from like the main road till we reached Silverlake hahahahaha lol. 


It was a pretty yummy grape juice - And I'm not even a fan of grape juice C:

Right now not really doing anything, I'm binging on my health diet, so not that I'm not eating, or doing anything extreme but, I'm eating snacks like - chips, funny thing is I HATE chips, I really do. And not only that I get serious stomachaches  from eating junk like that, can't even eat a slice of pizza without saing hello to the toilet barely 5 mins later. If you know what I mean.. ugh.

Lukily I'm starting dance & fitness here in August, so going to use that fitness membership A LOT! 
And hit the gym almost every day if PO-SSI-BLEEEEE~ 
Of course I hope I get friends so I can either:
  •  Take 1 of them, or more with me, just for fun
  •  Actually hang out would be nice, I miss having friends so bad!

I only have one, my very loved Aom Unnie (she's Thai, but she digs Korea just like me~ so I call her Unnie), we are going to take Hip Hop dance lessons together in the weekends since she has a job to take care of and I like have school, but I have no idea how my scheduel will go.

ATM: Chilling with We Got Married! Just saw the Adam couple and now it's Khuntoria, oh it's just the start I can tell by Khunnie's hair, it's blonde haha and those big black eyebrows, yes yes - And Victoria is so cute! They're eating seafood, the clams~ They are so cute together ~3~ Both super naive, HA.

Just being by myself and doing nothing is really.. meaningless, I somewhat miss the meaningless days in my apartment though I know as soon as I get my ass back to BKK in a few days I'll miss my bro&sis around me, the wifi, the cable and constant air con, and the "We are going out today" style.
We were supposed to go to the night market tonight, but since my sister is having some troubles with her little baby, that pregnant woman, so walking hurts so it didn't happen /sigh, need to get a back for school ; w ; And shopping by myself is awkward and not only that - I'm not allowed to be outside. Great life...


I wanna dance more than just one time a week Q3Q Like really bad! I wanna take more than just ONE. Bloody one class, I wanna take b-boy as well! I love b-boy

Btw!Working on a design, transforming my blog just as I'm transforming myself!

- Like a flower, I'll be a rose; I take my time, but I'll shall blossom as the most beautiful of them all.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Silverlake & Pattaya

Last weekend we, P'Mint, P'Gai & I took a short trip to the pretty Silverlake! It's some sort of grapefield/flower garden place, it's real nice, not only that but, it's a place often used for photoshoots and whatnot for photos!

Even my sis kept saying; "If you want you can get photographed by professional photographers"
She kept mentioning that several times, not only that but I actually saw 2 girls taking model pictures, but I think by the looks of it, they paid for it instead because there wasn't actual lighting and all just a few camera's and the lighting that day was actually really bad.. and for once in my life I could say this about thin, skinny girls - They weren't pretty xD Oh lord, that feels good to say!

It was really pretty and there was a lot of tourists! And and and and QwQ OMG. Something awesome happened! We were going to the toilet and like this super cute, small and not to mention pretty Korean girl and her bf walked ahead of us and like she had to go to the toilet like us (me & P'Mint) She went into one of the stalls but, suddenly came out, all confused and looked at me, since I oh so obviously stared at her and she said in Korean: There's no tissue paper -insert her making a square to hand sign for a tissue- 

I gave her the tissues I had gotten from my sister and she talked English to me, very strong accent and barely understood what I said, and then I TALKED TO KOREAN TO HER. OMG


I DID IT - And she cutely said; "Ah, Kamsahapnida~" sho cute~

Ok - for some reason my laptop / blog wont upload the rest of my photos... So that will be a sad thing but, I wont go through the pain of resizing it all atm to do so D: 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I really wanna thank my 2 new followers! & very much Tifa and 나니 for being extra lovelies and comment on my blog, makes me happy! ~

So I was going to do a blog post about Silver Lake and all + the what's going on, just been a little lazy and busy with making posters for a friends fanfic, and downloading loads of mv's and shit CF's and all for fanfic trailers as well! Oh.. gotta get to work QwQ 

To design my blog. Make a header, and everything! I suck at such things, I know nothing about html codes, or blog/site codes. NOTHING. I'm helpless. I'm not good at using CS(4) very well either, mainly basic edits, banners, posters, different color (Ohohohoh swag mad skills dudes) but, then I see people's awesome blogs, with awesome designs and I get all frustrated because eversince I had my blog for a few months I've wanted to do it or by it costume my own. ugh

나니's so cool, Amber and all it's so cool... teach me your skill.. *COUGH COUGH*

A few happy shots!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I hate coming up with titles.

So chilling in my big sis' living room - Just ate late lunch and we are going grocery shopping here at 2PM (Again & Again & Again~) It wasn't as delicious as I could have hoped since we just went along with the breakfast we had; which weren't delicious either times we're eaten it. lol

I've been here for a while over a week so like 10 days? By now I think, I can't believe it's Sunday; Since I seriously thought it was actually Saturday, oh the fail.

But, but, but! My brother-in-law is coming back here today (Sunday) and yeah, I'm not sure what's gonig to happen this time lol; Last time he took us to Shabu Shi, a Japanese sushi/food buffet restaurant.

Me and my sister couldn't remember the English word for this.. ^ I just said "Guru guru" like rolling/going around, so fail


Big sis~

Big brother~ (Tch he just seems too young to be older than me xD - But, he's 23 lol)

And so after that my kind and lovely Big sister (cousin I'm a only child, remember?) gave me some clothes!

(Pants are given as well) I love this shirt!!

2 pair of shorts! and a skirt.. what have the world done.

Yes... ^ The one on the left is a .. dress.

I have no words, P'Mint just gave it too me TTwTT''

Same as the white one I wear on the 1st's pics! Just blue NOMNOM<3
 And the day after that AKA Sunday, we went all the way to Chonburi a city near Pattaya, 1 hour drive, to eat at their all time favorite seafood place, it was pretty nice, sadly I'm not a big fan of seafood other than fish, preferred cook in the steamed or boiled way since I'm a health freak lately.

ANYHOW - I got paid 100 baht to taste/eat crab. I did, taste a bit like.. chicken.

The lovely couple<3 They're going to have the cutest baby EVA.

Notice I like taking pics of people eating?


And that was that. For like last week info! OTL - Going to make an update about yesterday; When we went to Silver Lake!