Tuesday, September 9, 2014

LockShopWigs Review | Cascade Vanille

I bought this wig from a third owner, I can’t explain how their customer service or shipping goes but, I’m sure you can look up other reviews on that point :D It was bought originally from a friend who then sold it to the girl I bought it from, both sold it because they didn’t think the wig suited them. Such a shame, I think it’s AMAZING.

Stock photos from their website~

Let me break it down; when I got it, it had only been tried twice, but I received it in a sad condition, they hadn't combed it! So all the luscious curls were more stiff; so just give it a few combs and it’ll look fabulous. 

Prior to this I have been waiting to own this wig for over 4 months, I’m dead serious I've just been drooling over this for so long…But, hey it’s fucking awesome.

The quality was a big surprise, it’s probably one of the best wigs I’ve owned (apart from 2 cosplay wigs I had) only sad part is that the fringe is a little uneven and I can’t seem to even it out better, but the reason lies in the pressed shape it has been in, inside of the small bag it was in. A quick wash n dry would solve this problem easily but I’m lazy :B … Though washing a wig is really easy. HA

The length caught me off guard, I thought it would be longer based off the stock photo but, even so I think it has good length but, I would consider buying a longer one in the future, just because I have a thing for REALLY long hair. 

The volume though, we gotta talk about the volume, this wig has seriously NO limit at how big it can be, it’s fantastic! A little combing and some hairspray, boom you got yourself fab hair for days. (Can you tell how much I love it or no?...)

I demonstrated the volume potential in the video review that's at the bottom of this post so just read a little more or go straight to the video is up to you! :'D

Right now I have no cons about this product/wig, I think it’s a great investment and every penny well spent. I would have bought it from the site as soon as my paycheck went through but, I couldn’t help myself, oops.

If you’re looking for a dolly/sweet/GREAT wig in this style, I recommend it to you, also Lockshop has it in 3-4 other colors that are worth to mention. Also they have other styles ranging from cosplay to sweet/gothic Lolita and fashion wigs in general. It’s definitely worth a look!

Quality : ★★★★

Price : Affordable

 Color  : ★★★★ // Genuine to the stock photo, if not Ill say more natural in real.

Thanks for reading! 

Check out the video review below

Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to get glowy skin in no time!

The ”Fast-Fix to glowy skin” in the morning! 

With just 1 ingredient, Greek yogurt.

This facial mask is easy, cheap and SIMPLE; I gotta emphasize the simple cause hey it’s just yogurt. 

I personally use this face mask twice a week, it makes my face look clearer, smoother and brighter, so I over all love this cheap facial treat when I have a short amount of time to give my skin a fix :D

I’ve broken the steps down for you like so:

1)     Make sure to have a clean face, and hands. It’s always important to have clean hands (and face of course) before applying/massaging your face, you don’t want to put bacteria from your hands into your skin/pores after all.

Clean bare face :'D ... Excuse the purple eye bags and chappy skin..

2)     Now take your yogurt and a (clean) spoon, just take a little scoop to begin with and smear it on your face. Of course this step is easier if you use your fingers, that’s also why you gotta have clean fingers. If your first spoonful doesn’t cover your whole face (refer to the picture below) clean the spoon and repeat this step

-Retardo face- Trying to be cute and shit. Gurl staph.

3)     Have your face covered? Now don’t have too much on so it runs down your face, that’s no fun dripping all over the place. After this, just let it dry, it’ll take about 10-15 depending on how thick you made the layer now just sit back, eat your breakfast, do homework or pack your bag ready for work/school.  (Or take selfies. YOLO)

4)     Is it now dry? It’s okay if some spots are a bit wet even if the most of it is dry; use some luke/warm water and rinse it off in the sink or in the shower. 

Here it's all dry since I left if on for 20 minutes.. 

5)     Proceed with any moisturizer you use in the morning/ before applying your makeup. If you even need it after this step! :D Pat your skin softly, it feels nice. Now you’re done!

More glow, health and overall moisturized son! Even the eye bags changed color C: 

Extra picture.
MS PAINT FTW. sob please give me CS or something ; ; 

Fast and easy, you’re welcome

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey there, you sexy..you. /AwkwardTurtleStrikesAgain

I got great news I finally got a job! I work as a waiter, part time at a sushi restaurant; so I get free sushi at work for dinner and wow darm it's so good. And I've had A LOT of good quality sushi nothing like Giro though this restaurant surprised me. The fish is so fresh and amazingly tasty, the sushi chef is SO fast.

Also I got some paid model jobs, 1 tomorrow then another one next week. I'm so excited! 500SEK per hour, guys I can pay half my rent with the gig tomorrow ; w ; ) I'm so happy, money has been an issue lately so I'm glad I can now cover the rent. 

Here you get some foodporn pictures from the past few days for you :)

Well hello bunny hubby :'D
Eric's family sent us 2 GIANT packages from the States, first 1 had some of his clothes that got soaked in kimchi water since they sent us his mother's homemade kimchi and radish kimchi. IT IS DELICIOUS btw, just saying. The other one was all instant rameyon and clothes, Eric's mother and sister got me yoga shorts and lots of OPI nail polishes I feel so lucky<3