Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Test Shoot

Hello!~ Last Sunday I was out for a test photoshoot, a beauty shoot with Rachan, an amazingly talented photographer in Thailand, as well as the fabulous Noon Ratipat MUA she's so sweet too! I going for a test shoot originally organised to see if I had the face he was looking for etc + so the MUA could work on my face. Good for me that it all turned out great and I did get the gig in the end at Pickadaily~ Sadly te MUA was busy that day :/

Got to play with the flash shutter with my own Canon EOS 650
I haven't gotten my hands on any of my pictures from this shoot so I'll show it as soon as I get it! Stay tuned for that, I was some of the pictures and darm I was stunned the makeup was so flawless! 

There was another model during this, Khun Eye (I know weird nickname, right?) that was doing a bikini shoot all I can say is I awed at her slim legs..So envious!

Close up of her face
Since I can't show any pictures from the photoshoot yet I'll just give a sneakpeak on the makeup, but that doesn't justify the makeup at all, closest to justice is the Instagram picture I posted right after we finished the application even with my crappy phone

Also some BTS on it all:
freaking thumbnails..ughhhhh

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Friday, April 4, 2014

My 20th Birthday!

Happy 20th Birthday to me~ 31 days ago. Yeah this post is like a month late which all on my side due to my laziness and personal life not adding up together, 31 days of emotional stress if you may (people following my on Twitter, sorry LOL)

First off, this birthday meant the world to me, not only did I have a blast and some of the best birthday's I've ever celebrated, not to mention this being my first time celebrating after 6 years and I actually got birthday cake! Like, wow. Seriously, wow.

Hubby took me out on a date, the whole day I felt like royalty thanks to that cheesy prince of mine~
I couldn't have asked for anything more than time with him and he just kept surprising me throughout the day, it was so wonderful. JUST LOVED IT OKAY WAS AMAZE BALLS

 I've been trying to learn how to contour features on my face (yet to have a highligther) and this is just me ...trying.. to improve? Also I don't have a bronzer/contour brush so I use my powder brush and wash it like once a week cause I'm afraid I might fuck up my brush ._. And..I use a brow kit as bronzer so there's zero shimmer in the formula and I don't get too shiny 

Makeup, contouring only :) (not on nose bridge)

Looking sick here, but just missing some color on the lips lol

Duh hello~ derp finished look!
I had been craving sushi like crazy ever since the little sushi shop at our apartment complex shut down, the feels WHY WOULD YOU STOP GIVING US HAPPINESS sigh. We went to Fuji, a Japanese restaurant (At Siam Paragon, located on the G Floor across Yumi Fusion) we had some delicious food, perhaps a bit much of that but, it was breakfast after all

Enjoyed the little (poorly taken :C) food porn?

Spent most of the time after that just walking around, talking about past birthdays and childhood memories over a cup of starbucks and gelato icecream followed by shopping for "birthday" presents for me since Hubby wanted to pay for whatever I wanted, now see that(!) is something I've never heard before in my life!

(I've have yet to take pictures of the gifts cause.. erm. Only bought shorts and no tops to go along with it)

After a longer time of shopping, btw I'm picky as fuck so took forever and I ended up with just 2 shorts but, hey better than nothin' ~ We had tacos (MY FIRST TACOS) for dinner since Hubby craved it and I have to admit it's not that bad, nice and spicy 

On the way home Hubby also got me a slice of Tiramisu Cheesecake for us to share..so cute cause what happened was that he picked that since I love coffee (TILL MY DYING DAY) turns out that they had too much Tiramisu powder on the slice making it, quite..dry not super pleasant

Hubby's parents and his sister sent me gifts too, which was above anything I would've expected it was unbelievable really, a cute (real) silver necklace and MY FIRST MAKEUP PALETTE; Naked 2 //tears.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Revlon Lipstick - Review

Hello there! A few many months back I bought a Revlon lipstick, which is my first bold color ever and my 1st red color makeup article as well. I've always loved those bold red lips so seductive and not to mention beautiful am I right? I always thought that anything but, casual-natural looking makeup was better fit for me I never gave these things a try, no matter how much I adored it. 

So fuck that, I bought one!

Here's the little foxy devil, "Certainly Red" is her name, isn't she a keeper? Well let's find out shall we~  

Comparing the swatch to Dear Darling Tint #3 "Orange Red" from Etude House

Excuse the "I can't draw inside the lines" style of application ):

Aside from the fact I suck and have no experience with lipstick prior to this (and not in any color either lord) that I really suck at applying this to my lips and only showing the 'better' ones out of a bunch of jagged errors trying to make this work I apologize like a gazillion times guys! 

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Only gave it 3 cause it smears off waaaay too easily. It might just be me that knows nothing about lipsticks but, even after biting them napkins and such I wear it off in less than an hour of going outside. Sigh. But other than that I love it and don't mind running to the bathroom after a lunch date or dinner date to re-apply it, cause that baby is gorgeous
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