Friday, November 29, 2013

A Day Alone

This probably sounds weird with a ”First day alone” kinda vibe, making me sound pretty clingy huh..

Hubby had to renew his visa so he went to Cambodia at 6:30AM, so we stayed up all night for that and left at 5, made more sense at the time. I couldn’t go with him and since it was a 1D trip we decided to just leave him to the staff people, I’ve traveled with the agency before so I trusted them (SLIGHTLY) to take care of him :C He ended up not getting any sleep, the roads by Cambodia/in Cambodia are super bumpy, not only that but he sucks at traveling by himself (this was his first time lol) on the way back he got really sick, he didn’t anything else but a green apple, ice cream and candy. So he ended up nose bleeding in the van, lol poor baby. Anyhow, the clingy part.. 

That’s not the case! LOL

And it wasn’t actually a day more like 12 hours, in total (didn’t put it together until now, I’m not a stalker girlfriend LOL). But, I ended up doing things I’ve been talking about I wanted to do but, never got to do cause I felt bad for my hubby if I decided to actually do it. Such as:

  •  Waxing  – I hate shaving more than anything, not the “I’m-too-lazy-to-shave” but, I just prefer waxing, to me it brings out a much smoother and longer result + I won’t cut myself up and get allergic reactions to the razor blade out of skin irritation.
  •  Makeup  – Actually, this one was just because I tend to literally scan every label (I take a picture of the price of the things I want) to therefore walk around thousands of other makeup store, being street stalls or actual stores/ central malls. Just comparing prices to see what is cheapest, cause I hate spending extra money on something I could’ve gotten cheaper..but same quality..right? I’m not crazy lol (•)
  •   Massage  – I’ve had the sickest back pains for months now so I thought that since hubby wasn’t around to oppose it, I went to my old massage shop where they take 200 B for 1 hour, that’s a good price btw. Also they do a hella good job at loosening up all of your joints, dayum! If 200 is too expensive for you or you’re just that cheap (200 is a good price on a basic price of 300 up for just 1 hour) I know a place that only takes 150.
Bored at home at 7AM..
I didn’t do that much other than explore, I forgot to eat so didn’t get to eat until like 10PM cause I was stubborn and just didn’t want to spend any more money on myself after paying for waxing  ╥)

Playing around with the Winter selection in Zara

Just felt really lost just going around all silent and alone. I only listened to music, for 12 hours, barely talked to anyone. Wouldn't say I'm clingy but, more like really bored and I just have a lot more fun when hubby is around (´∀`*)

I'll come up with a review of Etude & Revlon, the 2 only makeup things I've bought / hubby
ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ 
 + Also come up with more updates soon (the waxing boutique

Sneak Peak of Honey Pot Wax Boutique! Making a video review on it, my first!

Was so fucking nice..

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