Thursday, February 27, 2014

7 Days - Results

Hey yo there, think it is timeout now!

By timeout I mean, a little closeup progress of the SkinnyMeTea's HealthyMeTea teatox! That's a lot of 'tea's, haha. I have put together a mini collage, as the photoshop expert I am the lies, I don't even have ps LOL Can you spot a difference? I think honestly it's all due to bloating but, perhaps that in itself actually is good too. I noticed an increase of energy, lesser bloated and.. that's about it for now. 

I don't see myself crave or have a 'suppressed appetite' either but, I do eat less mainly because I drink around 8 cups of green mulberry tea in between the morning-evening cup of HealthyMeTea, liquids (water/tea/coffee etc) does fill one up. 

Right side a tad (LOADS) bloated, left side less bloated slightly toned/easier to see stomach :3
Addtional taste update: So I know I said I wasn't going to drink the Acai Tea before after the end of the HealthyMe one, but I did slip maybe 2-3 teabags into my mug and enjoy another tea flavor. Which is 100% better compared to the loose leaf HealthyMe one, ugh got a herb stick from the tea stuck in my throat, little bastard.

The tea has a wonderful taste, berry filled and incredibly sweet, which is surprising based on the smell of it.
I would definitely buy it again, in a freaking heatbeat I would be on their website clicking a battlefield with my fingers, if that even makes any sense. LOL

I'll leave this post at that, I'll do a better review later (rather an actual one,ajaja) here's some screenshots of the video footage I have so far of the video review on it, remember to check it out on my Youtube channel!

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CNY | Lunar New Year ✿

Hey there! Chinese New Year passed already I know, sorry~
But, I will still proceed to complete the blogpost about it! You won't be too bored with it, cause it'll be short :P After researching a bit about the whole 'Chinese New Year' stuff, also discussing it my Hubby about the Lunar New Year in Korea, it's basically a family holiday you stay home and indulge in good foods; family time basically. Korean elders would give money to the kids/young ones(?) kinda like how Chinese people get those red envelopes with money, very interesting to me since my mother isn't really for CNY I never knew.

Basically cause not all Thai people care to celebrate it (though there's a large Chinese society in Thailand, based in Bangkok Yaowarat one of the largest 'China Town's in SEAsia celebrate it) if there's any of them that have Chinese relatives or Chinese ancestors they would take a day off work, my mother being one of them that didn't celebrate; I didn't really know what to do about it - we went out for good foods at Sizzler though, since cooking at home can be a hassle at times.   But, woopp Sizzlersss love their salad bar!

Otd was pretty simple but, I really liked my makeup (BEFORE LEAVING UGHH). 
It had turned out so nice it's an incredible shame it had to be ruined by the time we actually reached Sizzlers... But I also changed shirt, cause I started feeling really cold and I didn't want to expose my shoulders in the cold AC inside of the mall (before I got really sick, but whatever been sick eversince the beginning of 2014 so meh!) 

Hubby's salad choice, LOL

I like my greens BD and yes some potato salad..I'm so bad _ _

Also Hubby got a haircut!
He decided to cut it short since the hottest season is coming up..Still looking good and cute. TIHI

Didn't bring the liptint so the orange lippy fainted :'''C

I shall leave you with a Caramel Macchiato, order that everytime I get near a Starbucks Dx .. But, so bloody good..Kinda miss my Tiramisu Latte's in Denmark from Baresso but, the time shall come again! 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Just In! SkinnyMeTea - the Teatox rave

Hello there! 
Just got my SkinnyMeTea package this morning, for those of you that have never heard of SkinnyMeTea don't worry it's not any crazy fad diet or anything. It's a detox tea, so it claims to be, right now I'm 100% sure if it's much more different or sufficient compared to a regular cup of green tea (green tea is super good for you and aids in weight loss). But, I'm ready to give it a try and see if it can kick start a healthy life style as many reviews states click here to read  about it.

I ordered the HealthyMe 14days pack and the Acai Tea pack as well (25 teabags, like a regular teapack) I really wanted to try the SkinnyMe Teatox (14-28 days either one) since that's the one I've heard the biggest rave about but after comparing the 2 I went with the HealthyMe Tea also $5 AUS cheaper lol. I went with the Acai tea cause it has similar effect but supposedly aid in continues weight loss so I thought why not add the $15 on that one. Paid for it on the 10th and arrived just a week later! 7 days, that's probably the fastest I've ever received a package overseas before even I was told it would first arrive 15 days after shipping it out for the postage I give it a big+ the letter/package was sealed closely and save, nothing seemed bad at first glance

A little of it had tumbled out of the sealed teabags

Comes with a slip of paper (disclaimer) that there's no tampering nor things added to the tea, 100% healthy etc
SkinnyMe Acai Tea, HealthyMe Tea, Disclaimer paper

SkinnyMe Acai Tea
SkinnyMe Açaí tea may help: (I like how they added the 'may' and yes I highlighted it)
  • Aid weight loss 
  • Counteract fat storage & help in the conversion of fat to energy (burn fat)
  • Aid digestion
  • Antioxidant properties (detoxify & fight free-radicals)
  • Promote skin health
  • Improve cellular health
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve concentration (Oh, well let's see about that

For maximal results we suggest using SkinnyMe Açaí tea in conjunction with a SkinnyMe teatox (14 or 28days). Consume the tea the middle of the day (between the morning loose leaf and the night time colon cleanse).

 - Taken from their website.
It comes with 25 teabags, they smell a bit funky kinda as if they were burned or roasted in some weird way but, not everything that smells good taste good so we'll see, heard that it's quite delicious so hopefully I'll enjoy itWhat annoys me a little bit is when companies like these/health always suggest maximal results or better ones comes if you basically spend more money and buy more ._. 
Is it a sin to be cheap on a budget but still wanting to be healthy ?
But I love tea
 " (use at your discretion, we recommend 1-3 tea bags per day) can be infused as many times as you like (or until the water is no longer coloured). " 

So hopefully I can re-use them again & again, great!

I'll be reviewing the Açaí Tea later on after I'm done with my 14 day HealthyMe tea

The instructions are on the backside of this little card
 HealthyMe Tea
HealthyMe tea may help: (Again 'may' help)
  • Assist in weight loss
  • Cleanse & detoxify
  • Suppress appetite & control cravings
  • Regulate blood sugar levels reducing sugar cravings
  • Assist in the digestion of fats and sugar
  • Increase metabolism
  • Improve skin health
- Taken from their website.

Funny how it sounds almost exactly like the Açai tea..But, anyhow! 

Oolong Leaf, Sencha Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Dandelion Leaf, Ginseng Leaf, Lemon Grass, Celery Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Goji Berries (Fresh & Powdered), Açai Powder. 
Taste:HealthyMe tea tastes light and fresh. The addition of celery leaf gives it a fresh, clean taste that is balanced by the citrus of the lemongrass and the sweetness of the goji berries. The green tea adds a sharp flavour and smooth dimension. 
That doesn't sound all too awful. To be honest I've been living my life on a herbal tea called "Fitné" it's a thai brand, but basically it's a laxative tea I didn't put much effort into researching the effects/side effects of drinking senna leaves.. I would say if you ever come across the tea, it does do wonders but, long term use it'll only hurt you, your body will NEED it to poop, yes it needs the senna leaves and without it you could end up with no bowl movement for days. I ended up not doing no.2 for 7 days, and no that's not normal. Use those products with care, it's a short term deal, your body can't rely on those things, rely on yourself that's all you really need. And food, food is important and good
I'm planning on doing a Youtube review of it as well, kinda like a process, I will be eating healthy and do light exercise along with drinking these teas to see if they do AID/ASSIST in weight loss and see how my skin will react, if bloating will go down or if I tone up, how I feel about cravings if it truly does suppress my appetite (cause boy I need that!), I'll come back to it in about 16-20 days from now on (I need to prepare myself, LOL)
Sorry for the boring blog post! 
Thanks for reading though
Have you ever considered these teatox trends? 
What do you know, and what do you think about it?