Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the [G] Dragon

Σ (」゜ロ゜)」 。。。 gosh I'm so behind w/ everything.. (д||;|)

  I've not been able to update nor follow some
of my New Year Resolutions, but bare with me .. 
I will spare you very very soon' + give
you all lots&&lots of yummy pictures!!

On to the :

゚*・ : * ✧゚・ : New Years Resolutions guys! : ・゚✧*: ・ *゚
( >◡<)9

I'm a person that tends to set too goals or rather RESCRITIONS towards myself, or that's what people tell me, that I tend to schedule up too many things and not have time to be social, eh, I am social!!
- I like .. sometimes (・ᴗ・)

But, I'm trying this time not to make it sound like suicide and overworking myself, like some have been before hand. |づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ soh sorryh na gaiz.

Money: ☆ 
  • Return to saving mode→ I'm a low budget exchange student!!
  • Think more than twice before buying stuff.
    → in clothing/acc/not daily need section;
    and I have to leave many things behind in the end.. /le sobs.
  • Get a part time job!
    → We all need money..
    And I like working ᕙ(⇀‸↼ )
    "look at my flexi' muscular stick arms"
  • Don't convert Baht (or any other currency) to Danish Krone
    → just because its cheaper doesn't make it a "great" buy
    if it means 10,000B pr item ..

Time: ✧
  • Spending my free time wisely
    → Got too much of it, so going to pay 120% focus on studying languages
  • Keep a better /orginaised view over things
    → I already make "to do lists" for each day and bought my first schedule'calender thingy ever, wow. (And it's Panda'cute!)
  • Try to make an effort!
    → Not just in daily life, but need to tough up and actually be determinted enough to want and EARN a good/top grade!
  • Take care of myself
    → Duh, been to the hospital. Major hairloss. Cuts and assults. I need care ok :C
  • Skin-hair-health-mental; over all-care → Before it's too late!

Mind: ★ 
  • Don't be too negative → Not everything in the entire world going wrong can't be my fault .. (right?)
  • Become more confident in me-self!! - Not just "web" self
    → 2%'s selfesteem = 1% to wake up and dare to face another day, additional 1% = be outside w/ other people, still breathing.
  • Don't think 'too' much → It affects my mental health/gives stress.

Love life: ♥
  • Don't let a heartache/'fluffy' feelings effect/hit my friends → I tend to be very good at like invovling friends and dear ones into feeling sad moods.. I don't like that.
  • "And she was head over hills for him" - Da'mé → Can't be a headless chicken running after something; mindlessly!!
  • Be 'slow' - Not agressive! → lol, "stop getting drunk then".

Stomach/body/HEALTH: ♣
  • Eat healthy! → 'Cause I hate mostly ALL types of junk/not healthy food
  • Say no, when it really needs to be said no to → If people offer sweets/etc I can't eat due to sugar/oil, I need to say no or it'll hurt a lot ><..
  • Remember to eat!! → .. More than once pr day
  • Straighten my back, yes → I should, no hunch back for this gurl in 50 years thanks!

Random shit(!): ◍
  • Learn to cook Thai food - like a pro → Cause they even offer cooking class this semester, omg, win
  • Become a regular at the library .. → Just to try the whole; studying at the library thing out
  • Make Royal Pains the best pains on your screen! → We know it's true.
  • Train my ass → It's Ass'ome.


 Goodnight .. //dies.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh air in 2012 na!

゚:✲ ゚・:~✲ ゚・:~✲   Happy holidays my beautiful readers!  ✲~:・゚ ✲~:・゚ ✲: ゚  

(Yes I'm in the picture. Girl in the middle holding the "bow"/ ribbon?)
 Yet blogger keeps being a bissssh and wont let me UPLOAD any pics.. working on it!! SORRY NA
(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡 ┻━┻ gonna flip tables soon gosh!!
Anyways All jolly and season fat I suppose that the holidays are nearing an end and I'm a bit behind with the wishes, but it's never too late as long as it's not like.. March and I'm all "Happy New Year guys!☆☆" in your faces. Since it's my birthday in March I would be.. pretty like, yo guys it's my birthday! - Instead of holidays /le drifting off topic. |。 ∀ 。)

Anyways instead of packing 1 post with TONS of text and "borrowed" pictures: since blogger wont let me put up my own.. still working on that one. So I'm just breaking it all down into like different posts and all but, first off: picking up after finals. yes

After finals it was like some sort of really pissed off feeling just like became a bit lighter, even though I was still like, just 5 days of school? ..
..and this is it? (ಠ___ಠ)ノ fuck.

Yeah pretty disappointed but, I shouldn't complain, in this life style everything is so ~ (・-----・) - yeah it's just like you really have nothing to do, even if you have a job I feel like, I would be more than HAPPY to do something - on the other hand I can imagine others being envious of my current position: or at the time, 1st semester was defiantly so fucking wasteful I'm only blaming myself for being in conflict with myself- 2012? No more! (=Haku´∀`)人(´∀`2012=) - we so fat lol.

But, anyhow, my roomate and 2 of our friends, traveled to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur on the 13th like just 4 days before I had to go to Malaysia and like go to Johor Bahru .. ok. so I was alone for that amount of days and was just doing pre-shopping for the trip. Which was a small golf- sports bag, some makeup, clothes and blaaah, like just 6 days. so yeah - but, the trip was nice! First time with AirAsia: "Always delayed, totally normal" - erm, so it seems. ( ・ェ・ ) <- Imagine stone face for 5 hours like that.

Other than being an hour and 45 minutes late, my transit flight from KL to JB I arrived like a couple of minutes before midnight and met my gougeous 'sister' from Malaysia, Wendy!♡♡ It's your "We meet online" story and when we met like, real, it was so... sooo .. just really I even had watery eyes guys! 
Σ( ;∀: /le emotional.

It was like, omg, gurl hold me, wait- YOU'RE HERE HOLDING ME. /insert epic tumblr meme gif w/ epicness. We had a lot of hugs, I did for one attract a lot of attention being in shorts - lol. And her hair was blue and reddish. HAHAHAHA, people. It was an amazing "week" but, both of us were pretty jetlagged for like 2 days so we just, like, were slobs on the ground, bed, couch and like, just talked, like we "always" did. The whole experience is like.. wow ♪♡~


But, coming back after having such a family feeling, like not just 
"It's just my mom and me
- no, real family? I've never felt that. It was defiantly missed as soon as I was in the Airport 
KL and had 5 hours wait before the next flight back to Thai♥ 
Which I really missed a lot!! But, like Wendyyyy.. come here too na!! ♥♥♥
QдQ) ~ (sob)

But, coming back on the 23rd I had no sense of date, time, whatsoever, international season like Christmas. And since DANISH PEOPLE "CELEBRATE" Christmas 24th "evening" style 
yeah - I had completely forgotten everything about that. 
Till my mom called while I was waiting for a bus at Central World 
(follow post to 'this' story will come soon~) 
around like 11PM, she was wishing me a Merry Christmas: "Happy Christmas!
- It's not happy, it's merry! ノ( º _ ºノ) ...
 I did correct her, but yeah when the bus came, I got on and like just listened to music.. 
Holy shit, it's Christmas tomorrow.


Yes I forgot Christmas Eve. 
And yes, I did NOT celebrate Christmas either. 

But, did actually get presents: 
Kenta, Ayaha and my uncle 
 tho' uncle gave me money and (paid for) massage haha! 
Yeah I was surprised. 
  •  Haruka is in Japan still (Left the 28th morning hours) and said she bought me a present.
    From Japan, I'm excited! 
  • And Ayaha had mine homemade, so nice of her~ And her favorite candies + chocolates in mini edition, she knows I can't eat sweets, nurrr♡
  • Kenta .. gave me BIGBANG stuff - trolling gift. Because I gave him Yoona (SNSD) pictures and a frame with her picture + cards. LOL ALL YOONA MHAHAHAH. 
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧YOONA BEAMMMMMMMM♡*:・゚ ♡*:・゚ ♡*:・゚ ♡*:・゚ ♡*:・゚✧!!!!

Actually I had gift to many: Minami I gave a small cute set: a ring with a cat on (she likes cats) and a necklace that matched! Haruka I gave a Union Jack mug! She LOVES Union Jack. Kisuku I gave a Totoro phone strap + "sugar canes" FROM DENMARK. I'm just so awesome. And for Tomoki I had my mom to order me a Japanese-Danish dictionary because .. dun dun dun!!!

- They don't have in Japan!!! OMG.

So I wanted to give him that one, like, really this guy have been studying Danish 10 hours a day the ENTIRE holiday. And really, since he's not speaking with anyone in Danish or hearing the prouncese and shit, I'm still like, your efforts boy. Oh I wanna hug him ; ; But, I couldn't get it here so .. I gave him panda stuff and a Tea Break - English Milk tea. HE LOVES IT. and really it's so super fucking delicious. but, is limited to Paragon only like, I dunno why e___e

fuckers. but yes. My jolly christmas guys!