Sunday, August 11, 2013

Video's - Vlogs - Youtube

Lately I've been uploading a lot of video's, mainly about life (no vlogs tho) with my Boy and my friends around the country. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lovely Dovely?

Hell yeah.

Things have been going so well, never been this happy like seriously true blessed with such pure joys of being with a man I truly love. Being together like this for (soon) 3 months, really made me realize that it doesn't matter how you meet a person, how far away from you they are, "nor does age even matter", race or gender - a long distance relationship can work with freaking Love & Effort gaiz.

This goes for friendships as well ya'll. Fosho.

We have gotten to learn everything about each other, opened to someone this much is something I never thought was possible, E is really the one person I can talk about Everything with. Even my darkest secrets, pains and burdens I carry that I don't feel I could ever share with someone else. This made me understand how much love and affection we have for each other, been crying together over nothing, laughing and smiling every day and just being in his arms sets my tear channels off, cause well, I'm just so happy with this one person I start crying happy tears (not literally, lol it freaks him out when I cry). 

And all to say even though we get jealous by each other's past, it's silly, we're that much into each other that people in the past is on our hit list. By hitlist, think Hitman please, LOL. 

E motivated me in ways I didn't think possible and by that a lot of opportunities opened up!

I got my own apartment , closer to my school in the city (right across from 3 of my closest college buddies actually, ballin' ~) even though it got hit by bad luck. It was actually ready to move into ASAP till they found a busted water pipe from an earlier visit of people looking at the apartment (DARM U) and the entire kitchen and bathroom got ruined, everything had to be replaced and renovated again. Water damages all over the entrance, outer part and yeah it was pretty much bad shit all over. But, that means new stuff! So good in bad, so to say, I can't complain since I won' get charged extra nor do they raise the price, so all good for me (sad I couldn't move in straight away but, from the 01/09 I'm independent again! W00P)

Made crucial decisions about my life, that sums it up pretty much no? I'm still debating what to do with my future, future studies and possibilities after graduating this program and so it was the plan to move in with a friend&her boyfriend (awks) in Copenhagen then transfer my Final year there. Then head straight for University (if I get accepted ofc) but, all in one the pressure got over my head, lack of communication and I backed out, it wasn't something for me and I didn't want that stress upon me. Found my own place, staying 1 more year then we'll see if I go straight for Uni or work for a year, time will tell.  

So hopefully I can get a job too, soon (soon my precious, soon) - I'll look for jobs in Horsens, Vejle even Aarhus despite the far distance better to look for actual workplace that would hire 18+ adults and just young worker 17 and down. Fucking bullshit, it's just shitty of them, some rejected mine and hired a freaking 16 y.o kid in Bilka so you can see what their priorities are (I talked to him, he got hired on spot whilst I had applied 2 months earlier, smh)

♥ Finally been getting out a bit more with E and had good food, cozy cafe time and got permission to take his picture (even though he derp'd most of them♥) So shall we end this little update with foodporn and corny coupleshirt pictures? 

After the house warming party, that hairband LOL

Scrubby lovin' ♥

btw this burger sucked so bad.

Till next time, bye!