Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you have been spending it with lots of kickin' it back and just chilling with your fams or loved ones ♪(´∪`●) Mine already kinda "ended"- pretty quickly but, we don't really celebrate it after all and we don't even spend time together me and my mom so it's more of a sad plus filled with heavy tension for both of us..

I find it tough for sure.

But, now now, I shouldn't get into too personal stuff, it would just be sad for all of us!

Funny how I didn't get to eat anything today, until the actual dinner, le Christmas Dinner☆

Which we had super early!! At like 4PM! Nevertheless as fatty as the food was I can tell it was DELICIOUS. Until you had your 2nd round and you just couldn't store it all and eventually felt like a pregnant woman must feel on her 9th month when the belly is so big you can't even see the telly screen. see what I did there? LOL OTL

I'm starting to follow up more on vlogging and especially on vlogmas is like so funny to make but yet so hard, cause I always feel like I record at a great hour and then I notice on the video footage that at least 50% of the light is just getting darker and darker because of the sun setting so fast and maybe also because there's barely any light during the day time around /le sigh But, it's coming along nicely!

My 1st Christmas vlog(mas) I finally got up, pretty late but hey, time is time ヾ(。`ε´。)ノ"

After arriving back home from Copenhagen -after coming back from UK: I had gotten a lot of mail! Gifts, Christmas cards and letters! It was such a joyful sight! Also a package from Nic that managed to arrive 1 day earlier my departure day to UK (BangBangSheShoots - blogger ) with my first Diamond Lash lashes!! Sweet Eye lower lashes, they are so cute loving them! But still having my heart set on Dolly Wink lower lashes right now. I feel like these are ..too Gyaru-ish for my makeup and overall look. Not that Gyaru is bad but, darm I'm bad with pulling off styles! 

Cute little card + oil removing sheets, totally saving them for when I go to Thailand this summer!
The glorious mail that awaited me when I finally got home after a 7-day long traveling around and about!
- From right to lift; Big yellow letter  Christmas present  ( from Misato ), Christmas cards from my lovely Japanese friend ( Ayaha ♥ ) && then QuestJen's giveaway package was there as well!! I first couldn't believe I won myself, not at all, I'm hosting a giveaway (which is ending in less than 12 hours!!) and I had at that pointed never won or entered a giveaway so to get to this point of actually winning something.. /feels

Cute panda card♡♡
Christmas present won by Tea but, she gave it to me, total coincidence I got this book..lawl
What she gave me, lol Pink socks with Panda's 555
Wonder what circle lenses I won?? TIHI NOT TELLING YET
Yesterday I managed to sleep almost all of day, but best thing was I actually made it in time for EatYourKimchi's live chat, I was really entertained by this (´∀`*) I would love to hangout with these people in real life for sure, should have added a EYK t-shirt to my wishlist!! HAHA

Excuse my bare and tired face but, was getting ready for doing my vlogmas video and yeah, you are correct I am wearing a wig, I dunno why I keep wearing it for videos but, that's how it turned out so, yup yup, love it nevertheless ITS ADORABLE AND THEN WHEN I MISS MY BANGS I CAN JUST WEAR THIS

So Christmas decorated our apartment is..
Of course the blizzard is camera shy and just does NOTHING when I try to catch it on film. brr
Camwhoring after editing the vlog..tihi so vain ey. 
Onto some pictures from Christmas Eve('s day? lol) !! My mom was very grumpy like a little Thai Grinch so I wasn't allowed to take that many pics.. mainly camwhored and took pics of the food that I could when she wasn't present in the kitchen Σ( ̄皿 ̄;; No pics of my presents, they'll be in my 24th Dec Vlogmas video anyways!! I'll post that as well~ When it gets uploaded (σ `∀´)σ Here's some MakeupOfTheDay

BIGBANG GLOWSTICK (人´∀`*) It's going to be in a different post lovelies!!

I hope you all will have a Happy Holiday & a very Merry Christmas!! 
♥ ♥
- And to all a goodnight♥


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Dashing title isn't it? Haha, I'm joking, but happy 12/12/12 - what there's so happy about it I dunno but, it seems like it's something special other than being 3 identical numbers on the same day and etc, you get it ey.

So I've been a little around and about. Trapped at school or studying at home and not been able to use the few hours of broad day light where I could take pictures 。゜(`Д´)゜。. So I'll wait with any other blog posts where my own pictures are needed! like my really old review of a couple of circle lenses I got back in the summer../cough

Minor wishlist of mine for 2012! More like, "The-things-I-wish-I-could-get-but-will-never-get-list" ( ゚∀。)

Cat eared knit beanie! 
Ever since seeing this on Zelo (From B.A.P) glorious head in the Hajima (Stop It) MV (人´∀`*)
I've wanted to get either a similar (same color, ohohoho) one or black one. 
Isn't it awesome?

Collar tip cats - I really am digging the trend of having those collar tips, 
in gold or spiked, it's win win for me, but these I really wish were mine! 
Also should maybe add some white shirts to my list.. 
I need some  ╮(╯_╰)╭

1) The 'hat' with ears. It's so cute, I've been catching myself trying on hats in H&M lately..(ノ◇≦。)
2) The black cat clutch, it's pure awesomeness, it's cute and stylish and if I'm getting any clutch I really want it to be that one! (∩・∇・∩)
Think this bracelet from TOPSHOP is so fierce yet chic, that thing would be a treat on my arm for sure!

I'm a big sucker for crosses & silver, and silver in this shade is just divine! 
I love it! I really feel like if I see this at TOPSHOP while I'm in London I might just grab it for myself 
`・∀・´) ohohoo~

- yet again the crosses, seeing a pattern and my affectionate love for it? Haha<3 Geez.
It's awesome, what more can I say - need some sexual ear gear! 

I just realized that this one had actual bling on it, makes me think twice if I really wants it..
I already got a necklace similar to this, it's in black and it's mat - bought that one from YesAsia
I love that one tho! Love it to bits! ♥♥♥

A pair of cute nude pumps - with spikes (´∀`*) Normally I'm not for pumps but, I find them very cute
Would love my own pair, also need more studded things<3

Studded clogs. 
I really really am dying to get a pair of these, in the beginning I was like "nah, not really my thing" and then I kept seeing pics of them and I got sucked in! Now I want need a pair as well!!

And a pair of studded flats. Saw TOP wearing these (then band wagon BIGBANG followed along lol) 
and I was like, "if I had flats, I would either get cute red vintage ones or THOSE"

My list is fair longer and more simple really but this is what I could come up with, where I think I could put it on a wishlist and my mom actually getting it for me. I wanna add Canon lenses (found a Sigma lens that was absolutely dreamy and I SOOOO want it - but, not like my mom could buy it for me..hah..) as well as lots guys clothes and whatnot but, that might be turned into a "want" list instead ;3

Hope you're enjoying Christmas so far and you're safe and sound<3

Take care people and till next time in LONDON SPOILERS HAHAHAHAH

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My 1st Giveaway!!★☆ CLOSED

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I'll be hosting my first giveaway ever! 
I'm very excited to see how it'll go so hopefully you guys will join in (´∪`●)

The steps to enter are simple, and you can enter more than 1 entry. 
The winner will be drawn by a random number either online or by a dice :B 
depends on the number of entries haha!

♥ ♥ The prizes are following♥ ♥ 

Here's the steps that you need to do (or want to do) for you to enter this Giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you'll all join in (σ `∀´)σ And I say it once more, it's open Internationally by that I mean worldwide!!

Please leave a comment with:
Email - for me to contact the winner
Which of the steps you have done
 (just mark like this:
tweet about giveaway: x

follow you on twitter: x and etc :'3 )

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It's open till the 25th of December so have a Merry Christmas till then! (Omg so early to say that /shoots)


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bodyshop haul!

Hey there lovelies! Today I'll talk about my Bodyshop haul! Ever since I got to Denmark or moved back lol and got to try BodyShop I've found it really good and I've wanted to try loooooads of their lines of beauty/facial care I'm even considering to try out their makeup line as well, but I'll wait till my Dior mineral powder + Wet'n'Wild eye shadow palette will be used up or I want to experiment with new colors~ 

Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

Vitamin E is known to be really good for your skin and health, for a beautiful healthy skin and a young glow, it can be used to reduce age spots, protect against scarring and decrease dry skin and work miracles! Apply some on your face over night and wake up with a soft spongy skin in the morning  ♥♥♥

The cream has a sweet light scent to it

Applied a small amount on my hand, already after a little time after rubbing it out  on my skin it gets absorbed fast and leaves the skin soft and moist!
I must say I L O V E THIS CREAM! ♥ (´∀`*) It works wonders for my skin, it defiantly is my most favorite facial cream I've had in a loooooong time! After doing my night routine, cleansing and taking off my makeup (if I wore any) I leave my face wet, no towel dry or anything (not that I left it dripping a waterfall all over though haha) then I put the Vitamin E Intense cream onto the wet face, since the wet is a layer of moisture after cleaning your face it has a better range of absorbing all of the goodies that you offer it! So I would rub it in all good till all of the damp moisture from the water is gone, since it would be night time I would add another layer since your skin absorbs really well over night. When I wake up I have a nice soft skin and it looks fab~    `・∀・´) Ohohohohoho~ 

Honey & Oat - 3-in-1 Scrub Mask

You can see all of the oat pieces in the mask haha

Applied a thin layer on my bare face (only wearing eye make)

 I like this facial/scrub mask. It has a very nice scent and a soft texture. You don't need much for you face, of course it depends on how thick you want your mask but, remember the sensibility of your own skin!! A thick mask can be good for you, on the other hand it is still very harsh on your skin if repeated too often and also it can wear out your skin making it too used to a big amount of the mask and etc. Leave it on for 10 minutes and go wash it off, simple as that! It is a very mild scrubbing mask so I can recommend it for people with sensitive skin (like me  >ㅂ<) ~

The Vitamin E Intense cream, the Honey& Oat scrub mask + Blueberry body butter!
Facial Massage Tool
The facial massage tool from Bodyshop
This tool is used for rolling onto your face, before applying cream, as a massage tool. You'll use it to make it easier for your skin to absorb the cream or any type of moisturizer to your face! Also it does feel nice to do whenever needed, I keep doing it on my cheeks with the silly belief it would reduce my chubby cheeks haha

The Vanilla Body Mist

I loooove the scent of vanilla, like looooove it! So when I saw this at a reasonable price I thought I would have a go at it, since I didn't (at the time) had a deodorant or a perfume. And I do not regret it, not one bit! The scent wasn't as tacky or fake as I thought it would be! Of course it smells a little chemical but, many people have complimented me (or more the smell of me haha!) Even a little kid yesterday said "She smells really nice" when he walked past me at the bus stop to his big brother, first time I liked random kids, tihi  
Though now that Bodyshop have released their Christmas lines and all I was excited to see more to Vanilla stuff, but in the end I was disappointed at how chemical and .. gross I found them. They really didn't appeal to me at all so I'm just going to stick with this baby! Purchased it months ago and I still got plenty left!

Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel and Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub

Last but not least, the reviving leg gel and body scrub! I was recommended back in August by a dear friend Tea that I should try out BodyShops big range of body scrubs, after a few months I really gave in and had to get one because I felt like I needed to get mah body exfoliated! Noms. Out of all of them I fell for this scent, cause it wasn't chemical or gave me nausea when smelling it, I've tried it 3 times (recommended to a 2-3 times usage a week, remember girls, it's some heavy stuff so don't over-abuse it! It'll make your skin suffer more than treating it<3) My whole bathroom would smell like a piece of fruity heaven after using this❤

To the Peppermint Leg gel, I've used it 2 times now, and it indeed does cool yo aching calves down for sure! I should use this after doing exercise cause darm having this on at night is too darm cold! But, then it does prove that it's cooling affect, does work! It smells strongly of Peppermint, just the way I like it C:

Are you interested in BodyShop products? 

Why not join in on my upcoming giveaway then?

I'll be having a giveaway starting from the 18th of Nov (tomorrow!) till Christmas time! (Or around New Years, hehe) 

There'll be 6-7 different items from BodyShop 

a 3 pack of Elizabeth Arden goodies!

Stay tuned tomorrow, for more information on how to join and win the giveaway★☆ 
It will be open internationally for everyone of my lovely followers! So I hope some of you will join, the more the merrier!! 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm the One you've been waiting for

Hello lovelies~ This is a very delayed post, but it's still relevant in a way (´∀`*) 

Back in September my old phone just gave up in the end, so did I. It was a hassle to get the battery out of my phone and put it into my mother phone and then charge it through there..took it's time and it wasn't easy if I went to visit my friends, without my mom's phone to assist me, haha!  

It was in a pretty plain box, it's nothing like cute packaging for makeup or something for use :B why did I even expect something like that omg, OTL lol I bought it directly at the phone company so no shipping and all, we sorted it out pretty easily, though there was a lot of trouble with getting the insurance going on and having the wifi working on it. But, that also happened with the portable ("mobile") wireless ubs I bought from them as well.. grrr, Telia. ( -`д´-)9 **

Love the captivation that was on the protection cover on the phone, had to get a picture of it
I picked this phone for 2 reasons:

  1. It was cheaper than an iPhone 4S + the camera actually works better. 
  2. Beats Audio. I'm a sucker for it, even my laptop have Beats audio `・∀・´) kkkk
I've learned to love it nevertheless, even though a month after I bought it iPhone 5 was released but, I've read and heard from current iPhone 5 users that it ain't all the glory that Apple products have, so HTC I like you I really do!! Sometimes I should take better care of you. I've dropped this baby many times, late at night when coming home from school and I would be walking my very isolated and dead road home, I might have begun dancing somewhat too wildly and it would pop out my pocket and onto the road ( ゚∀。) 

But, with a smartphone, this would be my first I'll like to add there seems to be the fun with having something like apps  ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ The huge selection, even for android (used to have an iPod 3rd Gen, but it got stolen so I only know about the minor selection for iPod 3's) surprised me!! So manyyyyyy Σ(。Д ノ;)ノ

I got Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Kakaotalk, and KakaoStory I don't really understand how that one works haha - but, I also got some Apps for taking/editing pictures like; PuddingCamera, Sweet Camera and GirlsCamera. 

If you wanna follow me on Instagram my ID is: HurricaneHurr
I would love to have more people to follow, feel like my dash always dies  (╯_╰)
I POST LOTS OF FOOD NOMNOMNOMNOM ヽ(`∇´)ノ All the food porn is mineeeeeeeeeeee

Ok, jk lots of selcas that never reaches beyond Tumblr and Instagram LOLOL

Short random post to fill in for my next BodyShop haul + giveaway post that comes up this weekend!! I hope some people will join in on it, it will be open internationally so everyone can defiantly have a shot!! Cause I don't have that many Danish readers hahahhahhahaha

I shall leave you all with this selca I never posted muhahaahha xx

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PinkyParadise [EOS G&G Vassen] Review(s)!

After buying these lenses back in June but, I never saw the slightest to them after months that passed by, I decided to contact PinkyParadise yet again ╮(╯ω╰)╭
Since I thought it was weird that they hadn't received the package when the Danish post office of idiotic ways of doing things.. had just..send it back to them  (ノ◇≦。) Even though I had not gotten any slip of notice that I had received the bloody thing! But, nevertheless I put it in the past.

PinkyParadise did a great job on sending it again and even gave me a cheaper price on the shipment back, but on the other hand 5 months without contact or anything I would have been a little,
"Okay maybe I'll try and buy my lenses else where.."   -`д´-)/ maybeee..
But, it was came with FedEx Express! Super fast! I was like 'wow, that was fast' /ㅇㅅㅇ) I was excited to the max!steppppp lol. It came in a regular white envelope with big fat letters saying FedEx Express + my address.

I didn't take a picture cause I was more curious about what it was cause I simply had no idea at the time it was my circle lenses, I honestly thought it was my "kpop" caps.
Fangirl words, ew OTL LOL Though, I did finally get the "caps" but, funnily they seemed to have mistaken my order..and given me 2 of the exact same one I had ordered, so I contacted the seller and am happily awaiting the cap that I still am missing! Rauw I can tell ya it's sexy, just like my BoyLondon cap(人´∀`*)------> look at my new display picture, isn't it awesome? `・∀・´) kkkk

 The packaging is really good, it took me awhile to actually get all of the plastic wrap (evil forces of tape ok)

Right right to left: EOS Max Misty Violet, I did not choose it, this was a random selection by PP. 
Vassen Color; Jewel Blue and GandG A21 Brown (Hazel brown I would say) (´∀`*) ♥♥♥

My eyesight isn't the best but, I lol'd when I noticed the difference, not that I would return it to get my proper prescription on a -2.75 because it's not that my eyes die when I use a lower number (as long as it's just -2.50)

All of them have this sort of sealing on it, I think we all are familiar with it, but if you can notice the bite marks on the plastic tip then yeah..they can be difficult to get up for sure (;´Д`) On all 6 of them I had to use teeth, lol

When the almost worst case scenario happens..but, it didn't happen! Thank god!

 Ok screw it. Seriously worst a** case scenario with the metal, super sharp seal on these things!  

Minor detail on the back of them. EOS have Japanese characters on it, Vassen is in English and G6G are in Korean.

I was supposed to have used these for a cosplay to Genki but, since they never showed up I ended up dropping the cosplay idea. But, I really like the color of these lenses!! It's so soft and pretty,  and I think it covers well. I have mixed eye color so it covers the green well and looks somewhat realistic on me since the inner circle close to my iris is a brown shade so it glides smoothly into that color. These lenses are really awesome and sweet, do defiantly dig them a lot (╯▽╰) ♡♡♡ ~ And since they aren't so big they blend in with the eyes very nicely, even without makeup on, they still appear as natural looking lenses (´∀`*)


Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

Close up on my left eye. No makeup.

I don't think that the design is alright..but, that is only if you compare it to it's stock picture on their site, it doesn't live up 100% to its display but, it isn't bad at all, there is close similarity to the display picture.

Again this is based on the picture found on PinkyParadise's wedpage, on reason is that the limbal ring and it's  color itself isn't as it gets displayed but, I like it still.

It wasn't very enlarging on my eyes, actually the size is similar to my own but, it is "only" 14.00mm so if it's big dolly eyes you're going for I suggest something else!

Nothing wrong with these whatsoever! They are soft and thin, easy to put in and I can wear them for 4-5 hours without really noticing them.

Only giving them 4 out of 5. Mainly because of it's slightly misleading color (Not as brown as displayed)

These are my favorite out of all three! For sure, I have always been wondering how'd it look if I had them blue eyes like my father had, though of course because of mixed genes and all it's not always the case but, there's many lovely mixed/halfies that have their unique features ✿.。.:* Though I'm glad with my mixed/ green ones hehehe. But, I was always a little hasty with buying blue ones, fearing the fact that since it's a bold color and most of the reviews I've read about blue ones that it's not always that the blue color shines through


Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Close up on left eye, no makeup.



- A 5 out of 5! 
I love the design, it's very cute and have a realistic design over all. 
It doesn't have a strong closed off color, which I like about these lenses.


- 5 out of 5 again!
It's really good, it's so pigmented that the blue color really stands out from your 'real' eye color, and do remember that I have toned green eyes, but still brown in them so these will also work for darker colored eyes

The diameter of the lens is pretty normal (14.5mm) it isn't that 'big' so it wouldn't give you that "big eyed" look, unless you did your makeup so it appeared as if you had.

They are really soft and I can barely feel I have them on at all, I don't need to eyedrop my eyes either, though of course I would recommend it regardless when you wear contacts even daily lenses out of hygienic reason but, also for the sake of the water balance in your eye. 


A 5 out of 5. There's nothing I can say that makes them bad, in my opinion, they're gorgeous! 

I was surprised when I received these lenses, very much actually(゚д゚lll)
I always had a wavering feeling about "these" sort of lenses that had a massive design that made it very easy to tell they aren't exactly..natural looking, if you get what I mean. It's extremely pigmented and the color is really strong, same with the black line that makes lines from the outer ring inwards to the iris of your eye (then it merges with the light hazel brown-ish color). I was skeptical towards them, I felt like they would be too strong on me. But, actually they're not that bad at all! I once got told that violet would suit me well because it has a sexy feel to it, lol yes I am le sex look at me hurrrrrr へ(゜∇、°)へ. 
JK, anyways - If you're going for a cosplay character or maybe just want some unnatural looking violet/purple eyes with a minor enlargement, then I would totally recommend these to you! `・∀・´)/


Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Close up on left eye, no makeup.


I'm not fond of this design, so I'm not giving it many stars..

The color is very vivid and easy to spot!.. -up close

Even though they're not that big, the limbal ring is very strong and it gives off a little dolly feeling and therefore a minor enlargement compared to the other 2

These were easy to feel, you could really tell that you were wearing them! But, it's probably because there quiet thick in the texture due to it's strong pigmented design

3 out of 5! I'm giving it a lower score just because that I'm not fond of how it feels in my eyes, but of course it might also be that I'm not really into this type of lenses

So I know this was quiet the long post about circle lenses but, I hope you could manage to read it!! I'll post a little thing for you lovelies next time, also I'll give more information about my long awaited give away!! Kindly sponsored by me! I hope you'll look forward to it! 

xoxo Haku.

hint it's about Bodyshop, ohohohohohohoho