Friday, June 29, 2012

June flies !


- I just miss having bubble tea in my life, darm this country, darm it for it lacks of bubble tea.

But, not what this blog post is about, not entirely ohohohoho it's more in this past time where my laptop gave
= died, in many ways and I have not been doing much notice the much. I went to Odense with my mother (road pic from earlier blog entry) to go to the doctor, my mother have gotten a bad case of gout - for you people who don't know what gout is wikipedia or google is your friend haha, but it seems to be it's rather common for Europeans to get it (in a older age haha). I think it must have been due to spending 20 years here in Denmark she must have gotten it from her "European surroundings", even though it's a little funny, it actually isn't, it's placed in her upper chest, in the collar bones .. /le sigh. They even made us "pass by" Middlefart for an full body xray scan to give a check on the other places on her body that might be hit. 

So next week, we're going again~ Middlefart is known for the best icecream in Denmark so my mother is very set on getting it this time lol.
Of course camera catches my beautiful blurness. (Lol, look at my  eyebags so bad /le sobs./)
Un-opened Stella 3 toned #Grey by Vassen
I bought these lovely babies back in Thailand, with the intention of taking them with me back to Denmark just a month before I left. They might seem a bit familiar due to I've earlier purchased them and I totally fell for them, so yet another pair!! Though they're in -2.50 and not -2.75 my eyes have gotten worse but, it's alright, with these circle lenses I can save on my daily lenses + the ones I got to cover the rest of the month (June) before my lenses get sent to me in the mail. (For July + Aug).

Me with Stella Grey ~
My camera (digital one) is of poor quality, I can't take a picture of my eyes wearing the lenses up close. You need to survive with this really haha, I got my video camera back though! Which is awesome! ~ Tho' that one still can't take a proper picture lately.. haha, still broken it can't transfer files by usb cable d'oh > n < ) 

As I never really get any love letters apart from my lovely postcards from Misato hahaha jk, I did get some lovin' from Ebay! (Hong Kong actually lol) I had this wig in pretty fast and it's very lovely! 
The color is very cute and caramel-ish<3 I wanna use it for a Taiga (Anime/Manga Toradora) cosplay in her white dress or school uniform, she's so adorable and I love the series!

Package was rather normal, came in a soft brown paper envelope. 

I braided it myself. Modified contrast so don't refer to the tone of orange, it is not~
Do love the wig it's pretty darn nice! Glad I won it on auction, normally I never win, buhuuuu. Like the red-wine colored wig from earlier I couldn't get it but, found it another dealer on ebay and got that one for 11$! Free shipping! It is so awesome I got that one, after losing 2 in auctions /le bad bidder, OTL./ I did go to the Korean exibition (ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EVENT!) Sunday the 26th but, I'll post the much lacked source of pictures in that post cause I met Nani! + other awesome people C: Oh yeah~ Also I got to see Jeongie (in real!) I didn't say 'hi' cause I was already lame with shyness/fear when it came to being in the museum + meeting Nani .. hahahaha sorry girl you're coolness made me scared of meeting you out of what you expected from me D: BUT ANYWAYS LET WRAP THIS POST UP TILL THE NEXT ONE !

Minor food porn from the past week~

9# pictures from the week, random order.

Next ones will be about this weekend, so stay turned! Going to a cosplay walk in Kolding with a friend tomorrow and I'll pop some welcome back to me party stories for you! + not to mention other things <3

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Isn't it much nicer than the whole black never got anything done .. by me. Lazy bum so to say hahaha, but ANYWAYS - I really like the out come even though it's not as summer-ish as I wanted it to be nor was it what I actually had in mind .. but, finished out come is the finished out! C:

Other than just a new heads up on my new layout and ya'll ~ I had purchased a new laptop which is soooooooooo ......... - UNF, it is built with beats audio it's so sexy <3

Sadly since all of my pictures are still on my useless (apart from CS4 ok) old laptop that had to suicide and kill of it's useful points it's taking forever to transfer all of the files and etc on a 2GB card.. can take a while.

Since there's not much to show I'll just show my most recent food porn

working working ~ fufufu

Road trip with my mom to Odense + Middlefart due to doctors appointment going again next week /sob sob./

My 'back yard' ya'll, super chilling-hada. Tho' ended up with real bad allergy attack so ran in doors and cried /sobs./
I'll come with another post soon!

Take care my lovely clan members, tihi<3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's just a Dash of Magic

It's a tacky title but, screw it! I AM LIKE MAGIC BABE - but, actually to the whole story to why I am magical ohoohohoh kidding this weekend was awesome! Even though the weather was a bit tricky in my corner of this god's forsaken country Denmark, but I still had the best of it.

My good friend Misato, a Japanese girl I studied Thai Studies with back in Bangkok the past year, is in England visiting her twin sister, they both went abroad at the same time so now they're both traveling around 'the world' and lucky for us Denmark is a 1½ flight away from England soooooo - She came this weekend! Actually from Thursday to Monday (07-11/06/12) But, I was overjoyed, still am. tho' sad she's gone OTL

I'm just going to tell the truth; there's not that exciting things to do in Denmark. Unless you're lucky enough to be going to Copenhagen that is, of course we picked her up in Billund where Legoland is located a mere 2-3 kilometer from the Airport + going up further North we could have seen other theme parks and whatnot. But, our budget wasn't that big since it's pretty expensive here. HAHA so we didn't plan much but, I did try to do some, but still I didn't come prepared with a drivers license so transportation can be very annoying(ly expensive)

4# shots from the weekend
 I took her around Horsens Friday to take a walk in the walking street, though Horsens is bloody boring and it was so cold not to mention it kept raining like all day, even though "it cleared up" around evening but, that is why I never trust the weather forecast It will pass in the afternoon, lots of sun and it will be 20 degrees - lies.
We then bought some Mirin & Dashi-namoto for cooking Japanese foods for dinner, therefore the epic picture of standing on top of something to reach some udon noodles hahaha so short ≧ヮ≦)

I got my mom to cut my fringe Saturday morning, it was very needed!ヾ(´゚皿゚`)ゞ
So do excuse the 'naked face' totally forgot about it when I took the picture, but my skin is
getting better as we speak! So happy ~ (∩・∇・∩)

 We actually wanted to go to Legoland Friday; but, bad weather. And then I tried to convince my mother the Saturday was alright; ended up grey and cold, not to mention raining so horrible I felt like the cold was cutting through my clothes! SHISUS. I took her to the town (more like a freaking Village like the 'horror' movie lol) I used to live in with my father, I took her by my old school and went to the movies Klovborg Kino to watch MiB 3D it was so cool, love that universe and the ending omg not to spoil or anything but, it totally blew me.


"Hi, welcome to Denmark" - Pretty gloomy weather but, it was cozy enough with movies and chips!
 On the day she came we ended up watching a 2½ hour long horror movie, "The Tales of Terrors" is a horror movie combined by 35 short films but together into one, it's all tales or 'ghost-stories' from Japan, Misato knew some, and other's she didn't. I've watched it 4 times and the first 3 times I just thought it was interesting + entertaining.. but, with Misato, she loves horror too, but she's also easily scared! aka perfect girl omg so she would snuggle up behind my back and like say things in Japanese and yell at the TV (more like at the idiotic actors doing obvious stupid things that results in seeing ghosts or worse, hehe) "Don't go in there!" "Don't look, don't look, don't look" and etc. It kinda made me very .. I got scared too it was fun, but gosh she made it worse haha, ended up in bed at 2AM after the movie ended we saw "Vacancy" on channel 3+ which also is a horror movie luckily for us, mostly all american horrors have "happy" endings compared to the Japanese ones .. brr love Asian horrors!

Love how this is written by a Buddhist. But, probably more because it was
the first thing Misato took to read, she really loves romance haha ♡

"Where there is love, there is suffering." - dayum that's deep huh

I'm going to miss my short hair, but I think the alternative universe of
having beautiful-long gorgeous hair I might be able to live with~
She just went back to UK yesterday and just arrived in Leeds here this morning since it's a long ride back from London, about 5 hours I think, but she made it safely! But now I'm just a bit .. mhmm
 (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸MONEY┸

My mother wanted to take a picture(s) with Misato but, I wanted them to do it while standing up since

Yes I'm wearing lots of knit, layers, + I regret I changed to leggings it's like suicide.

My mom gave her 100kr (500B/3000Y) as a 'memory' of being here with us
this woman doesn't even give me anything yet she gives money to my friends..
 (ಠ_____ಠ) I pay for her
She's so speechless lol

And there she goes  (。TT д TT)ノ


My mom made this, but do like the salmon was good the other was .. plain
feel like I'm rating her food lol ★★★ outta 5

I was brilliant enough to cook this DELICIOUS salmon-pasta thingy
 but, I just food poison'd myself by doing that, so the cooking cream actually was .. 2 weeks too old.
 (/ 。 ∀ 。) idiot. Had an awful night, ughhh... (◞‸◟ㆀ)

 So back to my

 I've gone a little bit online shopping crazy. Believe me if you live in a country where you can buy a new closet for as little as 50US, 200kr, 10,000Yen, etc .. I feel horrified by the price tags here in Denmark!! It frightens me, so terribly expensive I'm too scared to buy it if I'm not 100% sure I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS ITEM AND IT WILL HAUNT ME IF I DONT GET IT ARGH. But, even some of the online shopping can't be as cheap as in Thailand.. luckily for me my mother's friend is going to Thailand in the end of this month I want her to buy me a lot of stuff like I need shoes for winter lol but those are insanely expensive TT___TT

But, something like ebay's auctions are great for some of these stuffs! Like wigs~ Wigs in Thailand aren't as cheap as you would think (or depends on what you think lol) but, the price isn't much different from the "standard" prices of wigs on ebay.

But, found this cutie not the girl lol OTL and I really love the hair color! this was the red I WANTED in Thailand but, they totally raped it ginger style I haven't bought this one but, it was 14US with free shipping so I was BLOODY CLOSE TO DO SO! I ended up with others instead fufufufu

Luckily for me.. I got a job!
I'm overwhelmed with emotions of happiness.

Remember to check out f(x)'s comeback song Electric Shock! It's awesome!

May you have an excellent day lovelies ♡

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

(●´□`) ㅋㅋㅋ got mail.

This morning I got a obnoxious wakeup call from our slightly beloved mailman! (But, it was actually a woman lol) Normally my mother would be twisting my neck and my low-life existence for buying things on the Internet; especially if it is a wig. kidding actually, everything that comes in form of a mailbox or whatever is like BANNED

I purchased an orange wig with 2 attachable pigs tails; the wig is straight styled and the pig tails are curly. The fiber of the hair is simply put "Japanese fabric". The ebay seller is located in Hong Kong, this is the first time I've bought a wig from Hong Kong and I had no expectations what so ever. but it was PRICEY so I did not WANT anything to happen with it.  

The package came as a big envelope, lots of tape and more tape. Not the best but, thankfully nothing could be 'broken'

They have their own website; Wig Is Fashion Also if you like their FB page, email them, they'll provide you 5% discount on ONE of your items (highest of value) or your order - read in small below Get An Extra 5% Discount*  
It cost me like 25.30US I feel horrible I've never spent that much on a wig but, then again never bought a wig with pig tails and it was in the only color + design I needed for my cosplay below.

If no one can guess, it's the girl with orange hair~ Anime: Ao No Hana.
 I went into to Horsens today (the closest city to me with a train station, fufufu) to get my eyes checked also supposed to buy makeup remover and facial lotion!!! ARGH MOM YOUUUUUU   

Handed in my Canon HD video camera as well, luckily I still have insurance on it so hopefully Canon can fix it! if not gimme a new one bitches. I will be praying ヽ(〇・△・)人(・△・〇)ノ mmm
It was literally cold as fuck and I totally regret leaving my jacket in the car believing I would withstand the "cold" because it wasn't windy - till I got the f- outta the car (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡 ┻━┻
After getting examined, got some trail lenses (more expensive as well, but supposed to be better for my eyes.. (ಠ___ಠ) and then I waited for my mom to come back, and waited etc, she never showed, I tried to walk to the car park (free parking, lol) where she SAID she would be - no she wasn't, I decided I couldn't just take a bus home (key-less) so I walked all the way to the trainstation to use the payphone to call her for 10kr! OUTRAGEOUS; she was still packing at Kvickly even though she told me she would move the fucking car (ಠ___ಠ) I found her in the end, lol, hopeless lost child. I guess I've been away for so long I get lost my mother now, wtf. It was really crowded today since Metallica is having a concert today/night frankly I dunno when just today and people were pre-gamin' a lot on the streets and it had traffic on hold for like evaaaaaaa.

Got batteries finally! But, sadly not in the right size for my panda speakers I got from Kenta (that wants to be censored on all"retarded"  pictures of him, lol) ..

Today's view from my window!

"Hello~" lol, jk. My old digital camera is working now! Luckily it wasn't damaged after all of these years.
So here's a few pictures from today, probably also for the rest of the next couple of weeks.. haha

I know it's messy but, I'm building up something for me to do later, hahaha
Learning to focus with the digital camera, ps. Isn't the speaker adorable?!
So instead of 175kr pr month for my previous ones to these "so-much-better" DD Comfort 1Day lenses to 248kr pr month, I know it's not "that much" but, the sound of something below 200 was more in my favor since I still haven't had the opportunity to actually get a job ; __ ;

New strength: -2.75 darm.
Gotten addicted to Snapple (Heavenly Lemonade) !! Love the cute little facts in the lids (ノ・ω・)ノ

 And as a souvenir I promised the lovely not to mention handsome (!!) Nani, here's a small preview of your Kpop-Thailand gift bag from me dear~ Mini Taemin key-chain-thingy-I-have-no-idea lol

Tomorrow my friend, Misato from Japan, who's currently in England right now with her twin sister; Misaki, is coming to Denmark to visit me!! I'm so happy and excited I cannot describe in a simple manner it at all!! I'll pick her up at the airport tomorrow at around 7PM and then we'll have a nice cozy hangout weekend till she has to leave again on the 9th, but I'm happy she actually came to Denmark just to see me, feeling so special, yes yes~ (ノゝ∀・)ノ*:・☆

Love you all ♡ peace

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Will I ever adjust ★

"At this point, I frankly I have no idea if I can.
- By me, not so long ago.

Stepping that little random scribble aside, I am as known before, in Denmark with much more time on my hands than this entire year I've been "gone" I've been thinking as probably more than usual. since it's so funny how I have no Internet and I have to TAKE others.. ew 

I made the decision that I will (only) stay in Denmark for another 2 years, why - you may ask or not I shall tell you that!

I just don't feel like I can make a home here in Denmark
It never felt right to me, but I never thought I could
leave this ice cold water pit on the surface of earth place.

Till I did.

Let me tell you a little other truth, I actually don't like it here, Denmark, I don't like it, it's just not a place for me - to me I think I would better off mentally, probably also physically in another country. I wouldn't say, whichever or wherever will do, it's not like that (had a minor fight on skype with an IDIOT about "going everywhere" my ass I haven't gone everywhere you jerk!) Of course I need to finish my ground (basic) education first, not to mention something along the lines of University.

I'm not running away from my responsibilities not that I have any OTL not fearing of becoming a failure without "proper" educational background. as other retards put it, screw you I HAVE MONEY BITCH, jk 

*coughcough* I want to have a taste of living in a country I always loved and wanted to live in (BREATHE IT MHAHAHA, I sound high) which as it might sound a bit cliché, oh hold up, wait for it!


"But, I thought you were half Thai from Thailand, why move to Japan?" - silly little reader, oh you ♡

I cannot see myself living in Thailand, as in permanently. /le laugh. How my life was down there was amazing, yes! But, also I just had a certain need for things like; seasons change, snow, people - maybe also less tourists. small things (lol, no) but, important ..  

First I'll just spend 6 months tops' if it is impossible for me to find a job of course, then I'll just leisure around till I'll get my butt to Thailand, for a minor stop to figure out what the hell I will do with mylifeself - But, I'm pretty sure I have it more figured out as the next 2-3 years will proceed, right?

So RIGHT NOW - I am doing nothing. Or, actually I'm looking up jobs, writing very hard on my CV, I would like the money so my mother would stop nagging at me + then she cannot stop me from getting a cat. lol, obviously also for other reasons than a cat! ..but, I really want a cat. 

  • Get a job!
  • Make moneyssssss
  • Fix laptop with my moneysssss 
  • Buy a new camera (if I can make myself, it shall be a DSLR!)
  • Buy a house
Last one sounds insane but, honestly me and my mother really want to move out of this crappy-money-eating-ice-fucking-cold apartment (!!!) it is horrible, it really is and it's way overpriced and the owner of this building (it's an area) is a pig. But, with many things in my mother's papers, her debt and so on, I am the only one that really can step it up and buy a house. So I will, hopefully in a near future. HOHOHOHOH RICH ME /le lies+cries.    

Sorry this blog-entry is so dead!!  (。>人<。) 
I will post my Kimono + Yukata pictures in next post! 

Have a smashin' day everyone!!