Sunday, July 31, 2011


.. And I'm still here. lol. It's still just barely 5 pass 12(PM) but, the, plan have been changed, or just pushed ahead with 1 day, and we leave early in the morning instead, which is fine with me, then I can still get things done tomorrow, so plan wont be toooooo pushed since time is beginning to run out e_e

- Still trying to figure out how I'll put the design up and font and everything, it's so bothersome, I should be working on different stuff like my body lol.

We have to get our photo taken on Thursday for the ID card.. and of course I just happen to have a mutant on my chin for the first time the last 3 months I have a pimple - what is this evil?! Not that I'm the most feminine and such but, it hurts and it's so red ;~~~~; Painful shit, I didn't knew TT^TT

As we now have entered August, I have set a goal already! If I manage to lose 2+ kg by Sep I'll go to a spa resort :3 I really want to try, but I want to earn it! ㅋㅋㅋ Limiting my food budget to grocery shopping organic and greens will add to my savings ~ So I'll have money to buy stuff I want, like Dr Dre headphones!! I want those pretty badass' <3

Ain't they breathtaking? - lol, I should have used more pro pictures to charm you ~ but, Ji Yong should do the trick am I right? Don't go home baby<3

I might be a tad greedy but, I want the plug-ins AND the big heavy Beats Q3Q They are too dreamy for me  not wanting to smooch them all over~ And I'm a really cheapy person, who hates using money and not really the brand suckr typer but, these. these - I can't help getting an eargasm when people tell me to try them out! I NEED THEM Lol, they need me HAHAHAHA

Oh, a sad thing - My mp3 have reached it's limit, and not only that but, it's broken .__. Do bad luck like to lick my butt all the time? D: I'll turn it all around by this month, you hear me August!! ILL MAKE YOU MAH BIATCH OK.

Have everyone heard about the "tvN Kpop Star Hunt" ? Are you ready for K-Pop Star Hunt?

"Cube Entertainment to find their next trainee through “K-Pop Star Hunt” audition program"

"Cube Ent to find their next trainee .."

Cube Entertainment is a company started out under JYP, it started up in 2008 and is a minor company, but with strong artists! Such as;

4Minute, B2ST & G.NA  - And should also have the other girl group "A Pink" But, I'm not a big info site on Cube Ent :3

Sadly I have no idea who the other guy is...

And they are coming to Thailand as well, and well I'm thinking about joining, I'm no angel when it comes to singing, I have a low voice and rapping might appeal more to me, and I like it :3
But, they require a "Dance-and-song" cover so technically a live like on M!countdown, Music Core & (My fave) Inkigayo~ But, I can't do a girl dance since my voice just doesn't fit, and I can't .. just blah blah >u< So I'm doing/trying to do Cry by MBLAQ - They are under JTuneCamp CEO is Rain if you may know him (As a bad boy~ Imma be a bad boy~) I like that song a lot! And the rap is nice :3 And I like the moves muhahahahaha.

It might seem stupid, since I'm not 100%, or 100% Asian for that matter.. and well, I'm no super talented kick ass kid from the mountains nor am I a stunning face like Nichkhun -__-' But, no harm in trying right? even though just trying will give me hate since I'm half lol

But, I wont give up! And this might be a chance, who knows, but even if I fail I'll hold my head held high and move forward - 1 set back wont stop me! QwQ OK.

I think that's it for now, I might blog again later tomorrow if I can find the time, or else I'll give one last pip tonight, before I disappear for a while.

Cya cya~


  1. ah that happened to me too, on the day of my id photo i had a triple eyelid :( thanks for visiting my blog, following you<3 misstea & co.

  2. i want those headphones too! check out my blog =)

  3. i want those headphones as well ^^