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Journal: 29/06/2011 – Wednesday

29/06/2011 – Wednesday
It’s 11:18AM, woke up like .. half an hour ago, it’s hard adjusting to the time actually, knowing I’m a 100% morning person and a person to barely have more than 5-6 hours a sleep a’day. So this is defiantly different, lol – OTL. I’m feeling slightly bloated and like, .. as “you” maybe would know I’ve been used to drinking certain type of slimming herbal tea, a normal brand in Thailand, a form for laxative tea so I always had to go the bathroom often. Now I just pee, and like I’ve gone days before actually doing more it amazes me, is that how a normal body really should like react? O_O Aish, I don’t know and I’m not sure either, might be because I’m not really eating? Or maybe I’m eating too ‘hard’ things .. I have no idea, been drinking that stuff for so long that I’ve forgotten everything about that system hahahaha.
But, I might start drinking that again.. seems like I could need that hahaha. If not erm, later? KA
Today nothing is really planned to happen, only that I have to go to the like webcafe – again. Ugh omg, I already promised myself not to make it a habit since I need to distance myself from it, it’s actually not as hard as It sounds.. sure I’m lonely, and miss a lot of things and the list can be endless but, still – it’s not hard. Not that it’s not but, still I MANAGE OK.
I still really wanna start and make this apartment more like, my own – Really bad, but I hate how they judge so much of what I like, they made fun of me when I wanted to buy wigs and cosplay and shit like that back 3 years ago and now they keep teasing me about it, also as I told my mother hates Korea and Japan, mainly I’m the one at fault for that, lol.. But, actually my only English speaking Uncle, “hates” Korea as well.. ugh. But, he’s fine with me being into it, loving the culture and music and all, he’s happy with that, but he still hates Koreans.. He has been there before, he doesn’t like their attitude and think they’re rude and all ._. I don’t think that is the case, all the time. I know by not experience since I only have one Korean friend like IRL, but she’s adopted so she’s been raised in Denmark and shit by Danish folks, I know Korean better than her ROFL HAHAHA  watching a lot of different shows like Star King and Oh My School, that they can be very rude to foreign people because they, don’t seem to get why they speak English to them in Korea and all, lol I get that hahah.
-But he likes Japan, and Japanese people, OTL ROFL. Muahhahaha, so epic.
Ugh, they keep asking if I’m hungry o_e I’ll tell them if I am, or not. And I dunno it’s like my stomach is in some sort of shock state or something, I don’t feel hungry at all, na da. Really, or maybe I just can’t tell the difference between hunger and like, not hunger. xD I have no idea, but I don’t feel that hungry but, I know I should eat due to my metabolism, it’s so bad ;A; REALLY. /sob sob sob.
Gimme some Green Tea you foolish humans, gahahahahaa. Seriously though, I could use some, lol. Missing it already ;~~~;
I’ll write later, byebye~ Part 1 end, 11:47AM
Part 2 – 8:35PM Wednesday the 29th.
Today really have been.. boring. Or I dunno it’s been so chill I have no idea, I’ve cleaned my laptop so like I have over 20% more space than before, heck that's a lot on my laptop! Yet again am I drinking Ovaltime.. the hot chocolate with sugar.. I dunno, I feel like I have to drink something warm but, only have this, and ugh! DON'T WANNA ;A; I wanna lose weight not gain >< hate it hate it hate, hate etttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
There isn’t much to tell, I still haven’t gotten a notification mail from my uni so I dunno about my visa papers yet, and I like need them soon T__T REAL SOON..
Checked my mail on my phone doesn’t seem like anything really happens, like friend vise as well, ugh, I feel the love you know? Lol, nevermind, nothing ever really happens unless I do something myself.
So going to write a bunch of stuff down I need to buy, have my mother call tomorrow and then we’ll, the aunts and I, will go shopping after those things, like just simple apartment supplies ~ like; cups in the bathroom to hold my toothbrush and all that so it won’t get disgusting, some hair brushes and hair pins  and stuff like that, maybe even some bathroom stuff and private things like I dunno, oranges and low carb fruit, a scale and a food weight, hahaha. Would like that.
Some speakers for my music would be awesome.. but, everything like that can wait like, if I get into Uni next year I’ll defiantly buy it! If not.. I’ll just buy it in Denmark. Omg lol, I just remembered a funny thing, after my uncle and I decided to drive back to my place after being at Racharatburi Bridge and having awesome tea, yummy my green tea was just- ksdjfjslsdkd, sadly my camera ran out of power so didn’t get a picture of it e_e
Oh oh oh! I’ve like updated on various different stories of mine, I’m super surprised I’ve like.. been able to - thinking about how many I actually have.. Might be because I got so much time, but it’s hard writing a lot in the heat, my laptop is like dying just being in Denmark so like, HAVE TO BUY A NOTEBOOK COOLER omg, I seriously need one.
Need to have air con on when using my laptop without the danger of it suddenly just shutting down due to heat. Ugh, stupid money, things might be ‘cheap’ here but, when you don’t have a job to rely on you can’t just ramble about with money! Ugh, my uncle doesn’t get that..
Been watching a lot of Thai drama today, lol some of them doesn’t make any sense, not just because I don’t understand like most of it, but – some of the plot lines .. sucks, really bad xD And also the quality of the drama’s really differs maybe just a tad too much, like you get the feeling they just shouldn’t even have filmed the darm thing TT^TT – Nevermind lol, things like that exists.
Hmm.. I feel kinda lonely, have I said that? I got no one really to talk too and all.. and like.. When I was out eating dinner with my uncle like .. Monday, we got hot steam pot buffet – I’ll just say right away I’m not fit for things like that AT ALL, but lol he wanted to eat it and all so it was fine, ate mostly sushi kimbap and fish, and a little bit of chicken, it was quiet good, though I kinda got SERIUOSLY annoyed by my uncle trying to keep feeding me and like I was about to throw up due to all the heavy food. UGH
But, yeah feeling a bit tired actually and like I wanna update on at least one more thing, still need the Hana Kimi one! GRRRRR I WANNA UPDATE THAT ONE
Byebye. Night~
End 9:00PM

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