Friday, July 8, 2011

Journal: Sunday 03/07/2011

Sunday 03/07/2011
So I haven’t been writing for past some days now because like.. haven’t done anything SERIUOUSLY while being with my aunts, been really frustrating with them. So hard living with people you can’t properly talk with you know! – I guess you can imagine..
So yesterday they went home and like, omg, can’t imagine how I felt, not to be mean or anything but, really, I felt so free I have no idea really, I was just so happy, I could sing, I could hear music, I could watch things on my computer and just.. like. BE ME. AND TALK ENGLISH I’m so tired of people scolding me everytime I did, like I know you want to teach me Thai but, at least let the real teachers do their thing and like just understand me and like have me to understand what the fuck you’re saying to me! – Which I actually do I just can’t answer properly. UGH FUCK YOU, now I’m getting mad at them and I shouldn’t they just want to help and shit.. since it is dangerous here and all, I am aware of that, life isn’t a freaking ballet on roses, I’m not stupid fucking .. arhg nevermind. I’ll chill.
Now I’m watching The Appa I like the most and I’m almost at the last episode of what I have on my computer in general. And like I’m dying from Hongki’s cuteness and just general goofy self. Really. Just come and ask me to be your girlfriend already I know you would love to have me. LOL JK JK JK /shoot.
I’m tired and I’ll go and cuddle with my bed sheet and stuff and sleep. Have to go and pick up my visa letter tomorrow at my University and try to find my way home. Or just figure out the right ferry ride back.. ugh. Goodnight, I’ll see if I can bare writing tomorrow I think I’ll be worn out from all the tenseness I’ll feel not knowing how to get back and like helplessly figure it out.. /sob
End – 1:21AM Sunday.

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