Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last night in Pattaya!

Like my new bg? 
I try to keep it blue, and such.. but I'm go for a darker theme with my favorite artist, but.. I'm bad a this XD; So it will happen.. someday.. - somehow.

Sadly this really is my final day/night 
here at my sisters (cousin) beach house, in Pattaya. /le sigh

Going back to BKK tomorrow, returning to my apartment near my Uni, just a mere 4 days till the registration day.. Can you say "nervous" ya'll? QwQ I'm super nervous! LIKE REALLY.NERVOUS.

So this will also be the last blog post in a while - since I don't wanna use my web café hour(s) to go spazzing on the keyboard to try and get a blog containing EVER-SINGLE-THING of what have happened, talk about .. random. 
Me and my brother-in-law are leaving here tomorrow at 3PM, so around 1-2 hours (5PM) we'll arrive in Bangkok, and probably I'll reach home at 6PM or so, call my uncle and we'll make an appointment for everything; money withdraw, exchange, grocery shopping and all that since .. THURSDAY IS COMING SOOOOOOOON - O.M.F.GGGGGGGGGGGG. /chills

We went for an Isaan restaurant, to eat dinner, and since he thought I liked Isaan food.. yeah, I don't mind Isaan food (Since my family is originally from there) that was really tasteless e_e'' So I barely ate any, and I felt horrible too, I was dressed in a BRIGHT PINK polo shirt; He had given me.. and made me change into, and I didn't get a change to switch back to my other outfit >.< And I will say one thing, it was slightly (cross that it was totally a slap to my face) insulting that he had bought a size L, and he said; "I almost bought you an XL cause I didn't think you could fit it" 


- And as soon as I lose the freaking arm fat I can get into a xs a´thank you. /tsk

I felt so fat and ugly, it was horrible. truly degrading me.

NO pictures this time though, but, yeah. :C

I kinda wanna go home, I maintain myself better when I have my own stuff, and my own space, or at least not people making it hard for me to do so, I haven't really cleaned my face in 2 weeks! I feel like a grease bun >n< Like really disgusting because I can't remove black spots and all, can't even add body lotion to my skin, and I've a bad case of DRY SUPER DRY - as in it's hard and peeling, makes me tear up Q3Q I always take care of my skin! .. /SOBBB

And starting on fitness and taking care of myself requires me to be at my place.

Will miss my family here though <3

I'll go to bed early this time, so tired after going to bed at 3:30AM and getting up at 10AM for no reason, uff uff uff.


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