Friday, July 8, 2011

Journal: Monday 04/07/2011

I’m a little scared, I kinda don’t wanna go outside, and like just stay here watch FT Island videos and all kind of things, I don’t wanna go out all alone, no nothing and go to the university and be all lost when going on my way back, so scared.. But I have to go, it’s important I get the letter today, and before like they get the day off after around lunch or something so, ugh ugh. And I’ve been up since 8AM and like, it’s 9:54AM now and I should get going.. going to do some relaxation here at home and like decorate my room! I was supposed to do it yesterday but, got home at 9:21PM and all, did workout, Pilates lol, and wrote in my journal(s), and all kinds of stuff and suddenly it was 1AM .. And OMG SOMEONE CAME AND KNOCKED ON MY DOOR AT 2AM OMFG I WAS SHOCKED LIKE: GO AWAY REPEATEDLY skdjfsfjlasfaj – So scared in some way, and I like after 10-15 mins went to the door and just use the peak hole to see if there was anyone there wasn’t but, heck I was a little like, Hmmm maybe it was a ghost or something.. – At that point that would have been really .. creepy if it was.
But, hopefully it was just the wrong door. HOPEFULLY.
It’s 10AM now, I should really get going .. But, I look funny. Like I look like a sports fanatic or something maybe I should change pants. BUT TO WHAT. Ugh, bye for now.
I WAS AWESOME, well almost I was really scared in the beginning and like I kept taking deep breathes because I was scared and really really nervous, but it went fine! Took me like in total from leaving the comp at 10AM an hour to leave, get over the river and go to the uni, get the papers, go back and take the right ferry back, and walk to the .. webcafe. Lol I didn’t think they were opened by that hour like 11AM (+) but, they had and so.. I went for 80 mins there, so yeah yeah. Shouldn’t but did, wont go tomorrow. I promise. HAHA.
So today I’ll decorate, study some Thai, lol need more notebooks now.. ugh. Do some workout and chill, I need to get up early tomorrow because I’m going to the embassy, oh, nervous again e_e
I’m going over to my friend, or it is the plan I’m going to talk to my uncle about it tomorrow, but he and my cousin better let me go! – In the weekend for a sleepover/ visit at my friend Aom’s place, we live kinda far away from each other like 2 hours QwQ, but she works at Siam (or near) and I know how to get to there! KEKEKE. Or kinda.
And she said she’ll take me to Korean town~ Omo! <3 Can’t wait, and like I CAN USE HER WIFI FREELY. OMG HEAVEN – And her place has a pool, lsjfksjfdk, she promised well swim and such – AT NIGHT MUHAHAHHAA HEAVEN WITH EVERYTHING! And she promised to feed me salad, omg she’s like a dream friend and all, and she’s a bad shopper like me as well, and a big saver! SAVING MONEY LIKE ME MUHAHAHA I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It’s really amazing meeting people you bond with SO WELL online, like in real life, it’s like… so unnatural and, indescribable. I was at a loss of words I just kept jumping and smiling like crazy being overly happy and shit. OMFG. She even ended up paying for the food, I felt bad, but I couldn’t chip in since both of us only had like – 1000baht bills .w.’’ otl. I’ll pay next time! IVE PROMISED MYSELF. Lol
I can’t wait, my friend James is going to come too as well like on the 6th, happy happy happy~ He promised he’ll take me to the movies, SO HE HAS TOO – Since he’s only going to be here for a week, bloody loser ugh >_< lol, he has studies in China to take care of, but, he is Thai yeah.
So yeah, have an accident where I’ve forgotten to drink enough water today, compared to what I normally live off we all know drinking the amount of water like a normal person – JUST ISN’T ENOUGH. But, yeah I’m really badly dehydrated and sipping water as much as I can, since there actually not so much water left.. like only 4 bottles, for my body it’s really not enough lol. The water automate down at the entrance of the apartment complex, is like epic’ly enough empty. GREAT. So I think I’ll boil a lot of water, let it cool of and pour it into the giant container I have to pick up the water from the automate and when it’s all cool tomorrow I’ll pour it into the massive loads of water bottles empty ;A; and put them in the fridge~
I’m really beat and tired so I’m so not up for work out, so yeah. I’m doing anything today/tonight.. and going to bed soon as well, after the water thing is done, I’ll un hug the kettle and let it cool off for tomorrow, pour it in, and put it in the fridge, then it’ll be ready when the other bottles are gone!
Lol, sometimes I forget the simplest things, omg.
Got my body lotion yesterday, and like, woah I feel so freaking soft! ITS GOOD STUFF. Or maybe my skin just absorbs it better in the moisture here and heat? HAHA, I have no idea. I think I’ll measure my hair tomorrow, and like see how long it has grown by .. November? I dunno just want some things to keep track off, my cousin is coming back soon, I have this feeling I don’t want her too, I like being alone and have more freedom to do things. AND WHAT I FEEL LIKE. If I wanna NOT EAT BECAUSE IM NOT HUNGRY – I wont get forced to eat, and so on. The list this time, is endless.
Going to practice dance tomorrow, kinda excited and then again, I wanna go to the embassy faster, than that, but it’s been postponed to Wednesday instead, it’s fine, I don’t mind. Haha.
SURVIVED ON JUST 26 BAHT TODAY – I feel so awesome. It’s like 10 times lower than my actual budget for a day! GAHAHA, but gotta shop tomorrow, coffee and fruits and such, need more watermelon and apples and such.. Don’t wanna use money though. HAHA. So annoying body, why you need food, why I can’t I eat when it’s something I wish to do, instead of pleasing you e_e
But, yeah gotta dash. Getting more and more tired.. and my hair isn’t dry yet either, dammit.
- End, Monday 04/07/2011; 7:39PM 

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