Thursday, July 28, 2011

Silverlake & Pattaya

Last weekend we, P'Mint, P'Gai & I took a short trip to the pretty Silverlake! It's some sort of grapefield/flower garden place, it's real nice, not only that but, it's a place often used for photoshoots and whatnot for photos!

Even my sis kept saying; "If you want you can get photographed by professional photographers"
She kept mentioning that several times, not only that but I actually saw 2 girls taking model pictures, but I think by the looks of it, they paid for it instead because there wasn't actual lighting and all just a few camera's and the lighting that day was actually really bad.. and for once in my life I could say this about thin, skinny girls - They weren't pretty xD Oh lord, that feels good to say!

It was really pretty and there was a lot of tourists! And and and and QwQ OMG. Something awesome happened! We were going to the toilet and like this super cute, small and not to mention pretty Korean girl and her bf walked ahead of us and like she had to go to the toilet like us (me & P'Mint) She went into one of the stalls but, suddenly came out, all confused and looked at me, since I oh so obviously stared at her and she said in Korean: There's no tissue paper -insert her making a square to hand sign for a tissue- 

I gave her the tissues I had gotten from my sister and she talked English to me, very strong accent and barely understood what I said, and then I TALKED TO KOREAN TO HER. OMG


I DID IT - And she cutely said; "Ah, Kamsahapnida~" sho cute~

Ok - for some reason my laptop / blog wont upload the rest of my photos... So that will be a sad thing but, I wont go through the pain of resizing it all atm to do so D: 



  1. ahaha I want too see the korean girl u mentioned in the post, she must be a really cute girl ^^