Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rise from the dead, revived by wifi!

Well hello fellow .. humans! – I wont call myself human, but I pity you so I’ll go along with it
-          Just for the blog entry this time ;3
It’s been a while since .. last time. //cough. But, there’s always a reason lovelies! Well I started University lol, and heck I’ve also started drinking.. look where that’s taking me, fat and flobby, ugh hating it, so I decided to quit – Of course after I bought 3 bottles of Vodka (Gibley’s) and a –insert name of brand I cant remember- Rum 555! //FAIL.
But, as mentioned, a lot have in fact happened, so let me break it down in timeline and bits so we all can follow it; shall we now? ~Ok.

After I got back to BKK again, and really started school and got “to-know” people I was in same department with, I made friends, yay good for me~ They just lived so far from me, and had lives of their owns and not so much time for me so yet another depressing set back in my oh so cool life atm. I am studying abroad in Thailand, pretty much awesome much. Kkk (Korean)

I’ve made really good friends with;

1.       Rassamee – A half like myself, just American&Thai.
2.       Yumi – A super adorable Japanese girl from Tokyo I met in my Indo friends room! (Happened to be their roommate at that time)
3.       Shiri – A weirdo Indo I really like by now, she’s so silly
4.       Ken (Kenta) – A Japanese guy who helped/helping me to be more positive and try to realize I’m not “alone
5.       Haruka (!!) – My Japanese roommate!! She’s so cute and pretty, her skin is like porcelain; I envy so bad!!
6.       Kizuku – A Japanese guy, a really good friend. Really good. He’s so nice
7.       Shin(chan) – Kizuku’s roommate, also Japanese.. and a guy.
(Notice all the Japanese people omg.)
8.       Ayaha – A Japanese girl, she’s SUPER CUTE, so naive and spacy, A-DO-RA-BLE
9.       Minami – A Japanese girl (as well) she’s such a cutie ~
I’ve made many “friends” But, not only that.. of course, I’ve attended class, gotten to know these people, and .. stuff.

I’ve .. fallen in love. 

Yes, you read correctly. I’ve fallen in love.

-          With a Japanese guy.

His name is .. I’ll keep it private, for the best I guess, but I refer to him as T-chan (or Kun) *

v  Age: 21 (Turned last July)
v  Height: .. I think about 170cm, he’s a bit (NOT MUCH) taller than me
v  Handsome; Adorable; Sexy – aka. Out of my League. FOSHO
v  Wears glasses and/or contacts
v  Is skinny (high metabolism, like A BITCH)
v  Reminds me of a cat.. – Tends to sleep; a lot (He does cat like things sometimes)
v  Lip biter – Hello sexy. 

-The list is pretty endless, but, let me tell you the things that really (I think) made me fall for him.
His smile..
His laugh..
His eye smiles..
His kind, silent, quiet but, light personality.
He can be funny, and make others laugh, if not he makes me smile. Like a silly 8 y.o
I’m sure I’ve fallen.. hard, so does Kizuku say, liking someone in his mind is like being  inlove with the person.
But, all of those feelings will be dedicated in another blog post.. (entry)


(The Japanese people are improving my own Japanese and I should be refreshing my Thai, FACK)
I moved from my small awesome blue apartment into .. bum bum bum
Amarin Mansion! (。。。which was just 10 minutes from my old place, OTL)
And Haruka-chan (Nee-chan would be weird.. they all feel like I’m same age as them.. like 20/21+), is my lovely roommate! Which makes this apartment cheaper than my old one! By almost 2000 baht! Which is good. Very good. //cough cough

But, apartment is kicking, and not just that mostly ‘everyone’ lives here! (Including T-chan) Almost all of the exchange students/foreign lives here or at 3J~ Which is good, then it feels like a dorm again<3 Meeh what will I do when I go back to DK, TT TT, I have no idea, though I promised to live with my mother for a while so, I guess I have time to think, and she’s moving anyway – In the meantime I’m here of course.
But, of course in my journey of cool, and awesome shit, there’s dark clouds everywhere; literally speaking as well, it is the rainy season here, WHAT A GREAT JOKE MHAHAHHAH. 

But, no.
I have money problems like for example; I live of instant noodles, and cheap snacks. Or technically I spend my whatsoever leftover money I had in spare to buy all of the cheapest shit (food, I’m sorry) I could get just to have something to feed on. Even with my diet obsession and near starvation mania I know it doesn’t help so, shhhhhh- I don’t. Living on snacks, white bread – Is defiantly killing my stomach TT TT Like so much I could just die. Eating corn chips as typing atm. Shit so hungry.. (eating so many empty carbs I’m going to boycott myself ) .. And I’m tending to extreme options.. trust me, if you know me you know how bad it’s going – or rather, “it can go” ugh..

Sadly money, my feelings and yeah those 2 things pretty much attacks my brain so much I have difficulties pulling myself together for everything else, like being happy, it seems like its wrong for me to even be.. trouble trouble go away please. THE DOOR IS THERE GOOOOOO

But, also I’ve just 2 good things to mention before I add a closure to this entry and spam you with a few more before I bury my head in my text box, make my hand burn and finger tips bleed for my midterms!

I got a hair cut!

My uncle is setting up a model shoot for me, isn’t that interesting? ~

Also got a package from Singapore~ And some stuff from Denmark!
I’m sorry for lack of photos but, stay turned! They’ll come!!


  1. HAHAHA omg you're such a cutie! <3 Go get him, girl ; D

  2. IM NOT CUTE D:< I'm just rather emotional right now, so I'm probably doing a lot of things WRONG! @Nani - btw, I can never get anything e_e)9