Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday - Home all night~

So, it's one of my last nights here in the flashy town of Pattaya, of course as vacation atm 
- I'll be Back fosho! since my cousin lives here ㅋㅋㅋ

But I actually have a few more pictures from Silverlake, and I really wanna show one from the park nearby, since there was this GIANT Buddah drawn onto a mountain side! It was so pretty, you could see it from REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY far away - I stared at it all the way from like the main road till we reached Silverlake hahahahaha lol. 


It was a pretty yummy grape juice - And I'm not even a fan of grape juice C:

Right now not really doing anything, I'm binging on my health diet, so not that I'm not eating, or doing anything extreme but, I'm eating snacks like - chips, funny thing is I HATE chips, I really do. And not only that I get serious stomachaches  from eating junk like that, can't even eat a slice of pizza without saing hello to the toilet barely 5 mins later. If you know what I mean.. ugh.

Lukily I'm starting dance & fitness here in August, so going to use that fitness membership A LOT! 
And hit the gym almost every day if PO-SSI-BLEEEEE~ 
Of course I hope I get friends so I can either:
  •  Take 1 of them, or more with me, just for fun
  •  Actually hang out would be nice, I miss having friends so bad!

I only have one, my very loved Aom Unnie (she's Thai, but she digs Korea just like me~ so I call her Unnie), we are going to take Hip Hop dance lessons together in the weekends since she has a job to take care of and I like have school, but I have no idea how my scheduel will go.

ATM: Chilling with We Got Married! Just saw the Adam couple and now it's Khuntoria, oh it's just the start I can tell by Khunnie's hair, it's blonde haha and those big black eyebrows, yes yes - And Victoria is so cute! They're eating seafood, the clams~ They are so cute together ~3~ Both super naive, HA.

Just being by myself and doing nothing is really.. meaningless, I somewhat miss the meaningless days in my apartment though I know as soon as I get my ass back to BKK in a few days I'll miss my bro&sis around me, the wifi, the cable and constant air con, and the "We are going out today" style.
We were supposed to go to the night market tonight, but since my sister is having some troubles with her little baby, that pregnant woman, so walking hurts so it didn't happen /sigh, need to get a back for school ; w ; And shopping by myself is awkward and not only that - I'm not allowed to be outside. Great life...


I wanna dance more than just one time a week Q3Q Like really bad! I wanna take more than just ONE. Bloody one class, I wanna take b-boy as well! I love b-boy

Btw!Working on a design, transforming my blog just as I'm transforming myself!

- Like a flower, I'll be a rose; I take my time, but I'll shall blossom as the most beautiful of them all.

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