Sunday, July 24, 2011

I hate coming up with titles.

So chilling in my big sis' living room - Just ate late lunch and we are going grocery shopping here at 2PM (Again & Again & Again~) It wasn't as delicious as I could have hoped since we just went along with the breakfast we had; which weren't delicious either times we're eaten it. lol

I've been here for a while over a week so like 10 days? By now I think, I can't believe it's Sunday; Since I seriously thought it was actually Saturday, oh the fail.

But, but, but! My brother-in-law is coming back here today (Sunday) and yeah, I'm not sure what's gonig to happen this time lol; Last time he took us to Shabu Shi, a Japanese sushi/food buffet restaurant.

Me and my sister couldn't remember the English word for this.. ^ I just said "Guru guru" like rolling/going around, so fail


Big sis~

Big brother~ (Tch he just seems too young to be older than me xD - But, he's 23 lol)

And so after that my kind and lovely Big sister (cousin I'm a only child, remember?) gave me some clothes!

(Pants are given as well) I love this shirt!!

2 pair of shorts! and a skirt.. what have the world done.

Yes... ^ The one on the left is a .. dress.

I have no words, P'Mint just gave it too me TTwTT''

Same as the white one I wear on the 1st's pics! Just blue NOMNOM<3
 And the day after that AKA Sunday, we went all the way to Chonburi a city near Pattaya, 1 hour drive, to eat at their all time favorite seafood place, it was pretty nice, sadly I'm not a big fan of seafood other than fish, preferred cook in the steamed or boiled way since I'm a health freak lately.

ANYHOW - I got paid 100 baht to taste/eat crab. I did, taste a bit like.. chicken.

The lovely couple<3 They're going to have the cutest baby EVA.

Notice I like taking pics of people eating?


And that was that. For like last week info! OTL - Going to make an update about yesterday; When we went to Silver Lake!


  1. So much food *___* nomnomnom!
    And dude.. why hate on your legs?! THEY'RE SO CUTE! *_* -hugs legs- Wait.. that was awkward. lol. Either way! I'm glad you're enjoying your stay! : D

  2. HIYA! New follower here. :D Nice blog post! Yummy food makes me crave sushi. D: And the other food. ~_~ Really like the pink dress and the short cut hooooodie!