Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome August!

And a warm applaud round for le Canon EOS 650D
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Crappy photo taken with my old digital 'battery-eater' camera

It has flip-screen yo!

Some of you might have seen this picture on FB but, for you that doesn't have my boring FB page, here you go love♥

100% not edited picture of me -in Portrait mode
it really does smooths out my skin!
Tho' bad eyebags are bad.. SORRY YA'LL 

One of my 2 new notebooks, it's so pretty, she's so pweetyful~

My B.A.P mug I bought in Sweden, at Närcon! Totally overpriced compared to Thailand
- fun fact, it was a Thai family that ran it, ohohoho I see all the merch there I know!

My fingers... Hey /

My EXTREMELY messy desk + you can see the closet have vomited on the livingroom as well.. fuuuu-

This is taken in -filming mode, and I have to say all the sex it gives! My feels are soooooooooo gone, this is one sexy beast (SOOM SOOM) of a camera!

Finally I got it.
So this was from Friday, when I went to auction, my mom told me not to put makeup on.. But, the camera is so smooth!! OMG

kjdhfliafijadjpadjoas B.A.P SO HAPPY<3333
 So the first weekend of August I was invited to my friend (F'er) in Vejle for a drink hangout with my other friend Gii, I haven't seen either for years, so was (even tho' I was super beat after my trip to Sweden.. will add in next blog post!) very excited about it, even so I moved it to Saturday instead of Friday, really too tired at the time.. My bad. 

Saturday noon I woke up veryyyyy late.. By mistake and had a skype conversation with my best buddy Ken-chan and then while making lunch/brunch causes that's how I roll man. THE MAIL MAN CAME♥♥
 ∑ (=•ㅅ•= Was so surprised when I opened it and totally didn't fangirl like an idiot on cam infront of Ken chan nope nope nope.


Even though I had thought I would be able to be in Vejle by noon, and it started pouring down "i fede stænger" (Danish ya'll~) it got changed to 5PM instead, so we started to get a drink pretty much earlier then I had excepted. But, yeah yeah~ It's alright! 

F'er was le bartender and made us a lot of drinks, like "Blue Ice bear" tho' she said it was a little fail since we didn't use plain vodka but, I think it was pretty and blue. It made my tongue soooooooooo blue it was weird at the same time it was awesome. Did remember to bring my camera for this! + Vejle can actually be a pretty nice town to take pictures at, too bad it rains so much lately in Denmark ≡A≡ ) /

It tasted quite good, and I ain't no fan of champagne! 

F'er being drunk and abusing my new DSLR but, it's okay. she showing off her iPad bleh

The theme was "Kigurumi drinking party" so Gii, bought her Stitch with her for me to borrow, F'er had her own Angel (also from Lilo&Stitch) so much AngelxStitch lol (actually F'er is my fb wifey so it fit perfectly!)¨
Gii wore her fave, a raccoon kigu tho' it didn't have any pockets, might have been a reason me and my bad humor strikes again! We later that night when down to the train station, tipsy and shii- to pick up F'er's bike cycle and all of the drunk people in town totally went crazy when they could recognize Stitch and even wanted my autograph, WHY DIDNT I SIGN ANY OMG LOL. jk ≡w≡ ) ~ 

"Oh, paint me like your french ladies" - F'er, hahaha.
I'm going to Genkicon, next week, I'll be in the Maid Café so I'll do some blogging about that, but hopefully I'll get on about Närcon in Sweden first before I get onto to Genki! OTL SO MUCH EDITING

Peace out people!! ♡♡♡


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  2. You make the most adorable stitch! And I'm so jealous of your camera ;_;. When I have a job I will definitely save up for a DSLR...