Wednesday, August 15, 2012

오빠 Närcon 스타일

So last month I went to Nårcon, right now it feels like ages ago, I should probably have done this looong time ago but, I have no idea why I didn't get my ass onto it at all.. But anyway-heys. I made a vlog about this late night and since my camera kept dying and I kept forgetting to switch the hybrid autofocus on my sexy camera on I re-took SO MANY TIMES; I just simple said screw it, scribbled it down shortly and if anything is out off the vid it's defiantly in this blog post.

I left for Sweden with Allan & Ari to Sweden Wednesday, I was pretty good at getting lost on the halfway there when I had to meet up with Allan at his work I ended up on the wrong bus, rode across freaking Copenhagen and got my precious iPod stolen while I was nervous-ing the shit outta myself trying to look for the stop I was supposed to get off at. So I was pretty heartbroken when I realized that someone had just taken it out of my pocket, just unplugged my Beats and took off, shisus I never expected that to happen in Denmark but, I guess that proves that my mother was wrong, it's not just Thailand where people steal your stuff. open them eyes mom, those people are everywhere in the world /sigh.

After 1½ hour of rolling around and not knowing if I would ever find Allan, he called me and he was on the way to the Central Station (In Copenhagen) by good luck I got off the bus and ran across the street and got to the other bus where he was sitting, so darm good I felt so relieved for sure. /le sigh.

Wednesday I felt so tired when we finally arrived at the station we got picked up by Ullis the PR guy that was in charge of the NCC (NordicCosplayCompetion) and had invited Allan as judge. I was just like, what am I? Just a VIP from Genki, lol so weird. But, it was a nice way to be treated as a VIP even though I've not been in anything for 3 years or so involved it was like a whole new world~ lol.

Thursday was like - ...
So this is the part of me that is like; Omg I'm such a bad blogger!!
I have totally forgotten what the fuck I did Wednesday.
(.______.''' )

I remember that the rest of the NCC cosplayers from Norway and Sweden arrived and so did the 2 latter of the Danish ones, Miku & Lina<3 Tho' Miku choose to be at a hotel atleast I got Lina for myself hehe<3 Allan and I on the other hand got moved to the 'regular' sleeping halls since Ullis thought it got too crowded for the rest of the judges and NCC peepz to be in the room, I was fine but; come on Allan is a / was a judge too, Ullis get those feathers outta yo bieber hair and clean your ears! - lol, he's an owl. Crullis. 

I met up with Heavy, he's sort of an old friend from some of my first conventions in Denmark, we first really talked at the first Genki convention, I'm glad we became friends tho' he's a nice guy C: - btw, he's the Asian dude getting raped by the kigu-zombie. The best group of all I think in my opinion was that I got to meet the Macchiato-girls! They're a J-pop/Kpop dance group from Stockholm that are very sweet and lovely, go check out their YT channel for their cute dance covers, some are sexy too ~ 

Cutie Evelina, she's halfie like me! C: I talked to her the most of the members but, she's so lovely it's okay, ne? <3
 ACE - A Japanese J-Rock band had been booked as guest performers for Närcon as well! Not that I knew them before hand, but they still had fans here in Sweden, it surprised me that they had been waiting outside from 6PM but, their concert was supposed (to have) set at 10PM but, since they got lost after driving from the airport they first arrived at 10 and had to do SOUND CHECK till midnight but, we (Ari, Lina and I) snuck in with our VIP badges and got to see them rehears~ So daebak I kid you not, they had a violin player!! He was really pretty, so we had to get a picture of him!! He could only say "Hi" in a super cute accent in English and then I was like, "OMG WE haVE TO SPEAK JAPANESE NO NO NO" and Lina stepped in and spoke Japanese to him, thank god I always do the awkward turtle when I have to speak Japanese because I'm a nervous turd... ha.

Saturday I was at the Host club and the Maid Café, actually ACE played Friday night, so I didn't do much around the con Friday morning/rest of the day, I did manage to get ONE song at the KPOP KARAOKE OF LOVEEEEE - Sang Replay by SHINee. Lovely right, hahahahahaha I so suck at singing I felt horrible not being able to keep up with the song, even though it's so slow, so sad.. 

Allan, the Genki-man! To the rescue for the Spanish guest judges! He was like their translator haha.

Lina, as Chrome from KTReborn. Badass gurl! She did Gangnam style to her act for the NCC I told her to. HE

Kim, the man of Närcon that saved us many times, he was so cool! 

Lol, Swedish

Even though we got these thingies called food tickets, I didn't use mine, I wanted toasts at some point but, then they were sold out so I gave up lol. But, so sad I only went to the Maid café ONCE caue they had REAL FOOD QAQ LIKE CURRY, CHEEEZU CURRY DESU METCHA OISHI DESUUUYOOO

To sum it up, it was great. Cause they played Gangnam style all the time and I couldn't stop dancing along.

- Copyrights to their rightful pictures, mostly of me, from the FB and the ones from Lina's fb I took those!

I look so swag on every pic right.
Närcon 딱 내 스타일!


  1. You look totally swagged up in every photo :P.

    1. Haha, thanks! I was posing so hard on each and every picture man.

  2. Aww you cutie : D I'm so sorry your iPod got stolen :C I can't believe people still steal these days.. both iPods and iPhones are so easy to obtain that it shouldn't even be necessary -__-" Fuckers. Here in Korea it doesn't seem to be a problem. I have my money and phone all over the place and nobody ever stole from me (not even in Denmark).. Probably cause I look like I'd kick people's asses if they stole from me : P hohoho!

    1. Even people who keeps complaining about not having money and just snatching off the society still overcome that and have an iPhone; is how I feel it looks like in Denmark. I miss my iPod and all of it's goodness (music!) but, the HTC One S is pretty sweet too, just the GB runs out fast so probably need to remove my videos if I want to add anymore songs haha. YOU SO BADASS HUH D:<<< lol, I dunno I was probably just being very absent minded and an easy looking target. But, ohhh, I hit fucking hard.

  3. Replies
    1. It was indeed! So happy to see the Närcon VIPs! Oh Jenny my girl, so lovely to see them again, even though she was the only one to recognize me~