Friday, June 29, 2012

June flies !


- I just miss having bubble tea in my life, darm this country, darm it for it lacks of bubble tea.

But, not what this blog post is about, not entirely ohohohoho it's more in this past time where my laptop gave
= died, in many ways and I have not been doing much notice the much. I went to Odense with my mother (road pic from earlier blog entry) to go to the doctor, my mother have gotten a bad case of gout - for you people who don't know what gout is wikipedia or google is your friend haha, but it seems to be it's rather common for Europeans to get it (in a older age haha). I think it must have been due to spending 20 years here in Denmark she must have gotten it from her "European surroundings", even though it's a little funny, it actually isn't, it's placed in her upper chest, in the collar bones .. /le sigh. They even made us "pass by" Middlefart for an full body xray scan to give a check on the other places on her body that might be hit. 

So next week, we're going again~ Middlefart is known for the best icecream in Denmark so my mother is very set on getting it this time lol.
Of course camera catches my beautiful blurness. (Lol, look at my  eyebags so bad /le sobs./)
Un-opened Stella 3 toned #Grey by Vassen
I bought these lovely babies back in Thailand, with the intention of taking them with me back to Denmark just a month before I left. They might seem a bit familiar due to I've earlier purchased them and I totally fell for them, so yet another pair!! Though they're in -2.50 and not -2.75 my eyes have gotten worse but, it's alright, with these circle lenses I can save on my daily lenses + the ones I got to cover the rest of the month (June) before my lenses get sent to me in the mail. (For July + Aug).

Me with Stella Grey ~
My camera (digital one) is of poor quality, I can't take a picture of my eyes wearing the lenses up close. You need to survive with this really haha, I got my video camera back though! Which is awesome! ~ Tho' that one still can't take a proper picture lately.. haha, still broken it can't transfer files by usb cable d'oh > n < ) 

As I never really get any love letters apart from my lovely postcards from Misato hahaha jk, I did get some lovin' from Ebay! (Hong Kong actually lol) I had this wig in pretty fast and it's very lovely! 
The color is very cute and caramel-ish<3 I wanna use it for a Taiga (Anime/Manga Toradora) cosplay in her white dress or school uniform, she's so adorable and I love the series!

Package was rather normal, came in a soft brown paper envelope. 

I braided it myself. Modified contrast so don't refer to the tone of orange, it is not~
Do love the wig it's pretty darn nice! Glad I won it on auction, normally I never win, buhuuuu. Like the red-wine colored wig from earlier I couldn't get it but, found it another dealer on ebay and got that one for 11$! Free shipping! It is so awesome I got that one, after losing 2 in auctions /le bad bidder, OTL./ I did go to the Korean exibition (ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EVENT!) Sunday the 26th but, I'll post the much lacked source of pictures in that post cause I met Nani! + other awesome people C: Oh yeah~ Also I got to see Jeongie (in real!) I didn't say 'hi' cause I was already lame with shyness/fear when it came to being in the museum + meeting Nani .. hahahaha sorry girl you're coolness made me scared of meeting you out of what you expected from me D: BUT ANYWAYS LET WRAP THIS POST UP TILL THE NEXT ONE !

Minor food porn from the past week~

9# pictures from the week, random order.

Next ones will be about this weekend, so stay turned! Going to a cosplay walk in Kolding with a friend tomorrow and I'll pop some welcome back to me party stories for you! + not to mention other things <3


  1. UGHHHH NOMS! I wanna try boba, bro! PLEASE MAKE ME SOME BOBA OK T_T I wanna try it so bad! You can get bubble tea in Aarhus, from what I know.. O_O and apparently there's a place in CPH too, but I never found it. /sobs/
    I LOVE THOSE LENSES D":< They're the ones you wore Sunday, right? So prettyyyyy!!

    1. I wanna do it too! We should totally make it together then!! Haven't opened the bag yet, totally a impulsive buy, høhøhøh. I need to find the place in Aarhus asap then. yes must try and review it for sure haha.
      && I wore those that Sunday yes ;DDD Yummy I know!