Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Will I ever adjust ★

"At this point, I frankly I have no idea if I can.
- By me, not so long ago.

Stepping that little random scribble aside, I am as known before, in Denmark with much more time on my hands than this entire year I've been "gone" I've been thinking as probably more than usual. since it's so funny how I have no Internet and I have to TAKE others.. ew 

I made the decision that I will (only) stay in Denmark for another 2 years, why - you may ask or not I shall tell you that!

I just don't feel like I can make a home here in Denmark
It never felt right to me, but I never thought I could
leave this ice cold water pit on the surface of earth place.

Till I did.

Let me tell you a little other truth, I actually don't like it here, Denmark, I don't like it, it's just not a place for me - to me I think I would better off mentally, probably also physically in another country. I wouldn't say, whichever or wherever will do, it's not like that (had a minor fight on skype with an IDIOT about "going everywhere" my ass I haven't gone everywhere you jerk!) Of course I need to finish my ground (basic) education first, not to mention something along the lines of University.

I'm not running away from my responsibilities not that I have any OTL not fearing of becoming a failure without "proper" educational background. as other retards put it, screw you I HAVE MONEY BITCH, jk 

*coughcough* I want to have a taste of living in a country I always loved and wanted to live in (BREATHE IT MHAHAHA, I sound high) which as it might sound a bit cliché, oh hold up, wait for it!


"But, I thought you were half Thai from Thailand, why move to Japan?" - silly little reader, oh you ♡

I cannot see myself living in Thailand, as in permanently. /le laugh. How my life was down there was amazing, yes! But, also I just had a certain need for things like; seasons change, snow, people - maybe also less tourists. small things (lol, no) but, important ..  

First I'll just spend 6 months tops' if it is impossible for me to find a job of course, then I'll just leisure around till I'll get my butt to Thailand, for a minor stop to figure out what the hell I will do with mylifeself - But, I'm pretty sure I have it more figured out as the next 2-3 years will proceed, right?

So RIGHT NOW - I am doing nothing. Or, actually I'm looking up jobs, writing very hard on my CV, I would like the money so my mother would stop nagging at me + then she cannot stop me from getting a cat. lol, obviously also for other reasons than a cat! ..but, I really want a cat. 

  • Get a job!
  • Make moneyssssss
  • Fix laptop with my moneysssss 
  • Buy a new camera (if I can make myself, it shall be a DSLR!)
  • Buy a house
Last one sounds insane but, honestly me and my mother really want to move out of this crappy-money-eating-ice-fucking-cold apartment (!!!) it is horrible, it really is and it's way overpriced and the owner of this building (it's an area) is a pig. But, with many things in my mother's papers, her debt and so on, I am the only one that really can step it up and buy a house. So I will, hopefully in a near future. HOHOHOHOH RICH ME /le lies+cries.    

Sorry this blog-entry is so dead!!  (。>人<。) 
I will post my Kimono + Yukata pictures in next post! 

Have a smashin' day everyone!!

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