Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's so cold!!

Well I wanted to make a blog post before I was going to leave Thailand but, it had been so hectic and I felt like I had no time, even when I tried it was too late at night and I felt too tired to even do it at all. I thought about doing it in-between my transit/transfer flight from Kiev, Ukraine to Denmark (Copenhagen) since they were so fucking nice to have canceled my flight and first have me departure at 22:20 instead of 12:20 .. and then of course let me add that that flight got delayed till 22:45 for boarding. minor important but, still: one of the passengers had a blackout but, it looked like a stroke it scared me a lot.. 

Been here for just 3 days and I feel like I'm gaining weight rapidly .. but, that might have been the family that hosted me on Falster (don't ask lol, so far) mainly have a diet of white bread and carbs+sugar+chocolate .. I hate it sadly, but what-t dfjgdfkl am I to say no. I know I can just say no but, how rude would it be since they came all the way from Falster at 1AM at night to come pick me up to find out that my flight had been delayed, drive me back as well and then house me for additionally another 1½ day, feeding me and giving me a place to sleep - and shower. I shall not be a picky person.. in this case. Enough of my weirdness. lol, NEVER 

Sadly, I broke my external harddrive, the usb outlet plug thingy IN the harddrive have been knocked out of its place and now I cannot use it (which also means I cannot synv the songs on my iPod anymore.. so sad) fuck. Another thing I managed to break without touching it tho' would be my camera now it just all of a sudden wont do anything like, only turn ON and then, blank TT TT So 100% in miserable despair it's horrible! My harddrive has MY LIFE - seriously, it has documented footage/items eversince even pre-2008 O_O and then my entire year here in Thailand as well.. Not to mention the importance of retrieving its memory since it has all of my last moments with my friends all of us together, my friends doing "goodbye" videos for me with them talking to the camera as if it was me.. it aches like a fry pan to the face! I only got to see it once before my camera went suicidal..

1 more horrible thing, now that I have gotten my ass back to Jylland to my mothers place I have to go through allllllll of the effing paper work shit .. with bank, education, more bank, future, blah blah blah, omg. Go away stupid people let's just get this over with, with a sense of reason!

Till next time.. now that I have no camera I can't give you pictures Q3Q

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  1. Ugh didn't know you were stuck there for that long :C Sorry things are being rough for you -hugs- Hopefully we get to meet up soon! <3 Cheer up!