Friday, May 18, 2012

Family Farewell Visit

So this weekend I'm going to Pattaya to have a last visit to my cousins. 

A lot of troubles have been forced down my throat this past week and I'm glad that by going to my "cousins" house it'll get solved by;

  1. I will get my MasterCard fucking about time!!
  2. My Danish SimCard for my phone will be available so I will be able to be contacted as soon as I get off the airplane in Denmark on the 27th (Of May).
  3. I will get 100% privacy and silence to sleep. omg .. lovely
It's really weird. I have this weird feeling, not just one but, many and it turns into various thoughts and I'm just not comfortable with the thought of having to restart a'new another place, for the first time (with my ups and downs of course) I really did want to keep put in this life but, when the people start to disappear and the whole as a whole is fading and keeping a hold on the few ones that are left but, leaving as well it just in the end would turn into a sad empty space and I would only have an urge to go back to something I knew at least a little bit. but, you might not know how it feels unless you lived abroad or so but, maybe you know a similar thing and I hope you'll understand<3.


But, the files are so big that re-sizing the whole shit takes a war time, and I don't wanna fight with the Blogger uploading system at this point .. ugh.

Laters xoxo 


  1. OMG THE LAST PIC IS SO CUTE! >: D come back to Denmarrrrkkkkk <3

  2. The photoshoot looks so awesome! <3 i love the yukata shot.

  3. Hi! This is an amazing blog~ I'm glad I've stumbled upon this.

    I wish you good luck in your visit to your relatives. It's a shame you had to feel like people are 'disappearing' one by one in your life, but I guess somehow these disconcerting changes are part of life.

    Amazing photos btw! Please share more!

    1. Well it is touching for you to say that! Omg, thank you for your kind words ; u ;) <3333

      Hopefully I'll see and meet them again, and again in the future nothing is defined by space!! We have airplanes and boats and all sorts of transportation I shall never give up!