Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I actually can't put words onto a title, to create a simple noun with a meaning, a feeling of thousands other meanings, but I will say I carry it with a heavy heart. Half a smile and tears on my face. Even though I look happy at my memories with everyone it's still the parting that hurts the most.

You know?

I'll just show you my precious memories.
yes being very emotional at the moment, I'm crying as I am typing this sentence! IM A HUMAN WITH FEELINGS OK 

This is just pictures you can take your time to look 
or just close the tab after reading this I love them anyways. 
April, the last run - At Sakura House

"Drinking w/ the Japanese" - Phrom Phong Soi 49. April

Our Korean - HAHAHAHA He's 26

Danish Dinner with my people! - Nana

Peggy's Birthday - After Party in the Lobby

May. & so the countdown starts

Our group picture ♡

My roomie Haruka♡


Precious Yumi-chan♡

My mom Minami♡

Beloved Misato ♡


Kizuku♡The Funny guy

My hostress Ayumi♡

Lovely Ayaha♡

I miss you!♡

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  1. Aww baby <3 I wish there was something I could do for you :C /hugs tight/