Sunday, May 13, 2012

May in Tears

May in pictures
Last moments with them all. Misato, Tomoki, Minami, Haruka&Kizuku

Actually I haven’t spend much time doing anything productive. I have not gotten enough sleep, I have been crying non-stop for 10 days and just had – having – a minor break from it now but, tomorrow is the last time I’ll see my friend Ayaha.. she’ll leave for England to see Misato in London and come back to Thailand

In June. Ehem, so it’ll be goodbye.. 

Pretty much goodbyes, tears, laughs, smiles in our last hangouts together drawing closer to the end where I, myself have to leave and: right now I don’t know what to feel or do, like, what am I suppose to feel, I’m leaving a life behind I’ve been working hard on. All on my own, with help from friends that doesn’t even live here or have any relations to Thai-life whatsoever, it’s all just like a short novel, too short with a too open ending and you can’t predict it’s “continued story”. /le heavy artistic sigh.

Random OTWEEK ?
– I’ll never get proper blogging done, uhhh you bloody New Year’s Resolutions are a bugger!

Sunday 6th of May

Anyway, this Saturday (12/05/12) I had a day out with Ayaha and we went to Central World.
I was blessed, literally, to see the Oishi Cosplay Idol convention, which I had attended once before. In 2008 June with my Dad, when he was still alive. Super lucky and 100% just by accident that we were able to see it, so sad we couldn't stay longer (also that there wasn’t any K-On! Cosplayers, /sigh) Made me remember my cosplay days and miss dressing up like that. I stumbled out in normal clothes and for some reason people asked if they could take my picture as well, weird

 Additional to weird just clearing a fact - I have mixed colored eyes, which isn't always super noticeable if you just glance on my face quickly lol but - apparently people thought they were circle lenses!!  Σ( ̄皿 ̄;;  wat dat duccccccck.

Mixed, I kid you not foolish humans
I moved apartment for a little while before I move to On Nut area
Misato gave me her bags she thought she didn't need, they are bangin'(!) why throw em away?

Oh and I dyed my hair black
Till next time! I bid you a good-bu-bye~


  1. 1. You need to stop torturing yourself, girl! /hugs/
    2. I love that blue bag from Japan!
    3. You're looking very sexual >: D

    1. Im not torturing myself! MY EYES ARE, lol jk. It's just good to know that I got to see them take off and know that we'll DEFIANTLY meet in the near future. LIKE U AND ME BB<33 And the bag is my absolute favorite! plus she also kindly gave me a beige nude colored leoprad print tanktop which is yummy! (Tho' slightly too short .. haha)