Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you have been spending it with lots of kickin' it back and just chilling with your fams or loved ones ♪(´∪`●) Mine already kinda "ended"- pretty quickly but, we don't really celebrate it after all and we don't even spend time together me and my mom so it's more of a sad plus filled with heavy tension for both of us..

I find it tough for sure.

But, now now, I shouldn't get into too personal stuff, it would just be sad for all of us!

Funny how I didn't get to eat anything today, until the actual dinner, le Christmas Dinner☆

Which we had super early!! At like 4PM! Nevertheless as fatty as the food was I can tell it was DELICIOUS. Until you had your 2nd round and you just couldn't store it all and eventually felt like a pregnant woman must feel on her 9th month when the belly is so big you can't even see the telly screen. see what I did there? LOL OTL

I'm starting to follow up more on vlogging and especially on vlogmas is like so funny to make but yet so hard, cause I always feel like I record at a great hour and then I notice on the video footage that at least 50% of the light is just getting darker and darker because of the sun setting so fast and maybe also because there's barely any light during the day time around /le sigh But, it's coming along nicely!

My 1st Christmas vlog(mas) I finally got up, pretty late but hey, time is time ヾ(。`ε´。)ノ"

After arriving back home from Copenhagen -after coming back from UK: I had gotten a lot of mail! Gifts, Christmas cards and letters! It was such a joyful sight! Also a package from Nic that managed to arrive 1 day earlier my departure day to UK (BangBangSheShoots - blogger ) with my first Diamond Lash lashes!! Sweet Eye lower lashes, they are so cute loving them! But still having my heart set on Dolly Wink lower lashes right now. I feel like these are ..too Gyaru-ish for my makeup and overall look. Not that Gyaru is bad but, darm I'm bad with pulling off styles! 

Cute little card + oil removing sheets, totally saving them for when I go to Thailand this summer!
The glorious mail that awaited me when I finally got home after a 7-day long traveling around and about!
- From right to lift; Big yellow letter  Christmas present  ( from Misato ), Christmas cards from my lovely Japanese friend ( Ayaha ♥ ) && then QuestJen's giveaway package was there as well!! I first couldn't believe I won myself, not at all, I'm hosting a giveaway (which is ending in less than 12 hours!!) and I had at that pointed never won or entered a giveaway so to get to this point of actually winning something.. /feels

Cute panda card♡♡
Christmas present won by Tea but, she gave it to me, total coincidence I got this book..lawl
What she gave me, lol Pink socks with Panda's 555
Wonder what circle lenses I won?? TIHI NOT TELLING YET
Yesterday I managed to sleep almost all of day, but best thing was I actually made it in time for EatYourKimchi's live chat, I was really entertained by this (´∀`*) I would love to hangout with these people in real life for sure, should have added a EYK t-shirt to my wishlist!! HAHA

Excuse my bare and tired face but, was getting ready for doing my vlogmas video and yeah, you are correct I am wearing a wig, I dunno why I keep wearing it for videos but, that's how it turned out so, yup yup, love it nevertheless ITS ADORABLE AND THEN WHEN I MISS MY BANGS I CAN JUST WEAR THIS

So Christmas decorated our apartment is..
Of course the blizzard is camera shy and just does NOTHING when I try to catch it on film. brr
Camwhoring after editing the vlog..tihi so vain ey. 
Onto some pictures from Christmas Eve('s day? lol) !! My mom was very grumpy like a little Thai Grinch so I wasn't allowed to take that many pics.. mainly camwhored and took pics of the food that I could when she wasn't present in the kitchen Σ( ̄皿 ̄;; No pics of my presents, they'll be in my 24th Dec Vlogmas video anyways!! I'll post that as well~ When it gets uploaded (σ `∀´)σ Here's some MakeupOfTheDay

BIGBANG GLOWSTICK (人´∀`*) It's going to be in a different post lovelies!!

I hope you all will have a Happy Holiday & a very Merry Christmas!! 
♥ ♥
- And to all a goodnight♥


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