Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm the One you've been waiting for

Hello lovelies~ This is a very delayed post, but it's still relevant in a way (´∀`*) 

Back in September my old phone just gave up in the end, so did I. It was a hassle to get the battery out of my phone and put it into my mother phone and then charge it through there..took it's time and it wasn't easy if I went to visit my friends, without my mom's phone to assist me, haha!  

It was in a pretty plain box, it's nothing like cute packaging for makeup or something for use :B why did I even expect something like that omg, OTL lol I bought it directly at the phone company so no shipping and all, we sorted it out pretty easily, though there was a lot of trouble with getting the insurance going on and having the wifi working on it. But, that also happened with the portable ("mobile") wireless ubs I bought from them as well.. grrr, Telia. ( -`д´-)9 **

Love the captivation that was on the protection cover on the phone, had to get a picture of it
I picked this phone for 2 reasons:

  1. It was cheaper than an iPhone 4S + the camera actually works better. 
  2. Beats Audio. I'm a sucker for it, even my laptop have Beats audio `・∀・´) kkkk
I've learned to love it nevertheless, even though a month after I bought it iPhone 5 was released but, I've read and heard from current iPhone 5 users that it ain't all the glory that Apple products have, so HTC I like you I really do!! Sometimes I should take better care of you. I've dropped this baby many times, late at night when coming home from school and I would be walking my very isolated and dead road home, I might have begun dancing somewhat too wildly and it would pop out my pocket and onto the road ( ゚∀。) 

But, with a smartphone, this would be my first I'll like to add there seems to be the fun with having something like apps  ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ The huge selection, even for android (used to have an iPod 3rd Gen, but it got stolen so I only know about the minor selection for iPod 3's) surprised me!! So manyyyyyy Σ(。Д ノ;)ノ

I got Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Kakaotalk, and KakaoStory I don't really understand how that one works haha - but, I also got some Apps for taking/editing pictures like; PuddingCamera, Sweet Camera and GirlsCamera. 

If you wanna follow me on Instagram my ID is: HurricaneHurr
I would love to have more people to follow, feel like my dash always dies  (╯_╰)
I POST LOTS OF FOOD NOMNOMNOMNOM ヽ(`∇´)ノ All the food porn is mineeeeeeeeeeee

Ok, jk lots of selcas that never reaches beyond Tumblr and Instagram LOLOL

Short random post to fill in for my next BodyShop haul + giveaway post that comes up this weekend!! I hope some people will join in on it, it will be open internationally so everyone can defiantly have a shot!! Cause I don't have that many Danish readers hahahhahhahaha

I shall leave you all with this selca I never posted muhahaahha xx


  1. Nice phone ! I never heard of that or had an htc before. I'm going to get the samsung galaxy 3 very soon and im so excited! Im so over the iphone hype, like they arent that great and you are very limited with what you can do. And they are so small lol xD
    I like your banner for your blog btw it's cute :)!
    Ohhh you have instagram i love finding new people to follow! I will go follow you my user name is missprettyxo :D! You look so cute in the last photo!!

  2. Thanks! I hope you'll be happy for you Samsung, heard it's great! C: It's an old banner, I need to make a new one, but time will come! And thank you very much<3


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    1. Oh you!<3 You little stalker, never seen you comment on my blog before guuuuurl<3