Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bodyshop haul!

Hey there lovelies! Today I'll talk about my Bodyshop haul! Ever since I got to Denmark or moved back lol and got to try BodyShop I've found it really good and I've wanted to try loooooads of their lines of beauty/facial care I'm even considering to try out their makeup line as well, but I'll wait till my Dior mineral powder + Wet'n'Wild eye shadow palette will be used up or I want to experiment with new colors~ 

Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

Vitamin E is known to be really good for your skin and health, for a beautiful healthy skin and a young glow, it can be used to reduce age spots, protect against scarring and decrease dry skin and work miracles! Apply some on your face over night and wake up with a soft spongy skin in the morning  ♥♥♥

The cream has a sweet light scent to it

Applied a small amount on my hand, already after a little time after rubbing it out  on my skin it gets absorbed fast and leaves the skin soft and moist!
I must say I L O V E THIS CREAM! ♥ (´∀`*) It works wonders for my skin, it defiantly is my most favorite facial cream I've had in a loooooong time! After doing my night routine, cleansing and taking off my makeup (if I wore any) I leave my face wet, no towel dry or anything (not that I left it dripping a waterfall all over though haha) then I put the Vitamin E Intense cream onto the wet face, since the wet is a layer of moisture after cleaning your face it has a better range of absorbing all of the goodies that you offer it! So I would rub it in all good till all of the damp moisture from the water is gone, since it would be night time I would add another layer since your skin absorbs really well over night. When I wake up I have a nice soft skin and it looks fab~    `・∀・´) Ohohohohoho~ 

Honey & Oat - 3-in-1 Scrub Mask

You can see all of the oat pieces in the mask haha

Applied a thin layer on my bare face (only wearing eye make)

 I like this facial/scrub mask. It has a very nice scent and a soft texture. You don't need much for you face, of course it depends on how thick you want your mask but, remember the sensibility of your own skin!! A thick mask can be good for you, on the other hand it is still very harsh on your skin if repeated too often and also it can wear out your skin making it too used to a big amount of the mask and etc. Leave it on for 10 minutes and go wash it off, simple as that! It is a very mild scrubbing mask so I can recommend it for people with sensitive skin (like me  >ㅂ<) ~

The Vitamin E Intense cream, the Honey& Oat scrub mask + Blueberry body butter!
Facial Massage Tool
The facial massage tool from Bodyshop
This tool is used for rolling onto your face, before applying cream, as a massage tool. You'll use it to make it easier for your skin to absorb the cream or any type of moisturizer to your face! Also it does feel nice to do whenever needed, I keep doing it on my cheeks with the silly belief it would reduce my chubby cheeks haha

The Vanilla Body Mist

I loooove the scent of vanilla, like looooove it! So when I saw this at a reasonable price I thought I would have a go at it, since I didn't (at the time) had a deodorant or a perfume. And I do not regret it, not one bit! The scent wasn't as tacky or fake as I thought it would be! Of course it smells a little chemical but, many people have complimented me (or more the smell of me haha!) Even a little kid yesterday said "She smells really nice" when he walked past me at the bus stop to his big brother, first time I liked random kids, tihi  
Though now that Bodyshop have released their Christmas lines and all I was excited to see more to Vanilla stuff, but in the end I was disappointed at how chemical and .. gross I found them. They really didn't appeal to me at all so I'm just going to stick with this baby! Purchased it months ago and I still got plenty left!

Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel and Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub

Last but not least, the reviving leg gel and body scrub! I was recommended back in August by a dear friend Tea that I should try out BodyShops big range of body scrubs, after a few months I really gave in and had to get one because I felt like I needed to get mah body exfoliated! Noms. Out of all of them I fell for this scent, cause it wasn't chemical or gave me nausea when smelling it, I've tried it 3 times (recommended to a 2-3 times usage a week, remember girls, it's some heavy stuff so don't over-abuse it! It'll make your skin suffer more than treating it<3) My whole bathroom would smell like a piece of fruity heaven after using this❤

To the Peppermint Leg gel, I've used it 2 times now, and it indeed does cool yo aching calves down for sure! I should use this after doing exercise cause darm having this on at night is too darm cold! But, then it does prove that it's cooling affect, does work! It smells strongly of Peppermint, just the way I like it C:

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  1. Yummy! I've used an oat mask before so I bet will like that one. Thanks for this post because I was at a total loss about what to get from The Body Shop xx

  2. I really loveee The Body Shop products :)