Friday, October 29, 2010

Lee Hong Ki?

Oh yes, I've being caught of the Korean trap! I love those Korean people, after watching You're Beautiful I've like checked Korea (South) out more, listing to Big Bang more as well as picking up on DBSK again. And beginning to listen to this awesome band F.T Island! I found out about them after falling for Lee Hongki's acting as Jeremy, that he actually did have a band and was the lead singer, I really like his voice when he sang in Still and Promise (2 songs from the OST) so I checked them out. And now I have all their albums + singles on my computer, I really like their music! There are so many genres and it all sounds good! I love Always be Mine and Bad woman && many many more! Like Cool VS Pretty "Mucho mucho" lol, it's cute, I always do weird moves my roomie find cute for some reason xD; ..

Lee Hongki have so pretty and skinny legs! It's unbelievable! Check it out! - He's really pretty, really random I like his personality - He's the "naughty one" in the band, lol. Is always doing weird stuff it looks so hilarious, really he always makes me laugh. He's 21 goes to uni and majors in Theater and Music, POWER OF WIKIPEDIA DUDES. Omg, lol.

But, I've taking a great liking to him .. I've order so many posters of him, his band and the drama, remember Master Card? Hello my friend. But, not only that I'm on the looking for Big bang (Mostly GD) posters and DBSK posters as well lol. I'm like weirdo xD But, I can't wait to get them I've already ordered! I'm not going to hang them up before after new years since I'm and my roomies are going to move into the new dorm after Christmas so it would kinda be a waste, as well with my manga/ anime posters I've haven't put them up yet, many of them (at least the big ones and such) are still at home, same is my wall scrolls - WE MUST NOT DAMAGE THE WALLS, so they said I couldn't put them up lol, sadness xD

I've started on this fanfiction site for asian singers/ Asians in general with a nice of to my brand new Lee Hongki fanfic, which I am going to finish before moving to back to some of my other ones, I need to get it done! I've lost about 2-3 pages last night because my computer didn't save it! So I have to start from the start of chapter 3 again .. DARM YOU. But, it's was such a good chap so it just makes me sad to write a new one, 'cause it will probably just suck D: - BEAR WITH ME IF YOU READ IT. I'm also thinking of making a banner for the story but, I don't wanna use just any girl, but I don't wanna use myself, because that just looks too groose DB I dunno if I'm a fan .. But, I like their music.. Or I don't know, it's not like if I could I would bang the whole band or just Hongki, I want to know them. Arhg, it's difficult 'cause I'm probably already considered a crazy fan .. lol, great, now I just turned sad writing this omg.

Try to listen to some of their music! It's warmly recommended by me!

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