Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diet; Day 14! (Now, I'm just going to the flow)

Yes hello hello! It's day 14 and life is great! I've thought about when I started and counted the days and it seems that it's actually over 14 days and around over 2 weeks, lol. So That just mean that my diet is going along super smooth! This is just going to be a really small update, since I'm starting to write to much on the blog .. When I should be doing some school stuff instead lol.

I still throw up .. So I've kinda just giving up on eating normal food, I can apparently only eat bread crust and cake + chocolate AND I DON'T WANT TO EAT THAT D:< I hate light bread, I'm not very fond of cake nor do I like eating chocolate very much. It's hard on my stomach and I get sick of it D:< So I'm going to live on as little bread crust as I can, then just going to drink a lot of water so when I puke it doesn't hurt my throat. And it water it out, the stomach acid, I mean :3 I forgot to do my stomach exercises yesterday but, I really felt bad so I'm just looking it over this once and do something else today, SQUATS! :D

Over and out for now~~  

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