Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diet; Day seven! (7)

Hello hello! It's day 7, it's been a week and my eating habits have changed completely! I don't think it's completely for the better since I'm almost only eating one time a day .. and that's not good? xD lol, I know it's not so I'm about to make some food even though here at my place (Denmark) it's pretty late and I don't really wanna stay up too late even when I have tons of stuff to do - I just need to get it done tomorrow! :D

After day day 5 I started to drink sliming tea in the evening right before going to bed or before going to bed, it will make you food go quicker through your system so fat won't have a change to stick. not eating much nor fat is sticking AND working out will defiantly make my diet successful! And maybe, just maybe I'll manage to become pretty, thin and hot :D - That is pretty much what I'm trying to do .. the last 2 years D:

- But, I'm not giving up!

I'm also starting to drink them 2 times a day, somehow my stomach just won't hold on for long not as long as my mothers when it comes to how long lasting the coffee have effect so one in the morning and a little while after lunch (If I have eaten or not doesn't matter ;D)

But, yeah it's another kind of coffee but, still same result :D

This is the tea I was talking about! It smells really bad so ... I tend to hold my nose and drink it quickly as possible and drink something else afterwards like juice, soda or anything xD


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