Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diet; Day 13! (I think lol)

Okay! Well, I've actually kept my plan for the diet pretty tight and good! But, I've gotten sick and puke all day, every time I eat something, it comes right back up! Hello, food I can't remember eating.

The lovely coffee of mine, is now gone. There's no more left! xD SADLY! I lie in great sorrow over the missing coffee~ It actually tasted quiet good! I loved it~~ So, my mother promised to get some more shipped from Thailand in the near future so no worries for me~ I still have a chance of getting slim, pretty and hot! Like a Coca Cola bottle 8D

But, maybe the sickness is a sign from somewhere? Since I can't really eat, maybe it's a weak sign of successful dieting? xD I don't know, but I miss not having to throw all the lovely food (I actually eat) up, I'm the biggest fan of punking + I love food too much, it's just food discrimination to throw food up after you've eaten it. Just how I feel about food but, of course it's something different if you're allergic OR gotten food poison from it. Then it's something totally different, then the food just doesn't love you :D ~

I actually doesn't really have any pictures right now, my camera is at home and such I didn't feel like bringing it when I had to go to school this week. But, I miss it >: LUV YOU MY CAMERA~ <3

But, I'm still doing my exercises in the evening! And I'm thinking of doing some in the morning but, only when my stomach feels better instead of I have to run to the toilet every morning, soo not worth it. Still not fangirling over puking, darm you.

I guess this wrapped up on this entry? Bye, sleep tight~  

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