Thursday, October 14, 2010

Diet; Day one! (4)

Hey! I know it’s weird starting a blog up with this but, .. I’m starting on a diet! And I kinda wanna make a “diary” or log over it, so I can keep track on what I’m doing and what I should not do – Some of the things I do might seem; weird, anorectic, extreme or anything along those lines. I know when to stop, don’t worry! I have been anorectic and had bulimia before only a year ago actually, so I know when I fall back onto that track .. I will defiantly stop it I don’t want to fall back .. Anyhow! Let’s get started!

This is my DAILY morning routing, even though I’m just updating now, I started 3 days ago.
First off – Nutrition coffee! 

This is a diet helping coffee from Asia, Thailand, it have the effect that it kinda makes you feel full all day but, of course you still feel hunger and want to eat OF COURSE but, when you start eating the coffee just makes the stomach feel more full and you can’t eat as much as you did before and if you’re like me then it’s a big + since I eat a full plate with a the biggest topping ever.

It’s a simple a coffee, like instant coffee just put the powder into a cup, pour boiled hot water into it and remember to stir~ Coffee done.

Always drink this as the first “meal” in the morning, I don’t usually eat any breakfast so, either I drink a normal cup of coffee or a glass of milk or juice (PREFER APPLE BD)

I also have this thing wrapped around my stomach all day, because it tightens around my stomach, when eating most of the fat just gets stuck around the stomach and hips and that can of course be a pain, so I just have it there so the fat doesn’t get stuck and makes me feel a little slimmer while I might do my exercises or dance it makes me sweat even more, lol. Which is good. :D

I also drink a lot of water to every meal! Only after so the water won’t overwhelm the stomach acid, so the food will go fast through your system. :D But, also just drink a lot of water in general, it smoothen your skin gives you less  pimples, a very clean face :D That's all for now! I'll update tomorrow, but I don't have web until monday (at home, right now I'm at my school, I live at boarding school, second year) I'll update shortly about the week and monday :3 I'll try to hold the posts short and straight forward. Thanks for reading my random blog! :D 

- I'll also post about other than this .. lol 8D

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